Wedding Menswear

Flair is a bridal gown shop, so, (news flash!) we tend to focus on the ladies. That’s not to say we’re not totally invested and interested in what you wear, though, fellas! After all, if you’re a mess, everyone will focus on that and not how stunning the bride looks in her gown 😉 Seriously though, the options for grooms and their groomsmen have come a long way in recent years, so it’s easier than ever for the guys to look as good as the gals!

Dessy Collection is a triple threat in the menswear world; they have plenty of options, at great prices, available in a snap! Here’s just some of their selection:

If your wedding is nautical, preppy, and/or on the more causal side:


Dessy’s “Hardwick” seersucker suit will run you under $400 (pants and jacket) for all of that New England, clambake chic goodness 🙂

If your wedding is black tie (aka chic and formal!):

You can't go wrong with a classic tux! We particularly like Dessy's "Andrew" cut; timeless and oh so handsome!

You can’t go wrong with a classic tux! We particularly like Dessy’s “Andrew” cut; timeless and oh so handsome!

If your wedding is somewhere in between the two:

Dessy's "Classic Summer Suit" is perfect for almost any wedding, and totally something your guy can wear beyond the wedding!

Dessy’s “Classic Summer Suit” is perfect for almost any wedding, and totally something your guy can wear beyond the big day!

None of these options quite right? Then simply find the suit of your/his dreams and head back to Dessy to shop their accessories! They have ties, pocket squares, and more that will match literally any wedding color scheme!

Wedding Favor Ideas

Get Favor Fabulous!

OK admit it, one of the best parts about getting married is the gifts! Sure sure, committing your life to your fiancé is the actual best part, but stocking your home with all of those new goodies is up there too! So, since your guests shell out for you, it’s only fair to return the “favor” and gift them a little something nice, too – their favors! These sweet sentiments can be tricky, though; you don’t want to spend a mint but you don’t want to cheap out on your loved ones either. Also, the favors usually end up at each place setting so you want them to look nice, too. Enter Weddingstar! They have affordable, unique, and chic favors that are sure to have your guests gushing! Here are some of our favorites:

1) Stemless wine glasses – It’s easy to see why we chose these – they’re something your guests will actually use! Cheers!

2) Heart bottle opener – Again, useful, and how adorable will those look on your tables?!

3) Gold foil playing cards – Encourage your guests to let loose and have some fun with this good looking deck!

4) Mini gumball machine – Candy favors are nothing new, so if you’re considering something sweet, you need to step it up a notch. These adorable mini machines are just the trick! Plus, in all white they are totally wedding ready and will go with any décor!


5) Flower vase – Check off your table décor and favors in one fell swoop! We love this knit looking vase; super unique and pretty!


Did we get you in the mood to favor hunt? Head over to Weddingstar, they have tons of other gorgeous guest gift ideas! Happy shopping! 

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Wedding Invitations

Easy, elegant, and affordable!

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the invitations are a window to the wedding. They give your guests some insight into the vibe and aesthetic of your fete, and are really the first impression that they’ll get of your big day. So yeah, they’re pretty important! Oh, and this oh so important part of your wedding has to be squared away early in the planning process, maybe even before you’ve really settled on a theme/color scheme. Getting anxious yet? Well fear not! Thanks to MINTED, the stationery shopping process is not only easy, but organized, simple, and chic! They truly have something for everyone, and with searches by color, theme, price, and more, you’re sure to find the paper that perfect for you! If you still need some inspiration, here are some favorites that we love!

For the trendy couple:

Agate is a hot trend that couples looking to stay on top of what’s hot are sure to love!

For the modern, downtown wedding:

This watercolor design is sleek yet soft; perfect for a modern wedding!

For the vineyard wedding:

We love the feel of this invite almost as much as we love a good cabernet!

For the couple looking for traditional, with a twist:

The gold look of this invite gives it a modern edge!

Ready to find your dream design? Head here to view all of MINTED’s stunning stationery! Already have your invites? Then be sure to check out their thank you cards and wedding vows art services!

