Skincare for Brides

Put your best face forward on your big day!

So, you’ve got your dress (oh, you haven’t yet? call us!). Your shoes? Check. Jewelry? Done. Hair and makeup plan? On fleek. Did we use that appropriately? Regardless, when planning her wedding day look, there’s one other thing every bride should consider: proper skincare! A flawless face is the perfect finishing touch, and you know you want that effortless glow in your photos! So, we went straight to the source to get you all of the 411. We spoke with Meredith Gizmunt, lead aesthetician, and Dr. Jaimie DeRosa of the The DeRosa Clinic and they have TONS of great tips and advice for brides to be. Check it out:

Dr. DeRosa looks FAB, so you know she knows her stuff!

Dr. DeRosa looks FAB herself, so you know she knows her stuff!

Flair: How far in advance of the big day should brides start to think about getting their skin in picture perfect condition?

DeRosa Clinic: It is ideal to start prepping your skin for your wedding day as soon as you can. Brides typically have 6-12 months to plan a wedding, which is the perfect time to begin the process.  At a minimum, I like to see someone for 3 visits before their wedding day (or big event).  This gives us time to see results and know what their skin responds to best.

F: What are some of the biggest skin care concerns brides tend to come in with?

DC: Skin concerns with brides seem to coincide with what most women struggle with: acne, hyperpigmentation or sun spots, dull skin, fine lines, etc.  Exfoliation is the name of the game to treat most skin issues.  The idea is to gently rid our skin of superficial dead skin cells, which dulls the skin, and then treat the skin so that the process of healthy skin production speeds up, giving us bright, beautiful, glowing skin. One of my favorite products for anti-aging and clarifying is Brightenex, a product in Dr. Obagi’s new line, ZO Medical. It is a powerful 2-in-1 product that pairs retinol with all natural skin lightening ingredients (non-hydroquinone).

F: I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t do a facial or add anything new to your skincare routine in the last few weeks before the wedding. Is that true? If so, why?

DC: I tend to be conservative by nature and, while I absolutely recommend a facial treatment the week of the wedding, it is not the time to try something new.  Every bride’s skin is different and responds to treatments differently.  I ease into procedures/treatments for most people, guiding them through different peels and protocols, which takes time.  Since the skin may react to something new, I like to see a bride for a few visits before the big day. Once we have determined what your skin responds to best, I stick with that exact protocol for the week of the wedding. It’s simply not worth risking a reaction!

F: What are some common mistakes brides (or women in general) make when it comes to their skin care routine?

DC: When I ask people about their home routine, I find that most people are under-exfoliating. As I mentioned above, it is exfoliation that really makes the biggest change in the skin.  Doing an at-home scrub, a few times a week just does not cut it.  Instead, I may recommend added a gentle retinol to the evening routine, for example, or using a brightening cream or exfoliating pads each morning.  The key is that I recommend to woman to exfoliate their skin without going overboard–for each of us that routine will be different.  I like to review a bride’s current at-home skin care regimen at the initial complimentary consultation and make suggestions on what may be added or removed to optimize her results.

F: Most brides want to get a little color on their skin before the big day. In your opinion, is there any safe way to get a little tan?

DC: I get this question a lot! Having worked in dermatology and plastic surgery offices for over 10 years, including for 5 in Florida, I am going to say NO. There is no such thing as “safe” sun.  Any change in color to the skin is radiation from the sun (i.e. sun damage).  These days we have so many sunless alternatives to the damaging suntan.  A spray tan by a professional is my preferred method to get ‘color’.  For the woman who absolutely wants real sun for their wedding day, I say, at least cover up your face and use a sunless tanner and/or bronzer.  Remember that looking too tan can sometimes age us.

F: What procedures, products, etc. would you recommend to brides getting ready for their wedding?

