A Cliché No More!!

The bride always says “You can wear it again!” as you put on a hideous, out of style, bridesmaid dress and we have to suck it up, smile and say, “Yeah, totally!” 

Well at Flair we are here to show you that the phrase is a cliché no more!  Every Thursday  we will be showing you how you can accessorize and re-wear your amazing bridesmaid dresses from Flair and our wonderful designers.

Shown is an amazing Anna Elyse- Peggy knee length skirt with a sweetheart top….super cute as a bridesmaid dress….so you ask us….“How can I wear this dress again?”


Who would have ever guessed that was once a bridesmaid dress?!  We added a cute black belt and a long cardigan and POOF it’s a fun dress for work or a night out for dinner and drinks!!

Until, next week when we show you how to be a cliché no more!

Show us how you re-wear your bridesmaid dresses!!