Bridesmaids’ Dress Trends 2017

From the runways to the wedding aisle!

When New York Fashion Week ended, I went into a slight depression. It was so fun seeing all of those fab, fresh looks (via celebs in my Instagram feed) and learning what hot trends we can expect for this Spring/Summer. Now that it’s over, what am I going to see in my feed now?? Back to shots of my friends’ babies and meals? Boring! OK, just kidding, we love a good baby and/or food photo, but seriously, we need our fashion fix too! Good thing for us, London Fashion Week kept the chic snaps coming! London is such a trendy, fashionable city, and there were inspiring looks all over the place! Here are a few trends we caught that you can totally incorporate into your bridesmaids’ styles:
Red and Yellow – See ya later, muted colors, bold is back in a big way! In particular, reds and yellows have been all over the runways, so why not all over your wedding too? Yellow specifically, though, can be a tricky color on some skin tones, so just be sure to have all of your girls try it on before you commit. Red, on the other hand, has a tendency to read Valentine’s Day and/or Christmas, so be sure to pair it with non-holiday shades to give it a more weddingy (yes, we made up that word) look. Tiffany blue, aubergine, and dove gray are a few favorites that come to mind.

Anna Elyse has one of the largest color palettes we've ever seen; plenty of reds and yellows for you!

Anna Elyse has one of the largest color palettes we’ve ever seen; plenty of reds and yellows for you!

Cut outs – OK, we know that cut outs have been around for awhile, but we’re not talking about the typical ones that you’ve seen at the waist. We’re seeing cut outs in whole new places, including the backs of dresses. If you want to show a little skin but still be wedding appropriate, this trend is for you!


Red AND a cool cut out?! This Dessy dress is soooo on trend!

Mixing Prints – Prints have become popular in the bridesmaids’ world over the past year or so, but this year if you really want to step it up, then mix them up! Have your girls wear a few different coordinating prints for a modern, unique look!

We can't think of much chicer than mixing different floral prints. Way to go Jenny Yoo!

We can’t think of much chicer than mixing different floral prints. Way to go Jenny Yoo!


Getting Fit for a Wedding

How to get in fighting fashion form!

Thanksgiving is over and I’m feeling…stuffed. I mean, that’s what turkey day is for, right? Well that and reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for, of course! Then, for me atleast, the day after Thanksgiving is full of a different feeling; guilt. Why did I have that second helping of sweet potatoes? Was that midnight sandwich made of leftovers really necessary? See, guilt city! Very quickly, though, that guilt turns into motivation. It’s cardio time, whether that’s in the form of tackling the Black Friday sales or hitting the gym. There’s still time to get back into fighting shape before those holiday parties, and more than enough time if you’re already fretting over a 2017 wedding. Here are some tips for brides and bridesmaids looking to get photo-ready fit for the big day:
1) Start good habits now – We all know that it can take awhile for a new activity to become a habit, so starting sooner is better. Stick with it and after a few weeks, that morning run or end of the day yoga class will feel just as necessary to your routine as that afternoon latte we know you have scheduled.
2) Eat clean – Even after you’ve established exercise as a part of your daily routine, there will still be days when you just can’t fit it in. Have no fear, though; developing good eating habits is a great way to stay fit without having to leave your house! Cutting out processed foods and drinks and sticking to whole, fresh foods should make a huge difference in your health, waistline, and mood to boot!
3) Consider getting a trainer – Sure, it’s more expensive than a regular old gym membership, but you’re way less likely to blow off a session when you have to be accountable to another person. Plus, you can chat about your specific fitness goals with them and they can maximize your time and ensure that you’re getting the most out of every work out minute!
4) Know what to focus on – While a total body workout is nice, it may not be totally necessary. Think about the dress that you’re wearing to the wedding. Most styles highlight a couple of particular body parts, and you can focus your fitness routine on those specific areas. Unsure? While we are certainly not fitness experts (see the above midnight leftovers sandwich comment), we’re happy to chat about your dress style and the areas that it showcases.