DC: My most requested procedure by far (from both brides and makeup artists who do bridal makeup) is Dermaplaning. This is a physical form of exfoliation that gently sloughs off dead skin and removes “peach fuzz”.  It is comparable to microdermabrasion but provides 4 to 5 times more exfoliation, making it much more of a dramatic and longer-lasting result.  I often times combine dermaplaning with a gentle chemical exfoliant to get the best and brightest result for your skin. Those two procedures are very complimentary. Your makeup will go on so smoothly and your skin will be radiant. It is how I had my skin prepped for my own wedding!

Brides also may want to consider Botox® treatments, which are performed at The DeRosa Clinic by Dr. DeRosa, who is a facial plastic surgeon.  Botox® can help soften the wrinkles between the brows or on the forehead.  If a bride is considering Botox® for the first time, it’s a good idea to have a treatment at least 4 weeks before the wedding, as the effects will last for 3 to 4 months.

F: Are there any procedures that brides should avoid?

DC: Again, I would go back to the issue of when to try something new.  A week or two before your wedding is not the time to try out a medium depth chemical peel or Botox® for the first time.  While they are great treatments, if you have not had one and do not know how your skin will react, I would avoid it.  Stick with what you know close to the wedding date.  Let me also add that you want to look like yourself on your wedding day.  I would try not to lose sight of that. Your friends and family know what you look like already, it is more important that you feel like your most beautiful and radiant self.

F: In addition to any products/procedures, what lifestyle changes can brides make to help keep their skin healthy?

DC: The basic things like clean eating, exercising and getting enough rest are all going to help your skin be its very best.  Cutting down on “toxins” like coffee, alcohol, sugar, dairy, etc. can all have a positive impact on your skin. The biggest impact and easiest thing to change is increasing your water intake.

Great info, right?? The staff at the DeRosa Clinic are the perfect trifecta of knowledgeable, kind and caring and they are definitely the ones to call to get your skin in shape before the big day, or after! It’s never too late to take care of your skin. It’s an investment every woman should make, so give them a call today!

Lis Simon Wedding Gowns

Get to know the Canadian dress designer!

Here at Flair, we think our job is pretty great. Playing dress up with beautiful Boston brides, fashion shows, photos shoots; the list of our fabulous duties goes on and on! Another task we love? Discovering amazing designers! We have high standards for every brand we bring into Flair. They have to have the perfect combination of stunning styles, fair prices, reasonable lead times and top quality materials. It’s a high bar to set, but worth it because we only want to bring you the very best! We’re happy to say that we’ve found a new designer who meets our critical criteria – Lis Simon!

Founded in Calgary, Canada, Lis Simon’s ideals match with our own. They provide brides with dresses made with high quality fabrics, using top notch workmanship. They vow to keep their prices reasonable and affordable, while maintaining a modern, fashionable look. And their customer service? Over the top! They’re always willing to discuss custom options to make your dress truly yours!

We fell in love with Lis Simon’s gowns as soon as we set eyes on them, and we think you will too! To help you get to know this amazing designer, we’re hosting a guest trunk show March 26 – June 2nd. We’ll have tons of the 2015 collection in the store, and it’s the only time you can see these gorgeous gowns in New England! So, act fast and book your appointment ASAP, you won’t regret it 🙂 To get you ready, check out some of the amazing looks from their most recent collection:

We're gaga for gorgeous Gabby!

We’re gaga for gorgeous Gabby!

Gwyneth - now THAT's a ballgown!

Gwyneth – now THAT’s a ballgown!

Ginnifer is the definition of classic bridal elegance!

Ginnifer is the definition of classic bridal elegance!

We're kinda obsessed with Garner's unique halter top!

We’re kinda obsessed with Garner’s unique halter top!

Swooning over Gabrielle's shoulders!

Swooning over Gabrielle’s shoulders!

