And the Oscar for “Best Bridesmaids Gift” goes to….

And the Oscar for “Best Bridesmaids Gift” goes to….

Oh March, how I loathe you. If I hear one more meteorologist say “but Spring starts in a few weeks!” I will punch them. Hard. No matter what the calendar says, we all know that Spring doesn’t really start until it hits like 60 degrees, and we also know that that’s not going to happen in March. Sigh. March can be a fun time for summer and fall brides though! Presumably, you have most of your major vendors booked already and you don’t need think about paying their final deposits for months. Ahh, the glory of this in between time; not a care in the world! It’s a great time to focus on the fun, little things…like a fabulous gift for your equally fabulous bridesmaids!

Most brides opt for the gift of jewelry, and why not? Every girl loves some new bling! Another reason brides often choose jewelry? Whatever she buys almost always gets worn on the wedding day, so it gives her some control over the final look. As nice as brides are (and yes, we really mean that) let’s face it, they’re not going to risk you going all “jewelry rogue” on their big day. We’re looking at you, bridesmaid who wants to wear a tiara.

So brides, we have you covered. Check out these beauties:

How gorgeous are these earrings?! Plus, they come in a million colors and are so classic and chic that your bridesmaids will wear them for years to come! We love the idea of using them as a pop of color for a neutral dress. How stunning would that seaglass colored pair (bottom right) look with a gray dress? Or the reddish pink pair (top left) with a navy dress? The options are endless; there’s literally not a dress in our store that wouldn’t look great with these! We are SO excited about these earrings and ALL of our new goodies from Haute Bride! So, when you’re ready to start gift shopping, give us a call. We can’t wait to show you all of our new bling and baubles!

Happy shopping and happy almost Spring (groan) xoxo

Hey Boston brides: What do you do with your gown after the wedding?

I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with the “Real Housewives” franchise (except Miami, I just can’t get into that one). My husband can’t even be in the room while I watch it; “It’s just an hour of constant arguing!” Sorry honey, I know that when we first started dating I tried to be cool and watch thought-provoking shows with you, but this is who I really am. We’re married now, deal with it. Besides, occasionally you get some really great ideas from the housewives. For instance, I was watching reruns of Beverly Hills the other day and I caught a glimpse of Adrienne Maloof’s wedding gown, framed in her walk in closet. It got me to thinking, what do “normal” ladies do with their gowns post-wedding (those of us who do not have a closest big enough for 5 foot frame)?

We all have closets like this, right?

We all have closets like this, right?

It’s a very personal choice, though based on my chats with many brides over the years, the main school of thought seems to be gown preservation. It’s not a bad idea; get that thing cleaned, pressed and in a nice, neat box for storage. Honestly, though, that has never been for me. I have absolutely no notion that my future daughter might want to wear my dress, so I can’t come up with a reason to spend the money on preservation. I’d rather find a way to work my gown into everyday life. Here are some brilliant ideas that I found, and be sure to let your Flair girls know if you have any to add to the list!

1) Home accents: The actual item will depend slightly on the fabric/style of your dress. For example, my gown had a train of organza flowers and ruffles, which I’ve always thought would make a gorgeous, special accent pillow for our bed. Not for you? There are tons of other ideas! I also found a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt made from a satin, beaded gown; something special and personal that you’ll use every year!

Too pretty to put presents on?

Too pretty to put presents on?

2) Bridal necklace: This is one of my favorites. I found a company (thanks, Etsy!) that will insert a small piece of your wedding dress into a beautiful necklace. Who says you can’t wear your wedding gown everyday?! Plus, how amazing would this be to give to your daughter down the line!


3) Donate it: If you can’t think of anything you want to do with your dress, you can always donate it to a worthy cause. There are so many options out there, including Brides Across America. Based right here in Massachusetts, this organization takes dress donations to help give military wives the wedding gown of their dreams! Do some research and find the organization that touches your heart, and I know that this is one use for your gown that you, and someone else in need, will never forget!

Happy Holidays!
Your Flair friends

Holiday Hours at Flair!

The holidays are right around the corner…I am sure you have already started making your plans with family + friends…we consider you our family + our friends….so here are our HOLIDAY HOURS!  Just in case you were wondering or wanted to drop by and sing us a carol or something!

Holiday Hours


Happy Holidays from your fav Flair girls!


{A.B. Ellie} New Belts at Flair!


We are so thrilled to have a few new belts in store this fall from our fabulous designer A.B. Ellie!

3piece mae

{3 Piece Mae}

Exquisite rhinestone scalloped trim adorned with a soft mixture of rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls to elude Old Hollywood glamour.

