End of Summer Sale Alert!

End of Summer Sale Alert!

It’s only August 4th, but already talk has turned to the end of summer. Blasphemy! We live in New England and only get 3 months of summer, so let’s not ruin one by talking our way into Fall prematurely. We have to admit, there is one good thing about summer coming to a close: end of Summer sales! Even though seeing all of the new Fall scarves and boots are tempting, now is actually the best time to buy bathing suits and beach accessories. Stores are desperate to clean out their Summer stock so they can fill up with sweaters, trench coats and all of the other Fall fashion that we love, and you can save tons of money helping them do so!

In a similar fashion, Jenny Yoo has decided to reward her customers for shopping this summer! Summer is obviously a popular season for weddings (especially in our area) and dress orders for summer weddings need to get placed in the Fall and Winter. What does this mean? Bridal shops are so slammed in the Fall and Winter that we barely see the light of day! So, Jenny Yoo thought “how can we encourage people to order BEFORE the busy season?” Hey, a big, huge sale is not a bad way to go! Check out all of the sale details below, and call Flair to get on the ball, order early and SAVE!August Bridesmaid 2014 Promo (2)

August Bridal Promo (2)

Chic Color Combos

Chic Color Combos

Here at Flair, a big part of our job is keeping on top of the latest trends in the bridal world. We want to make sure that we carry dresses that are fresh and modern, so that you (and your bridal party) can look the same! For example, thanks to your trend spotting friends at Flair, you will no longer find calf length dresses in the store. Though they were all the rage in the early 2000’s, no one wears them anymore. Thank goodness for that; you pretty much have to be Giselle to pull that length off! While it can be fun to say goodbye to trends of the past, what we love even more is saying hello to the next big thing! Speaking of which, let’s discuss bridesmaids’ dresses in mixed colors (hello, segue). We think this may be just the thing to give your 2014/2015 bridal party that little extra, trendy oomph!

Ugh we love Jenny Yoo's colors, they literally ALL look great together! Pretty picture courtesy of JJ Ignotz.

Ugh we love Jenny Yoo’s colors, they literally ALL look great together! Pretty picture courtesy of JJ Ignotz.

When we say mixed colors, we’re not talking a rainbow here (though we did a rainbow wedding party once, and it came out so adorable and fun). What we’re really talking about is a subtle change in color amongst your bridesmaids’ dresses. You could go ombre, and start your MOH in a dark shade of pink, for example, and work your way down lighter and lighter with each dress, ending in a soft blush. Or you can pop a couple of gray dresses in with some blues. One of our favorite color combos is mixing light pinks and champagnes; so elegant! Jenny Yoo is all over this trend, choosing colors that are easy to mix and match; perfect for the bride looking for something modern and unique. Check out some of her gorgeous color combos below and contact Flair today to assist you in planning the perfect dress and color combos for your big day!

Don't the Iris and Daphne dresses look amazing together!A soft pink totally mixes with neutral colors!

Don’t the Iris and Daphne dresses look amazing together! A soft pink mixes perfectly with neutral colors!

The Sienna and Hayley dresses are showing off how to mix colors within the same palette. Stunning!

The Sienna and Hayley dresses are showing off how to mix colors within the same palette. Stunning!

Nervous about mixing colors? Check out how Jenny Yoo mixed colors, styles AND fabrics with these styles. They look great together and yours will too!

Nervous about mixing colors? Check out how Jenny Yoo mixed colors, styles AND fabrics with these styles. They look great together and yours will too!

Down with Arthur, Up with Jenny Yoo!

Here in New England, July 4th was not so hot. Thanks to Hurricane Arthur, we woke up to driving rain, raging winds and cool temperatures. Put those white shorts away, girls! This was shaping up to be a predominantly indoor Independence Day. It was hard not to get a little down in the dumps; I couldn’t even remember the last July 4th that I spent inside. The only thing that saved my day was the fact that I was slow to jump on the “Orange is the New Black” bandwagon. A rainy July 4th felt like the perfect time to get on board, and by the end of the day I had breezed through atleast 8 episodes and was hooked!