Wedding Dress Codes

How to give your guests some guidelines

At Flair, office talk typically consists of things like bustles, veils, lace, sweetheart tops and all others things “bridal.” Today, however, we decided to take a minute to discuss another aspect of the wedding wear world; dress codes! After all, you spend alot of time and money making sure you look amazing, so your guests need to follow suit! Here’s a breakdown/explanation of the major dress code options, so you can decide what’s right for your big day:

1) White Tie: This is the most formal option. All ladies MUST wear floor length evening gowns and the men are required to don a tuxedo and tails, complete with a formal white shirt, white vest and bow tie, white or gray gloves, and black formal shoes. This dress code is not for the faint of heart, and you might meet a little resistance from some of your guests, so be 100% sure this look matches your wedding theme/venue before requiring it.

Thanks to the fab for this explanation! The main difference between a tux and a suit is that a tux has satin elements. Who knew?

Thanks to for this explanation! The main difference between a tux and a suit is that a tux has satin elements. Who knew?

2) Black Tie – The most standard/popular of the formal dress code options. For the ladies, long dresses are still preferred but the occasional, formal cocktail dress is also acceptable. Note to wedding guests: if you opt for a short dress, just make sure it’s a WOW; your average, everyday knee length dress won’t cut it for black tie! As for the gentlemen, tuxedos are still your best bet, although tails, gloves and bow ties are not required as they are with white tie. Depending on the formality of the venue and the time of day, a formal, conservative, and traditional black suit is also an acceptable option.

3) Black Tie Optional – Another popular choice, this indicates that a tux is not required, but that the event will be formal enough that one wouldn’t look out of place, either. So, guests should use that as a clue when choosing their attire. Ladies should still err on the side of long dresses and men in tuxes or dark, formal suits.

4) Semi-formal – This option starts to give your guests alot more flexibility. Dark suits are not required (though jackets and ties still are), and it is perfectly acceptable for the ladies to wear knee length dresses or even formal skirt and top sets. For a daytime, yet formal event, this is a great choice.

5) Casual – Up until this point we were focusing on ensuring that your guests look formal enough, but with a casual dress code you want to make sure they don’t overdress. Typically, a casual dress code is for a daytime, outdoor wedding, so long dresses might look out of place and tuxes certainly will! For the women, a summery sundress is more than appropriate, just make sure you choose one in a light fabric; satin dresses need not apply! For the men, you can leave your jackets and ties at home! Slacks and a button down shirt are perfectly acceptable.

Want to ensure that your man is dressed just right? Amazing menswear company Paul Fredrick created this super helpful graphic!

Want to ensure that your man is dressed just right? Amazing menswear company Paul Fredrick ( created this helpful graphic!

Now that you’ve thought about which dress code is right for you, it’s time to tell your guests! When creating your invitations, put your dress code at the bottom center or the bottom right of your main invite card – if the reception and ceremony are in the same location. If the reception is in a separate venue, it is also acceptable to list your dress code on the reception card.

Duh, we had to use Kim K's invite as an example. Her marriage, however we won't emulate ;)

Duh, we had to use Kim K’s invite as an example. Her marriage, however we won’t emulate 😉

Make sense? Attire is important so if you have any questions, your favorite wedding fashionistas at Flair are always here to help! 🙂

Beach Wedding

How to ensure your wardrobe works for a wedding by the waves

So, we hit 70 degrees this week (finally!) and that had us thinking of one thing – the beach! After the winter we’ve had, New Englanders are long overdue for some waves, sand and vitamin D! Are you having a beach wedding, or are you attending one this summer? We LOVE a celebration in the sand; they are so serene and romantic, and the photos always come out so gorgeous. A beach wedding is not without its challenges, though. Here are some tips to ensure that your pretty attire – hopefully from Flair 😉 – as well as your guests’, work for a wedding by the waves:

This shot could NOT be dreamier! Just be ready, though, for the wind to sometimes take your veil in directions you don't want it to go! The less fussy the veil, the better!

This shot could NOT be dreamier! Just be ready, though, for the wind to sometimes take your veil in directions you don’t want it to go! The less fussy the veil, the better!