Is your dress sleek and fitted on the bottom? Focus on your hips and bum! Rocking a short dress? Work on those stems! Photos courtesy of Sweet Monday Photography

Is your dress sleek and fitted on the bottom? Focus on your hips and bum! Rocking a short dress? Work on those stems! Photos courtesy of Sweet Monday Photography


Tell us – do you have any great fitness tips for brides/bridesmaids to be??

Wedding Color Schemes

How to rock black at your white wedding!

No one is happier than me that Halloween is over. No offense, October 31st lovers, it’s just that I am head over heels in love and obsessed with Christmas and now I feel like I can start to celebrate it. Don’t worry, I’m not one to put my lights up this early or anything, but Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” may have already been played and I may already have some peppermint coffee in my house. As excited as I am that it’s over, though, there is one thing that I love about Halloween; the color black. It’s my favorite color and pretty much non-existent at other major holidays. It made me think about how tricky it is to celebrate with the color black. It does have a somewhat somber vibe and that may be why it’s avoided for happy occasions, but I’m here to tell you that there are tons of ways to incorporate this chic shade into non-Halloween fetes. If you’re planning a wedding and are a lover of the darkest shade like me, here are some things you can do:
Flowers – Anemones are one of my favorite flowers because of their chic, black centers. Pop a few of these into your centerpieces for an easy, impactful touch of black. Or, consider black vases or black candelabras in addition to the florals on your tables for a truly wow statement! In terms of your bouquet, think about wrapping your stems in a bold black and white striped ribbon; gorge!
Accessories – Sure, your dress is white, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a little black too. Whether it’s a totally rewearable black shoe or a classic black clutch, you’ll never regret rocking a dark accessory that will beautifully pop against your dress! Feeling a little bolder? A black sash is a super chic look and (bonus) having a darker shade at your waist does really amazing things for your already fab waistline!

Chic Flair bride Ali popped a gorgeous, black AB Ellie belt onto her lace Amy Kuschel bridal gown. We LOVE the mix of modern and timeless! Photo credit: Sweet Jane Photography

Chic Flair bride Ali popped a gorgeous, black AB Ellie belt onto her lace Amy Kuschel bridal gown. We LOVE the mix of modern and timeless! Photo credit: Sweet Jane Photography

Chalkboard accents – Duh, chalkboards are black and are totally in style right now, so why not add them to your wedding décor! Consider tiny chalkboard easels for your table numbers, or have your menu written on a larger board. If you don’t want to deal with the potential mess that chalk can bring, most stationery vendors have a chalkboard look option that you can go with.
Food – These days, it’s equally important that your wedding food look good and taste good. Popping a bold color into your cuisine is an easy way for your caterer to create an eye-catching look without necessarily affecting the flavor. A fun black and white polka dot cake, for example, is sure to wow your guests! In terms of dinner, a squid ink pasta makes for such a unique looking plate, and you’d be surprised at how little it changes the flavor of the dish (aka don’t be scared)!

Tell us – how are you incorporating black elements into your big day??

Bridal Style

Achieve the perfect overall look!

Naturally, when it comes to a bride’s appearance, we here at Flair tend to focus on the dress (duh). However, even we can acknowledge that there’s way more that goes into a bride’s overall wedding day look! So today, we’re talking bridal style from head to toe. Here’s what you need to be thinking about, from top to bottom:
Hair – Most people automatically assume “hairstyle” but you need to be thinking about way more than just that. For starters, plan out your haircut schedule so that you end up with a cut/trim a few weeks before the big day. Want to dye your hair too? Then you’ll want to push your pre-wedding salon appointment a little closer to the wedding day to avoid any unsightly roots. At home, you may want to consider adding in a hot oil, mask, or other treatment to get your tresses in tip top shape! Talk to your usual stylist about any hair issues you might be worried about and he/she can likely recommend some great at home remedies! Once your hair is healthy and perfect, it’s time to adorn it, and Flair can help with that!

Elizabeth Bower (available at Flair!) has a stunning headpiece for every bridal style!