With this weird July 4th over, I am happy to report that there is more to look forward to in July than just season 2 of OITNB! A prime example: Jenny Yoo’s fabulous July sales! Both brides and bridesmaids can take advantage of this month’s sales; there’s something for everyone!

Brides, take 20% off most Jenny Yoo bridal gowns ordered by July 26th. See below for all of the details!

JYC July 2014 Bridal Promo1 (2)

Bridesmaids, you get 15% off all of Jenny Yoo’s crinkle chiffon bridesmaids’ dresses ordered by July 26th!

Crinkle chiffon is such a unique, comfortable fabric that you will look and feel great in. Plus, it comes in a ton of gorgeous colors! Check out below for the 411, and give Flair a call to make an appointment and get in for these fabulous deals!

JYC July 2014 Bridesmaid Promo (2)

The Boston Globe + Flair = A Match Made in Wedding Heaven!

The Boston Globe + Flair = A Match Made in Wedding Heaven!

We were so honored to be a part of the Boston Globe’s recent weddings issue! (Haven’t seen it? Click here!) It just seemed like a natural fit for us to be in the “Seaside Elegance” section. While we cater to ANY and ALL types of weddings, we do seem to work with an awful lot of brides going for the nautical theme. Hey, we’re in New England afterall! We’ve got Newport down south, Kennebunkport up North and the Cape in the middle…New England was made for elegant, seaside weddings!


Can't you just see this gown (and you!) frolicking in the sand?

Can’t you just see this gown (and you!) frolicking in the sand?


First up in the article, we have the gorgeous Hathaway gown by Jenny Yoo. Is she a stunner or what?! Plus, she is perfect for a seaside wedding. The tulle is so light weight and comfortable, and when it catches that sea breeze, look out! Gorgeous photos ahead! Plus, the Hathaway gown actually has hidden panels of tulle that can pull up to create different necklines. So, if you’re running around in the sand and you want some extra support, pull those babies up to create a soft halter or v-neck top, for example. Genius!


Adorable bridesmaids' dresses, party of two.

Adorable bridesmaids’ dresses, party of two.


Next up, Coren Moore’s adorable Courtney and Nolan dresses were featured. I mean, are these perfect for a New England wedding or what? The two-tone aspect gives them a bit of a unique edge, while still keeping with that classic, seaside look. Plus, that pleated skirt looks great on literally everyone! Trust us, we know!


Stuffy, old guestbooks, watch out!

Stuffy, old guestbooks, watch out!


Lastly, a big shout out to our friends at Whim Events who were also featured in the article! They are creative geniuses! We are always so floored by their amazing ideas, and this one is no exception! In lieu of a traditional guest book, each guest gets a slip of paper when they walk into the ceremony. On it, they can write some advice, words of wisdom or just a special note to the couple. Then, each guest slips their note into a jar for the couple to open on either their 1, 3 or 10 year anniversary. How amazing is that? For years to come the couple can relive their big day and connect with their friends and family. We LOVE this and we LOVE Whim!

Thanks to the Boston Globe for all the love, and thanks to all of our brides for inspiring us every day (seaside brides or not)! XOXO

Golden Globe Gorgeous!

Golden Globe Gorgeous!

Here at Flair, we love, love, love award show season! The red carpet always gives us such amazing inspiration for bridal and bridesmaids’ styling, as well as our own personal styling! All of the Flair girls got together last night (via a massive group text) at 6:00 PM sharp for the start of the season; The Golden Globes! As our Facebook followers already know, each Flair gal had a different choice for best dressed (click here to follow us and see our picks!) and we LOVE that it turned out that way! We each have a unique sense of style, and as a group, we bring a diverse style perspective to our brides and bridesmaids!

There is one thing that we all could agree on though; there were some fabulous trends on the red carpet that will translate perfectly to the 2014 wedding season (and beyond)!

1) High slits – Thinking of a long dress for your bridesmaids, but worried about them being too warm? A slit is the perfect solution; they can look hot while staying cool!

Elsa Pataky in Paule Ka (yes, we did choose this photo in part because of Chris Hemsworth). Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Elsa Pataky in Paule Ka (yes, we did choose this photo in part because of Chris Hemsworth). Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Dessy Collection style 2879. Hello gorgeous!

