A Love Letter to Boston!

boston heart

While absolutely nothing can compare to the horror our city of Boston faced last week, this week is weird too, right? Last week I knew for sure how I was supposed to be feeling; extremely sad, heartbroken and angry, just to name a few emotions. This week, though, I only feel uncertainty. We as a city (and a nation) are starting to gingerly step into the territory of “moving on.” (I put it in quotes because how do you ever fully do that? Nothing will ever be quite the same). We’re all left wondering how to feel and act. For example, as my shower radio blared this morning, I heard the DJs discussing when it was appropriate to go back to their usual, joking program. On the one hand, who couldn’t use a laugh right now? On the other hand, though, no one wants to move on too quickly and not properly honor and recognize the injured and deceased.

One way that I think that we can begin to heal is by focusing on the good. Speaking for all of the Flair staff, we were beyond touched to come back to the store and find numerous messages from our brides, wondering about our well-being. You have no idea what that meant to us. To be included in that group of loved ones that you wanted to check on makes us so happy. We say it a lot, and it is true every time, but we truly care about each and every person who enters this store. You are a part of our Flair family and we appreciate and care for all of you. We cannot thank you enough, and because of you we firmly believe that we have the best job in the world!

Another way that we at Flair have decided to start to heal is by getting back out there and supporting our local businesses. Many Boylston Street businesses were closed for over a week, which may not seem long, but in being familiar with the crazy commercial rent prices in the Back Bay, we know that every day of the month is an important one fiscally. So, we are looking forward to getting back out there and supporting them however we can. This is the same story I will tell my husband when he sees the bill (that’s just a small, first attempt at a joke)! We encourage you all to do the same, and even beyond that, think of the small businesses when you’re back out there shopping in the Back Bay. Knowing how special the employee/customer relationship is in our own small business, we can’t wait to experience that on the other end as customer.  We also look forward to passing onto them the love and kindness that we’ve been so lucky to receive.

Lots of love & hugs from the ladies at Flair!

(We are still giving out free hugs if you are in need of one)

Lindsay + Stacey + Jaime + Madison + Hilleary

You can help please by donating to the organizations/people below:


For  all of  the people of Boston affected.


Because every girl who walks through our door is family.


For a Fellow Newbury Street Stylist.