Alter your dress, not your mood!

Terrific Tailoring Tips

Not to overstate, and not to be biased, but dress shopping is definitely the best part of wedding planning, right?! It’s the ultimate game of dress up! As fun as it is, though, dress shopping is not without its stresses. There’s a ton of pressure to find the just the right dress, at just the right price. Then when you find said dress, new concerns arise. By far, the biggest weight on our brides’ shoulders seems to be with fit and tailoring. We don’t blame you; it doesn’t matter how fabulous the dress is if it doesn’t fit properly! If you’re on the tailoring terror train, have no fear! Flair is here with some tips and advice so that you can go into your fittings feeling prepared and ready to rock that dress!


1) Timing is everything! Plan to schedule your first fitting between 10-12 weeks prior to the big day. That will leave you enough time to do three fittings, which is appropriate for most bridal gowns. Your last fitting should be scheduled a week before the wedding, leaving enough time to do any last minute changes (if necessary).

2) Have your wedding shoes and undergarments with you at your first fitting. Your undergarments affect how your dress fits, so your tailor will need to see you in them at every meeting to ensure the proper fit. As for the shoes, they help your tailor to see how much length needs to be taken, if any.

3) Speak your mind! If you go to a great tailor, they can tweak almost anything. Wish those pleats were pinned down? Want to make your sweetheart top just a little more sweetheart? What seems like a big change to you is most likely a super easy fix for them, so don’t be afraid to ask about any and everything!

4) At your last fitting, get off the pedestal! Move around in your gown, sit down, heck, even do a little dance! You need to be sure that your dress feels great in all situations. You may find after a few twists and turns that your top needs to be taken in a little more. On the other hand, you might think that you want your dress tighter but then when you sit in a chair you might just reconsider. Bottom line, get moving!

5) Lastly, have all of your accessories with you at your final fitting. Seeing the dress with your jewelry, hair accessories and veil will really help you to envision the final look, and make sure there’s nothing else that you want to adjust. Oh and don’t forget your best accessories, your friends and family! Take a couple of your best with you; they might catch something that you didn’t see!

Looking for your bridal accessories? These are just a few of the beauties you can find at our online boutique, Frills!

Looking for your bridal accessories? These are just a few of the beauties you can find at our online boutique, Frills!

Above all else, remember that you can always call your girls at Flair with any tailoring stresses or questions, we’re here to help!