Advice from our newest Flair Employee!!

I have always been obsessed with weddings. No hyperbole here, I really do mean obnoxiously, offensively obsessed. I am that girl. And if you were looking for clarification, I’m neither engaged nor married. So, when I stumbled upon a job opening at Flair, I jumped and I have been in love life ever since: half cheesy, half true. Despite being a full time student, an almost full time employee (I plea guilty to the constantly-connected iPhone pandemic) and an occasional sleeper, I wouldn’t change anything. I get to work with two lovely ladies and scads of beautiful brides.
Now, with countless number of appointments under my belt, here are a few things I’ve learned about how to get the most out of your bridesmaid and bridal shopping experience:
1. The more may not be the merrier:
I completely understand wanting to have a fun filled girls day of trying on dresses and exchanging gossip, but six girls equals six opinions, and that can be difficult. Expect to go to more than one appointment—save the first one for you and a close friend or two while inviting everyone to the second one to reveal the final choice! This will help you focus on what you really want for your wedding, at the same time as allowing all of your bridesmaids to have some say in the process.
2. Don’t knock it until you try it:
Let’s be honest, how many times have we heard a sales person swear that something will look better on the body than it does on the hanger? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s true. Numerous numbers of the dresses in our store look FANTASTIC once on, even though they’re ‘not-so-much’ while hanging. So be open! Understand that it might be easier to find the perfect dress after throwing out a few “no’s”. And who knows? You might just pick the one dress you never thought you’d like.
3. Don’t be afraid to commit:
We know how hard weddings are. This is one of the biggest days of your life, and you deserve for everything to be perfect. But at some point, you will have to make a decision. Of course, there are thousands of dresses out there and you could spend forever trying on every single one of them, but for sanity’s sake, let the one be THE ONE
Remember, commitment is a beautiful thing.
Until next time,