Advice from one of our beloved bridal consultants

As some of you may know, one of our Flair consultants, Leah, recently left Flair to head to the Big Apple.  We love her, as did many of our brides.  She is imparting some bridal wisdom on our fabulous brides to be. 

“Today is my last day at Flair.  I can’t believe believe time has flown by this quickly.  As I sit here enjoying my Boston Cream good bye cake, (Boston – get it?), I can’t help but wish I made some more time to slow down a bit so that everything would not have passed me by in such a whirlwind. 

If I can offer you one main piece of advice before I leave, it is to try to slow things down for yourself.  Enjoy the planning process instead of letting it take you over, and most importantly take a minute at the wedding to look around and be proud of the dream wedding you were able to put together. 

A few bonus tips for you newer brides….

  • Trust your bridal consultant!
  • Allow your consultant to pull styles you may not like on the hanger or had thought you wanted – you never know what will surprise you!
  • Be honest with your consultant if you have another dress you love.  It will help us to make sure that you don’t miss a similar style dress here!
  • Don’t bring all the girls to your first appointment.  Start with just a couple decision makers (Sister?  Maid of Honor?)
  • Have fun shopping with your bridesmaids!  We have fun working with you and we want you to feel the same!

I enjoyed working with you all!