Dessy Collection style 2879. Hello gorgeous!

2) Sleeves – No longer does a sleeve scream matronly; tons of stars (Olivia Wilde! Camila Alves! Emma Watson! Julianna Margulies!) rocked a sleeve and looked young and fresh at the same time!

Julia Roberts in Dolce & Gabbana. We weren't 100% sold, but atleast it's different! Photo credit: JasonMerritt/Getty Images

Julia Roberts in Dolce & Gabbana. We weren’t 100% sold, but atleast it’s different! Photo credit: JasonMerritt/Getty Images

Jenny Yoo's Gabby dress with a delicate flutter sleeve; so romantic!

Jenny Yoo’s Gabby dress with a delicate flutter sleeve; so romantic!

3) Color blocking – In the past, if you wanted to incorporate a second color into your bridesmaids’ dresses it meant one thing; a sash! While that is still true, there are also new, modern ways to incorporate color!

Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung. Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/ Invision/ AP

Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung. Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/ Invision/ AP

Yes this is my wedding but it's not a shameless plug, I swear! After all, we did color block our Lynn Lugo dresses :)

Yes this is my wedding but it’s not a shameless plug, I swear! After all, we did color block our Lynn Lugo dresses 🙂

4) Slicked back hair – While we’re not sure if we’ll see many slicked back gals in this year’s wedding photos, we have to admit, it’s a cool, new way to keep the hair out of your face and show off your gorgeous makeup!

Jessica Chastain in Givenchy. Photo credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Jessica Chastain in Givenchy. Photo credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

5) Bare necks – While we had 6 totally unique best dressed choices, they did have one thing in common; bare necks! Many stars decided to forgo the somewhat over-done statement necklace for the next big thing; a statement earring! We predict many bare necks with statement earrings in wedding photos this year!

Emma Roberts in Lanvin. So clean and chic! Photo credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Emma Roberts in Lanvin. So clean and chic! Photo credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

While we try to remain neutral about fashion choices (to each her own!) our Golden Globes recap just wouldn’t be complete without atleast a mention of some of our least favorite dresses. Just for fun:

1) We wish our TV had some “blurred lines” over this gown.

2) This gown needs to head back to “Nashville.”

3) This gown is a “big bang” mess.

4) Even a “Charlie’s Angel” couldn’t save this dress.

That’s it! Now we want to know what you liked (and didn’t like)! Can’t wait to hear your picks!!

Happy award show season! XO

Stacey, Jaime, Joy, Madison, Hilleary and Lindsay

August Promotions!!

Lucky, lucky 2014 brides + bridesmaids….we have some fabulous August Promo coming up this month!

This Jenny Yoo promo is just the beginning….look for more promos and events next week!
JYC August 2013

If you have not set up an appointment for August….what are you waiting for?

Call us at 617.247.2828 or book and appointment here!

We can’t wait to dress you in some adorable Jenny Yoo frocks!


Flair Girls

Mis-Matched Bridesmaids Dresses!

While we consider ourselves to be pretty fearless most of the time, lately alot of our brides have been saying something to us that truly makes us shudder: “I really like the look of Molly Sims’ bridal party.” <Cue classic horror movie music> Gasp!

If you haven’t seen her bridal party, do a quick Google search. Find it? OK good. It really is gorgeous, and we love to see someone doing something a little different BUT we’ve had a hard time recreating that look for our brides…until now!

Jenny Yoo came out with her first “social collection” this season, which includes pretty prints, luxurious laces and preppy polka dots. They pair perfectly with our already fabulous collection of solid dresses, to help you achieve that effortless mix and match look that so many brides are going for these days. Check out these fab photos from her recent shoot to get a sneak peek and if you like what you see (and we think you will) give us a call to come see it in person!

social-home-1     social-home-2

social-home-3    social-home-4

social-home-5   social-home-11

social-home-6   social-home-7

So go ahead….mix it up!


Linds + Stace


welcometoflairOur newest additions to Flair this past week for our fabulous bridesmaids!

{Top Row} Siri Bridesmaids~Roxy | Peony | Kiki

{Center Row} Coren Moore ~ Kate Two-Tone |  Siri Bridesmaids~Cristelle Sheath

{Bottom Row} Jenny Yoo ~ Hadley | Cadie | Parker

Call us to come and visit these fab new dresses!