Elizabeth Bower (available at Flair!) has a stunning headpiece for every bridal style!

Face – Of course, every bride should hit up Pinterest and decide what she wants her wedding makeup to look like. It doesn’t matter how fab the makeup is, though, if the skin underneath isn’t on point. So long before your Pinterest binge, consider visiting a dermatologist and/or facialist to discuss any issues you’d like to address before the big day. That way, if they recommend any new products or services, you can test them out in advance of the wedding to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction.
Ears, neck, and wrist – You guessed it, the jewelry zones! Based on the cut/style of your dress, determine what bridal baubles you’d like to add and start shopping for them a few months prior to the big day. Not sure what pieces go best with your dress? Schedule an accessories appointment at Flair and we’d be happy to talk you through it!

The fab A.B. Ellie has some stunning jewelry to choose from - including her super on trend, heavy metal "Hardware" collection for 2017!

The fab A.B. Ellie has some stunning jewelry to choose from – including her super on trend, heavy metal “Hardware” collection for 2017!

Bust, waist, and bikini zone – Time to think undergarments! Need a bra with a low back? Or do you prefer a one piece shaper that also covers the tummy? Discuss with your friendly neighborood bridal salon 😉 so that you have ample time to shop for your perfect delicates.
Hands – You’re going to be getting some seriously stunning new hardware on lefty, so it (and righty too) needs to look good! Start getting manicures a couple months in advance of the big day to get your cuticles and nails in top form. At home, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! A pretty mani on a dry, scaly hand is no good to anyone!
Legs – When it comes to your stems, you need to think about whether or not you’d like a garter and/or pantyhose. Summer brides shouldn’t have to worry about the latter, but Fall/Winter brides may like the extra layer. As for the garter, it’s definitely a tradition that seems to be forgone more and more, but still fun none the less!
Feet – See hands. Pedicures are important too, ladies, and are also a perfect way to sit back and relax prior to the big day! They are especially important if you’ve chosen open-toed shoes. Speaking of which, be sure to buy your shoes well in advance so you can wear them around the house and break them in. Wearing them a little will also let you know if you need any comfort inserts to keep those feet happy and dance ready!

Tell us – did you do anything else to get head to toe wedding ready??

Wedding Guest Attire

Dress to Impress!

I think I might be psychic. No, really. I bet your refrigerator is covered in save the dates and wedding invitations; am I right?? See, I am psychic! OK, so it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict that in the summer time most people have save the dates and invites decorating their fridges; it is wedding season after all! One thing that is harder to predict, though, is what to wear to all of those weddings. As a guest it can be hard to know what is appropriate and what should be avoided. Here are some tips to get you wedding ready:
1) Avoid white – This one’s a given. Stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
2) Avoid anything overly sexy – Even though a wedding is a great place to meet people, it’s not a club, so don’t dress as if you’re going to one. Remember the rule of one, i.e. only one sexy area allowed. For example, if you want to show some cleavage, make up for that by keeping your hemline on the longer side.
3) Abide by the invite – If the invite says black tie, then it’s black tie you must wear! A general rule of thumb is that it’s better to over than under dress, so when in doubt, lean towards a more formal ensemble.
4) Avoid anything loud – Whether it’s loud because of how skin tight it is, loud in color/pattern, or literally loud (hello, paillettes), just say no. A wedding is not the time for you to make a statement. It’s the bride and groom’s time, and that’s it.

Need more guidance? Our friends at The Black Tux came up with this handy dandy guide, check it out! Then send your guy to see them for their affordable, easy suit rentals!



Bridesmaids’ Gifts

A+ Presents for your Best Girls!