1) Consider a station where your guests can swap out their high heels for Havaianas. Be sure to include some towels for sand removal if you’ll be leaving the sand after the ceremony! If you just can’t bring yourself to ditch your own designer wedding heels, though, consider taking the extra step to bury a hidden, wooden aisle under the sand.
2) On your invitation, remind guests to bring items that will add to their comfort on the beach; sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, etc. When you come down the aisle, you want all eyes on you, not squinting through the sunshine! Also, be sure to note the attire you prefer for your guests. Beach chic, smart casual; something that indicates that you’re not requiring an overly formal look from your friends and family.
3) When it comes to your bridal gown, consider the weight of the fabric. A light, flowy chiffon or organza will not only keep you cool, but will look simply stunning blowing in the breeze! Also, think about the dress silhouette. Are you really going to want to carry around a ballgown on the beach? It’s your day, though, so if you do fall in love with a fuller dress don’t be afraid to say yes, just make sure it bustles easily!

Amy Kuschel's organza Juniper dress (left) and Jenny Yoo's tulle Esme dress are perfect for beach weddings; lightweight, comfortable and oh so bridal!

Amy Kuschel’s organza Juniper dress (left) and Jenny Yoo’s tulle Esme gown are perfect for beach weddings; lightweight, comfortable and oh so bridal!

4) Guys look great in tuxes; that’s just a fact. You may have to get adjusted to a different look on your man, though, for a beach wedding. That heavy fabric will surely make him hot and uncomfortable, and we want him focused and fresh! A linen suit is a great alternative, or you can ditch the suit all together and go for a shirt, tie and slacks. We have a feeling you’ll find him just as dreamy 🙂

Need some help with your wedding wardrobe, beach or otherwise? We’re always here to help, so get going and make your appointment! We can’t wait to see you soon 🙂

Unique Wedding Gowns

Easy, elegant ways to step outside of the box!

We’ve been back from Spring bridal market for almost a week now but we’re still in total swoon mode over all of the stunning styles that we saw there! We pinch ourselves every time market rolls around; we can’t believe it’s our job to watch fashion shows and buy pretty, new dresses for the showroom. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it 🙂 One thing we always notice at market is how bridal gowns are constantly evolving. There are so many options out there; wedding gowns can no longer be defined as just “a white dress.” For brides looking to break the mold, these days there are tons of gorgeous ways to step outside the box and wear something unique:

1) Embrace the rainbow! White can be tough color to wear, and if you’re not comfortable in it, don’t feel like you have to wear it. If an alternatively hued dress just feels more “you”, go for it! Check out these wedding dresses with color – still elegant and oh so bridal!

Blush pink is an easy transition for the bride looking for a little color! L to R: Tara Keely style 2510, the Opal gown by Blush by Hayley Paige and Theia's petal gown

Blush pink is an easy transition for the bride looking for a little color! L to R: Tara Keely style 2510, the Opal gown by Blush by Hayley Paige and Theia’s petal gown

2) Think short! While the majority of wedding gowns are still floor length, every year we see more and more styles with higher hems. A shorter dress will be lightweight, comfortable and easy to dance in, and most of them are formal enough to still feel bridal. If you still want the long look for your ceremony, though, consider adding a removable skirt over your short dress, and get the best of both worlds!

Amy Kuschel sure knows how to make a pretty little white dress! Her Jackie Lady Stardust (left) and Mimosa (right) dresses are just stunning! Want to add some length? Jenny Yoo's London skirt is perfection!

Amy Kuschel sure knows how to make a pretty little white dress! Her Jackie Lady Stardust (left) and Mimosa (right) dresses are just stunning! Want to add some length? Jenny Yoo’s London skirt is perfection!

3) Change up the fabric! Lace still reigns supreme in the bridal world (for good reason – it’s gorge) but we’re so excited by all of the new fabrics we’re seeing these days. Completely beaded? Why not! Flowers? Sure! A traditional silhouette in a bold fabric is the perfect way to be unique but still look like a bride!

