Wedding Guest Attire

Dress to Impress!

I think I might be psychic. No, really. I bet your refrigerator is covered in save the dates and wedding invitations; am I right?? See, I am psychic! OK, so it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict that in the summer time most people have save the dates and invites decorating their fridges; it is wedding season after all! One thing that is harder to predict, though, is what to wear to all of those weddings. As a guest it can be hard to know what is appropriate and what should be avoided. Here are some tips to get you wedding ready:
1) Avoid white – This one’s a given. Stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
2) Avoid anything overly sexy – Even though a wedding is a great place to meet people, it’s not a club, so don’t dress as if you’re going to one. Remember the rule of one, i.e. only one sexy area allowed. For example, if you want to show some cleavage, make up for that by keeping your hemline on the longer side.
3) Abide by the invite – If the invite says black tie, then it’s black tie you must wear! A general rule of thumb is that it’s better to over than under dress, so when in doubt, lean towards a more formal ensemble.
4) Avoid anything loud – Whether it’s loud because of how skin tight it is, loud in color/pattern, or literally loud (hello, paillettes), just say no. A wedding is not the time for you to make a statement. It’s the bride and groom’s time, and that’s it.

Need more guidance? Our friends at The Black Tux came up with this handy dandy guide, check it out! Then send your guy to see them for their affordable, easy suit rentals!



Bridesmaids’ Etiquette

Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you’re an A+ bridesmaid!

Anyone who has planned a wedding can tell you that there are a ton of do’s and don’ts for the engaged couple. Even though the wedding is all about them, that doesn’t mean the rest of us are rule free. There’s etiquette for the guests, parents, vendors; the list goes on and on! Today, we’re going to focus on the other ladies up at the altar, though; the bridal party! If you’re a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind:
Do: Listen to the bride talk about her wedding – When you break it down, really the only bridesmaid’s duty that matters is to provide moral support to the bride. That’s why you’re there! So, even if it may seem like she can go on, and on and on, it’s your job to listen. If you feel like it’s getting to be a bit much, though, there are nice ways that you can limit her talk time. Suggest that you schedule a weekly chat session, for example, at the same day/time every week. That way you can focus 100% on her at that time, and avoid sneak attack calls when you’re busy and not ready/expecting them.
Don’t: Involve the bride in any bridesmaids’ drama. It’s inevitable; no matter how tight your group is, there will be atleast one or two small “problems” during the planning process. Even if you and the bride typically tell each other everything, this is the time to bite your tongue. She probably has a million other things to worry about, so keep this one to yourself. Unless you foresee this issue truly affecting her big day, she really doesn’t need to know.

There's a whole book dedicated to bridesmaids who have sucked it up and wore what their bride wanted - so you definitely can too! Photo courtesy of Amazon

There’s a whole book dedicated to bridesmaids who have sucked it up and wore what their bride wanted – so you definitely can too! Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do: Look how she wants you to look. When you agree to be in the bridal party you’re also agreeing to give up control of your style, atleast for a day. That means you have to rock the dress she likes, the jewelry she chooses, and the hair/makeup she prefers. That’s right; even if you don’t like it. Now, if she says “Do what you want!” then go for it! Otherwise, wait for her cues and don’t make a fuss.
Don’t: Get drunk. There are a ton of fun events during the wedding planning process, but as a bridesmaid it’s your job to ensure that the bride and other guests have a good time. Unfortunately, your good time comes second. That’s not to say that you have to be stone cold sober, but you can’t get so tipsy that you forget to write down gifts at the shower or get everyone into the taxis and to dinner on time at the bachelorette. Basically, use your best judgment!

Seasoned bridesmaids out there, do you have any other tips for any newbies? Let us know!

Holiday Weekend Weddings

How to achieve holiday holy matrimony success!

Obviously, we’re thankful that Columbus discovered America because, well, we live here. That goes without saying. On this particular Friday, though, we’re equally enamored with him for giving us a much needed three day weekend (well, kinda…we’ve got some bridal and bridesmaids appointments on the books, but that’s fun stuff!). On the verge of this long weekend, we got to thinking about holiday weekend weddings. What do you think of them? We love them, but they do come with some extra considerations. If a three day weekend wedding is something you’re thinking about, here’s what you need to know:

1) Be prepared to get on the ball right away – People tend to make plans further in advance for a holiday weekend, so you’ll need to get your save the dates out ASAP to in order to catch people before they’ve made commitments that they can’t change. In addition, travel and hotels are likely to book more quickly for a holiday weekend, so it’s advised to give your guests ample time to secure their spots. Even if you do get going early, though, you still need to be prepared for the possibility of a smaller wedding. Holiday weekends can be somewhat of a fixed point for people (perhaps with traditions or other obligations that they are unwilling or unable to adjust), and you may get more declines than you would on an average weekend.

This wedding took their Labor Day theme to a whole new, adorable level! (Photo credit to Ashley Whitlow Photograhy; Photo found on

This wedding took their Labor Day theme to a whole new, adorable level! (Photo credit to Ashley Whitlow Photograhy; Photo found on

2) Consider the cost – While a holiday weekend does allow you to more easily have your wedding on a Sunday, beware. Having your wedding on a “normal” Sunday typically means savings; yay! However, vendors tend to look at the Sunday of a holiday weekend the same as a typical Saturday, so the savings might not be quite as much as you’d think. In addition, remember the additional cost for your guests. Travel and accommodations will likely be more expensive than normal, so don’t be surprised if that affects their gift budget for you. Book your hotel blocks as soon as you set a date to try to get them the best deal possible!

3) Run last minute errands, well, NOT at the last minute – While on a typical weekend, you’ll have plenty of store options for any last minute things you might forget, on a holiday weekend many stores will be closed. Sit down with your fiancé the week before and go through the entire wedding day with a fine tooth comb, to try and anticipate any needs/purchases before the holiday weekend hits.

These metallic gourds and cute cornucopia are perfect for a Columbus Day wedding! (found on Better Homes and Garden's website)

These metallic gourds and cute cornucopia are perfect for a Columbus Day wedding! (found on Better Homes and Garden’s website)

Those are the big things to remember, but it’s not all “disadvantages”! There are TONS of amazing things about having a holiday weekend wedding! You’ll always have a special, long weekend (i.e. days off) close to your anniversary to celebrate. Plus, the weekend of the wedding you’ll have an extra day to spend with friends and family who are in town. And don’t forget to use the holiday to your advantage! Have it be the centerpiece of your wedding theme and you’re sure to have details and touches that your guests will always remember 🙂