{Extend the beading to go all the way around your waist to get a super glam look!}



This vintage infused rhinestone beaded bridal sash radiates elegance. The scalloped edge brings subtle romance to any look!

Book a 30 minute Accessory appointment to come look at our entire belt + veil collection!


We can’t wait to help you complete your look!

August Promotions!!

Lucky, lucky 2014 brides + bridesmaids….we have some fabulous August Promo coming up this month!

This Jenny Yoo promo is just the beginning….look for more promos and events next week!
JYC August 2013

If you have not set up an appointment for August….what are you waiting for?

Call us at 617.247.2828 or book and appointment here!

We can’t wait to dress you in some adorable Jenny Yoo frocks!


Flair Girls

The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party at Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill!

Wedding Party Knot Graphic

We are so exciting to be partnering with Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill for The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party!  We look forward to meeting you and talking to you about all the newest trends in the Bridal World!



Mis-Matched Bridesmaids Dresses!

While we consider ourselves to be pretty fearless most of the time, lately alot of our brides have been saying something to us that truly makes us shudder: “I really like the look of Molly Sims’ bridal party.” <Cue classic horror movie music> Gasp!

If you haven’t seen her bridal party, do a quick Google search. Find it? OK good. It really is gorgeous, and we love to see someone doing something a little different BUT we’ve had a hard time recreating that look for our brides…until now!

Jenny Yoo came out with her first “social collection” this season, which includes pretty prints, luxurious laces and preppy polka dots. They pair perfectly with our already fabulous collection of solid dresses, to help you achieve that effortless mix and match look that so many brides are going for these days. Check out these fab photos from her recent shoot to get a sneak peek and if you like what you see (and we think you will) give us a call to come see it in person!

social-home-1     social-home-2

social-home-3    social-home-4

social-home-5   social-home-11

social-home-6   social-home-7

So go ahead….mix it up!


Linds + Stace

Bridal Shower Themes!

There are many different ideas for a bridal shower. It depends on your season, wedding day theme, who is coming, how intimate, and many other factors. But the biggest factor is what YOU want. We are going to take a closer look into what it will take to create these different afternoon (or morning) escapes.




Kitchen Theme—A kitchen theme bridal shower usually involves kitchen gifts and activities. Guests are usually asked to bring a favorite or family recipe so the bride can get a jump-start on their recipe collection. There may even be a little bit of baking involved or a “create-your-own” fruit bar. As long as food is involved it will be fun!



High Tea—This bridal shower is all things tea related! Play fun games, get the girls together, and eat tiny sandwiches! If you are a little confused and new to the “tea-party” theme a great place to start is Teavana they are very informative and will be able to direct you to find a good arrange of teas that will go perfectly with your party. Also don’t forget the option of coffee!



Brunch—For those morning people, you can always start the day off right with a brunch theme. Mimosas, a “do-it-your-own” fruit, granola, and yogurt bar, and pastry spread will certainly be the key to a classy and fun event. Besides…it is the most important meal of the day. Jazz Brunch at The Beehive is a quirky and fun place to plan a rocking shower!




Wine & Cheese—Wine & Cheese parties are very fun. It is a great way to get all your fiends together and try different wines. Either have guests bring a bottle of their favorite or create the selection yourself! Baccos in Boston is a great place to start to learn about all the great wine and cheese pairings!



Spa—In the middle of planning a wedding the bride needs a spa day. Many salons have packages and can accommodate a bridal shower for the bride and some of her close friends. A cheaper alternative option will also be make a spa day at home. Set up different stations and try “at-home” remedies for beauty products. Great gift ideas that go along with this theme are bath products, towels, and more bath supplies.  Spa’s we love in Boston Exhale & Emerge perfect for any spa day with the girls!


Take this day as a way to enjoy the company with friends and treat yourself before the big day! Enjoy!

 Now go plan that bridal shower!!





Featured in Boston Weddings Magazine!

We feel so lucky and privledged to be able to be a part of Boston Weddings Magaine’s “Ask the Experts” in the latest issue of Boston Weddings!  We also feel lucky to be featured next to our very fav vendor friends Tom + Melissa Dowler of Long Haul Films.

In the article, Stacey gives invaluable advice to the many brides that the magazine reaches. She touches on everything from upcoming trends to how to prepare for your appointment with us (for example, it’s not really necessary to being 10 people with you to your appointment….just sayin’). She provides a truly great overview of where bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses are at these days (we’ve come a long way baby!) and even shares some personal stories from her own wedding planning experience.

It truly is a must read for all brides out there, so be sure to pick up a copy while they last!

Make sure you also check out Leah Haydock’s featured photo in the mag and our brand new ad!! Thanks so much Leah!



Boston Weddings Article

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