Theia is the king of alternative fabrics! Pearls and beads and petals, oh my!

Theia is the king of alternative fabrics! Pearls and beads and petals, oh my!

Whatever you choose, just be true to yourself! These days, there is truly a style to suit every bride, so do your research and find what is truly “you”! Happy shopping 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Caring for your wedding wardrobe

As we unpacked box after box of shiny, new bridesmaids’ dresses this week, we got to thinking about what happens to these beauties after they leave our showroom. We LOVE getting photos from our brides’ big days; seeing the dresses come to life and fit in with all of your other gorgeous wedding details. But what about before the wedding day? We realized that maybe it was time for a little crash course in “I just received my bridesmaid’s dress, now what??”

Just a small sampling of the dresses we unpack on a daily basis. Side bar, this is going to be one beautiful, blush bridal party!

Just a small sampling of the dresses we unpack on a daily basis. Side bar, this is going to be one beautiful, blush bridal party!

So you pick up your dress, you’re all excited, and then you get it home and kinda freak out a little. This is a super important dress and you have to keep it safe and in perfect condition until the wedding day (which for some people is months away). Don’t panic, here’s what you do:

1) Try it on…ASAP! – We’re going to start off by saying that 99.9% of the time our dresses leave the store in perfect condition. However, there is that other 0.1% to consider. If you get your dress home and you think something isn’t quite right, we have to know about it right away. Most likely, it’s not an actual problem and we can talk you through it. In the event that there is a true issue, though, our designers will only consider fixing a dress if they know about the problem quickly. The longer it’s in your care, the more likely the problem occurred on your end, and the less likely they will be to remedy it.

2) Find your dress a home – Once you’ve tried your dress on and are happy with it, it needs a place to live. Find a nice, dark place (like the back of your closet) to keep it safe. Avoid anywhere that gets direct sunlight, as prolonged sun exposure overtime can affect the color slightly. Also, make sure the dress isn’t smashed/crushed; giving it ample space will avoid wrinkling. Last but not least, always keep your dress in the bag we provided it with!

3) Plan your tailoring – Most dresses will need some adjustments, so use this time to research where you want to take yours. Of course, Flair has a preferred, amazing tailor, but ultimately you can take your dress wherever you like. We strongly recommend choosing a reputable tailor with great reviews (ideally someone you know has used/loved them). Remember, the cheapest option is likely not the best option. This is not the place to cut corners!

4) Let out some steam – While many tailors will offer to steam your dress for you, it is likely to get a few wrinkles between pick up and the wedding day. See if the venue where you will be getting ready has a steamer on hand for last minute adjustments. If not, most dresses can be steamed in the bathroom during a nice, long, hot shower. Just avoid actual water contact with your dress; keep it far enough from the stream to just get a nice, little steam.

Perfect steaming form! Pull the fabric out and get the steamer close, but not touching the garment. Fab photo courtesy of Calvina Photography

Perfect steaming form! Pull the fabric out and get the steamer close, but not touching the garment. Fab photo courtesy of Calvina Photography

See, nice and easy! If any other questions come up between pick up and the wedding, though, just reach out to Flair, we’re always here to help!

Wedding Accessories

Belts with Bling: A Bride’s Best Friend!

In honor of our AB Ellie trunk show this weekend, we’re dedicating this week’s blog to the benefits of a bridal sash/belt. Considering one? We think you should because:

1) They are a relatively inexpensive way to take your dress over the top – Fall in love with a dress that is a little on the simple side? A bridal belt is an easy, fun way to add detail without breaking the bank! Or, if you’re worried that your dress budget won’t get you all of the bling you’re seeking, don’t be afraid to choose a clean, chic dress and pop on an intricate belt. Likely that will be much less expensive than choosing a gown with the bling already built in!

This classic, floaty ballgown got a major lift from this stunning AB Ellie sash!

This classic, floaty ballgown got a major lift from this stunning AB Ellie sash!