Linds + Stace

Jenny Yoo 2013 Preview!

Oh weekends, how I love you! Any day that allows me to sleep late and then go to brunch – a mid-day meal where champagne is encouraged – is fine by me. At Flair though, we give up one or sometimes both of our weekend days to be at the store and meet with our fabulous brides. It seems like a sacrifice but we truly love doing it! We especially love being here when we’re having a trunk show; it’s the perfect way to showcase one of our amazing designers! This past weekend we’re DOUBLY excited though, because our Jenny Yoo trunk show is also a preview of her new 2013 collection!

When we received the box of dresses from Jenny Yoo, it truly felt like Christmas morning! We were so excited to tear the box open and get a look at those new beauties. What makes us most excited though is seeing how far bridesmaids’ dresses have come. I think it may take a little longer for them to completely eclipse the bad rap bridesmaids’ dresses have gotten over the years, but really there’s no comparison between the dresses of today to those of years past. We’re so proud of our designers, each year they grow and change with the times but still stay true to their personal vision/aesthetic. It’s not an easy task, but they do it with ease!

To quickly sum up what we’re seeing for 2013: Patterned fabrics and lace and shorter hems, oh my! Basically, we’re getting an answer to the age old “I don’t want my bridesmaids’ dresses to look like bridesmaids’ dresses” dilemma. You can come to a bridal shop and get our expert service and advice (yes, tooting our own horn) and walk away with really unique and special dresses. Heaven!

We can’t wait to show you all of the new goodies as they roll in over the next few months; 2013 is shaping up to be the best year yet!


Lindsay & Stacey

To Market We Go: 2012 Edition!

Sorry this blog is coming about a week late Stacey and I have been exhausted from all our travel and excitement! Two  weeks ago we traveled to NYC for bridal market to check out the newest styles from our designers. Yes you read that right, we worked ALL weekend. We went to fashion shows and chatted with our fabulous designers/friends and shopped on 5th Avenue. It…was…awful.

JK, it was amazing!! It’s seriously one of our favorite weekends of the year, for two reasons. 1) We LOVE our designers and this is the one time a year we get to see them in person. Yes, it’s fun to see their new dresses, but it is equally fun just catching up with them. 2) We LOVE our brides/bridesmaids and we literally cannot wait to show you the new dresses, you’re going to be obsessed with them! While we don’t want to give away TOO much (the new samples will not be here until after the New Year), here are some fresh, new trends we saw for the upcoming season!

1)      Straps on bridal gowns: The time has come ladies. We’ve been asking for more strapped bridal gowns for years and this is the first year where we really saw a good amount in the new collections. V-necks, cap sleeves, and halters, oh my!

2)      Printed bridesmaids’ dresses: We are sosososo excited for this one. Doing a print on a bridesmaid’s dress is so fresh and modern, and makes for really unique and special photos. Not ready to come around to something so outside the box? Think one print, one textured fabric and one solid, all in the same color way. Google Molly Sims’ bridal party and that’ll give you a gorgeous example. Not all of the bridesmaids need to be in the pattern, but it’s a great accent to solid dresses’. VERY fun!

3)      Sherbet: First things first, is it sherbet or sherbert? I always thought it was sherbert but the computer disagrees; the red squiggly line underneath – indicating a misspelling – is really bugging me, so I’ll say sherbet from here on out. Anywaysssssss sherbet colors are going to be HUGE! We saw pale colors take the front seat this year (think blush and champagne) but cool greens and flattering oranges may just steal their spots next year. Stay tuned to see them in person!

4)      Tea length bridal gowns: This trend has been slowly creeping up on us. The past few years we have seen 1 or 2 at market but this year it EXPLODED. Every designer had some shorter options, but have no fear, they are still totally bridal looking! Plus, this is a great way to get a gorgeous dress at a lower price AND you don’t have to worry about bustling a train (definitely nice for outdoor weddings).

I could go on and on, we saw SO many amazing dresses! Stay tuned in early 2013 to see them in person!


Lindsay and Stacey

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