Not to toot our own horn, but we work pretty hard to keep our blog and fresh and full of original content (toot toot). One topic we like to repeat every now and then, though, is an important one; bridesmaids’ gift ideas! While it is a fun thing to shop for, it’s not without its pressures. After all, these girls have been at your bridal beck and call for months, so they definitely deserve something special! If you’re in need of some ideas, here are some of our favorite, new gift ideas:
Luxury phone cases – Let’s face it, we all want to splurge on the designer cases from Bloomingdales and Bergdorfs, but we tend to talk ourselves out of them before hitting “Add to Cart.” Bridesmaids’ gifts are the perfect opportunity to opt for something somewhat frivolous and definitely fabulous for your best girls! Added bonus: your girls probably pick up their phones, like, a million times a day, and now they’ll think of you every time!
Kindle – These days, you can snag a Kindle (or something similar) for under $100, so why not get one for each of your girls! Go the extra mile and download a book that you think she’ll love, or that reminds you of her, for a thoughtful, yet practical gift!
High end liquor and accompanying glasses – I don’t know about you, but when I go to the liquor store, I tend to auto-pilot to, well, the cheap section. I rarely splurge on a high-end, high-quality bottle, and if you think your girls are in the same boat, head to your favorite packy and go straight for the rapper approved, expensive section! Whether it be wine, vodka or whiskey, choose a fancy bottle of their favorites and pair it with chic glasses for a gift that’s sure to have them toasting to you!
The classic – As I’m always telling my husband, you can never go wrong with jewelry! The same goes for your bridesmaids, so if you’re having trouble finding just the right thing, opt for the bling! Whether it’s something you want them to wear on the big day, or just a fun piece to add to their everyday wardrobe, your girls are sure to love something new, special, and sparkly!

If you want to go the jewelry route, Flair has tons of stunning sparklers from Elizabeth Bower and other fab designers!

If you want to go the jewelry route, Flair has tons of stunning sparklers from Elizabeth Bower and other fab designers!

Tell us – what are you getting for your bridesmaids??

Groom’s Attire

Unique looks for your big day!

When we do our award show red carpet recaps, the men rarely (if ever) make our best dressed list. It’s not that they don’t look good; I’d happily stare at Ryan Gosling in a tux all day everyday! The “problem” is that it’s much harder for guys to make a fashion statement on the red carpet. In a sea of black tuxes and suits, standing out is hard to do. Grooms, you may feel like you’re in the same boat. We work with bridal gowns, we know how ridiculously gorgeous they are, and we also know that standing next to one is no easy task. It may seem like all of the attention is on the ladies, but it’s just as much your day too, guys, so why not do what you can to make your look stand out in the crowd! Here are some ways to amp up a groom’s look:

Whether you want to stick with a traditional look or go a little outside the box, our friends at Alton Lane on Newbury Street have you covered!

Whether you want to stick with a traditional look or go a little outside the box, our friends at Alton Lane on Newbury Street have you covered!

1) Goodbye plain, hello patterned – Patterns are a major trend in the bridal and bridesmaids’ world, and guys can get in on the fun too! Assuming it goes with the formality of the fete you’re throwing, a well placed striped or checkered suit is the perfect way to make your wedding look a wow! If you don’t want to go quite that outside the box, consider a traditional suit paired with a patterned shirt underneath.
2) Get pinned – Cufflinks are often called upon as a way of personalizing a suit, but sadly they’re pretty hard to see most of the time. Instead, think about buying a unique pin for either your lapel or chest pocket, depending on your boutonniere and/or pocket square plans. This is an easy and affordable way to really show your personality. From sports gear, to cars, to pets, there’s a pin out there for every groom!
3) Start with your soles – As us ladies know, shoes are one of the most fun ways to stretch your fashion muscle! Grooms, those shiny, black, almost plastic looking shoes that often go with tuxes are not your only option! Pop on a chic boot, oxford, or loafer for a modern upgrade to your wedding wear.

Want to go outside of the box while still ensuring that the bridal party matches perfectly? Pair your new pin or shoes with a Dessy Group tie from Flair! With tons of colors to choose from, there's one to match any and every bridesmaid's dress!

Want to go outside of the box while still ensuring that the bridal party matches perfectly? Pair your new pin or shoes with a Dessy Group tie from Flair! With tons of colors to choose from, there’s one to match any and every bridesmaid’s dress!

Happy shopping grooms!

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