2) They truly make a dress your own – Unless you’re Duchess Kate, you’re probably not going to get your dress custom made. So, that means that the gown style you choose will be worn by other brides too (Shock! Horror!). It’s kind of unavoidable, but one way to make your dress unique to you is by adding a belt! The chances that another bride wearing your dress also chooses the same belt – slim to none.
3) They add detail and drama to the back of your dress – We hear this complaint a lot: “I love the front, but the back of the dress is a little boring.” Sash to the rescue! Whether it ties in a fancy bow, or if the bling continues all the way around, a bridal belt is a great way to add some pop to the back of your dress! Cue the oohs and aahs as you walk down the aisle!

Fabulous Flair friend and bride Ali had her chic, black AB Ellie belt sewn into a slight v at her back. So glam!

Fabulous Flair friend and bride Ali had her chic, black AB Ellie belt sewn into a slight v at her back. So glam!

4) They make your waist look super hot – A nicely fitted belt/sash does wonders for bringing in your waist. Enough said.
5) They can start a tradition – Every bride has that secret wish that their daughter will one day wear their wedding dress on her own big day. However, we all know that that doesn’t happen too often. Instead, get a timeless, sparkly belt and have that ready to pass along to your girl. Her something old can come from your something new 🙂

download (1)

Not sure what bridal gowns will look like in 30 years, but pretty sure this beauty will look good on them regardless!

Tailoring Guide

Alter your bridal gown/bridesmaid’s dress with confidence and ease!

The brides and bridesmaids that we meet have different tastes, styles, body types, personalities; the list goes on and on. It’s what makes our job fun! We’re constantly amazed by how unique all of you are, and we love finding perfect dresses for all of you! One thing you all have in common, though, is tailoring tension! It’s the thing that worries brides and bridesmaids most. So, we’re here to help!

Step 1:
Buy this tailoring Gilt City coupon for our favorite tailor: Newbury Tailoring Company. You’re starting the process off right by saving money and working with the best! They have worked on Flair dresses for years; there’s nothing they can’t handle! Even the Flair staff trust their own bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses to them, so we’re speaking from experience when we tell you how amazing they are!
Step 2:
Whatever tailor you choose, go into your first appointment fully informed and prepared. We’ve compiled a list of questions every bride/bridesmaid should ask their tailor, and what you should expect from their answers:


Tailoring should be filled with smiles, not tears/stress! Thanks WeddingBee for the photo 🙂

 How far in advance should I bring my dress? 3-6 weeks is typical for bridesmaids, while bridal (which requires more fittings) is more like 3-4 months approximately. Be wary of anyone who takes much longer; they may be too busy to give your dress the attention it needs.
 What should I bring with me to my appointment? Any good tailor will want you to bring the undergarments you’ll be wearing on the day of the event, as they can change how the dress fits. Same goes for your shoes.
 How many fittings will I need? This can vary, depending on how much work needs to be done. Expect 1-2 for bridesmaids and 3-4 for bridal.
 How much is too much to tailor? Most good tailors can handle anything, and shouldn’t be put off if you have a garment that needs a lot of work. Wait until you find one that is up to the challenge!
 Do you do last minute adjustments? Most brides/bridesmaids tend to lose weight right before the big day, so it’s important to find a tailor who can handle some work at the final hour.
 Can you provide me with a quote? Don’t expect this to be a set in stone price, but most tailors should feel comfortable giving you a general idea. Be wary if they can’t!

It’s a nerve-wracking process, but if you find a reputable tailor it will be smooth sailing from there! 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Duties

What does this whole bridesmaids thing entail?

Wedding planning raises many questions for brides. What will I wear? How should I do my hair? Who will be in my bridal party? Once that last question gets answered, new questions arise – and not just for the bride. It can be a little unclear what specifically is required of bridesmaids. In what ways should I involve myself? How much will I have to spend? Every wedding is different, but in general bridesmaids should expect to be a part of (and pay for) the following:

1) Attire – This one is fairly obvious. You’ll likely pay for your own dress, and don’t forget about alterations and accessories! It is common (but not required) for brides to purchase jewelry as a gift to her bridesmaids, but plan on paying for your own shoes, undergarments, hair and makeup. Brides, take note though. If you are going to require your bridesmaids to wear a specific shoe, for example, it is customary for you to pick up the tab. If you keep it general (i.e. choose any gold shoe) then the girls can choose a style they like (and will wear again) at a price they’re comfortable with, so they won’t mind footing the bill. Same goes for hair and makeup, if you’re going to require that the girls get theirs done professionally, you should offer to pay. If you give them the opportunity to opt out, then those that want theirs done can pay for it and those that don’t can act as their own glam squad!

picstitch (3)

Brides, looking for your bridesmaids’ accessories? Give them the gift of Elizabeth Bower, Flair’s new jewelry designer! Her pieces are a-mazing and something they will totally wear after the big day!

2) Bridal Shower – Traditionally the bridal party throws the bridal shower. At a minimum expect that cost to include the price of the venue, invitations, favors, decorations and a gift for the bride. Depending on the venue, though, more costs may arise; you may have to bring your own cake, food/drinks, linens, etc. Always check what is included with the venue cost before booking!

3) Bachelorette Party – One of the biggest differences between planning the shower and the bachelorette is that you can ask the bachelorette guests to contribute to the cost – yay! Split the cost of lodging, food, drinks and entertainment equally among all attendees. On top of that, though, the bridal party may want to consider paying for decorations, custom t-shirts or other goodies to make the party unique.

4) Wedding night lodging – Traditionally the bride will take care of your lodging the night before the wedding, but bridesmaids should secure their own rooms for the following evening. Make sure you get on the ball early and snag one of the rooms in the hotel block to save yourself some cash!

Again, every wedding (and every bride) is different but this is roughly what you should expect when you say yes to being a bridesmaid. So, think about it and be honest with the bride if the money/time requirements might be too much for you. If she’s a good friend, she will understand and might have another wedding role for you!

It would be tough to say no to this adorable card - by H. Nichols Illustrations and available on our online site, Frills - but ever bridesmaid has a choice. Make sure being a bridesmaid is right for you!

It would be tough to say no to this adorable card – by fab local artist H. Nichols Illustrations and available at our online site, Frills – but every bridesmaid has a choice. Make sure being a bridesmaid is right for you!

Wedding Jewelry

Meet Flair’s newest designer: Elizabeth Bower!

If you follow Flair on social media then you know that we have a fabulous new jewelry designer: Elizabeth Bower. We have flooded our Instagram account with swoon-worthy shots of her pretty pieces (check them out here) but we also wanted to take some time out now to introduce you to this talented lady!

We LOVE Elizabeth's cream collection (these pieces range from $39.50 - $65); they works for brides AND bridesmaids!

We LOVE Elizabeth’s cream collection (these pieces range from $39.50 – $65); they works for brides AND bridesmaids!

Elizabeth has been designing jewelry for over 12 years, starting in her native Australia and later transitioning to New York City. She has designed for Nicole Miller (another Flair fave!), sold her pieces to Anthropologie and has even had her designs grace the 2002 Academy Awards red carpet! So yeah, she’s a pretty big deal!

Blush has been such a popular color for bridesmaids' dresses, and Elizabeth Bower's Rose collection (pieces shown here are $45 - $75) pairs with it perfectly!

Blush has been such a popular color for bridesmaids’ dresses, and Elizabeth Bower’s Rose collection (pieces shown here are $45 – $75) pairs with it perfectly!

Whether your style in modern, classic or vintage, Elizabeth Bower is sure to have designs that you’ll love. Made with semi-precious stones and real Swarovski elements, her wares are sure to WOW! Check them out at Flair today; they’re the perfect accompaniment to any of our wedding or bridesmaids’ dresses!

These bridal earrings and headband are pure perfection!

These bridal earrings and headband are pure perfection!

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