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Success Story!

Sometimes we are given impossible tasks. “Dress 8 bridesmaids, in all different styles…oh and they all have different body types and quirks (as we all do!)…and make them feel comfortable and beautiful…and do it in one hour!

FLAIR to the the rescue!
Although, we never suggest that you bring in all nine bridesmaids at once because we do have a rather small space, every once in a while it happens, and sometimes, somehow, we are able to get the impossible accomplished!!

This was our task a few Saturdays ago when an amazing bride and her bridesmaids who had done their homework came into the store!

The whole gaggle of girls came into the store ready to get the show on the road!
They knew exactly what they wanted and they had done tons of searching online(so smart)!
Anna Elyse was their designer of choice, the bride had chosen to dress them all in Phantom Dupioni! 

The tough part was that they each had to choose a different dress and get it all completed in one hour! Luckily we had reserved both fitting rooms for this fantastic bridal party and each girl had already gone online and picked two of her favorite dresses. Along with Flair’s consultants, each girl was able to choose a top & bottom that they felt comfortable in and thought would flatter their figure!!  And we even got measurements done!

This demonstrates that if you come to appointments with great ideas and/or decisions already made, not only do you make this process easy for you, but also you can actually enjoy the process and have fun with it!  

I cannot wait to see the gorgeous dresses each girl picked out for themselves.  So, don’t forget to do your homework before an appointment because it is great to have an idea in your head of what you would like your lovely ladies to look like on your BIG day.  Don’t worry we will be there to help you along the way!

Stay warm!

Stuff We Love!!

Hello Beautiful Brides & Bridesmaids!!!
The perfect for a gift for any bride-to-be.
She will love seeing her new last name beautifully hand-crafted in metal, ready to hold her beautiful wedding dress!!

Even more exciting news!! 
10% of all profits are donated to The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!!

**Make sure you order early in the month, she sells out quickly and they take 8-10 weeks for production!

Stace & Linds

Wear it again…snow day edition!

I know you thought we were going to make our snow day edition of Wear it Again all bundled up and warm…..well we tricked you!! We did just the opposite.  We are hoping and praying for warmer weather……soooooooo Lindsay beautifully modeled Coren Moore’s Laurie dress once again but in none other than pink SEERSUCKER!!! 

 All you summer brides out there think about it!!  It would be so so cute for a Cape Cod or Vineyard wedding.  

 She easily wore it again with a white matching zip up for those cool summer night!!  Hoping this warmed up you and yours on this blistery snow day!!

XOXO Stace 🙂

And we’re off!

I don’t know about you, but 2011 started off with a bang for us here at Flair! It felt like the starting gun went off at the beginning of a huge race, with the finish line being all of your 2011 wedding dates. As soon as the calendar switched over to the new decade, our phone has been ringing off the hook with brides calling to schedule an appointment to come in and look for both bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses. Now that 2011 brides can officially say “I’m getting married THIS year” they are starting to panic and want to get their bridesmaids’ dresses and bridal gowns squared away ASAP (understandably). 
Here’s the problem: we want to help ALL of you but it’s hard to fit all of you into our schedule. Evening appointments during the week and weekend appointments are a rare commodity these days and are booking about three weeks in advance. Crazy!
So here’s today’s lesson, Flair friends. Call us ASAP to make your appointment and have a few days in mind that we can look into for you. That will give you the most chances for success this busy season. We hate turning anybody away because we’re so looking forward to working with as many of you as we can this year!
Happy 2011 brides!

Still re-wearing in 2011!!!

We are back at it in 2011!! 
In honor of Lynn Lugo’s Trunk Show this weekend 
we decided to bring you one of her new designs that we are absolutely in LOVE with!!

Brooke is showing off the new DAKOTA top with the DAISY skirt 
and a cute white accent flower!!

To re-wear this gem…it was not a hard sell we added a cute metallic beaded necklace and a gray with white piping blazer both from JCREW
Perfect for any fun night out on the town or a fancy dinner in the city!!

 Until next week…..

Lots of love and happiness in the New Year!!


New Years Resolution…..Wear it again!!

In honor of Coren Moore extending her Trunk show at Flair, we decided to wear “NOLAN” again.  One of Coren Moore’s most popular styles.  So we know a bunch of you out there have this cute dress in your closet!
Jaime was nice enough to join us again for our latest version of wear it again. 
In her before pictures she is wearing the “Nolan” dress in Ruby Red with a cute               blue seersucker sash.

We jazzed up Jaime’s look for New Years Eve with a black sequin blazer and a skinny    black belt! Super easy!!
And there you have it our last wear it again of 2010….but don’t you worry we will be back at it in 2011 and better than ever! 
Happy New Years!!
Hoping 2011 will be a wonderful year!!
XOXO Lindsay, Stacey & Brooke


Happy Holidays from your friends at Flair!!
     You must have been really good this year, because Santa passed us an amazing present for you…Flair’s Coren Moore trunk show has been extended through the weekend of January 14th! You know what that means….extra savings on all Coren Moore bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses for the next three weeks!
        To make the trunk show even more special, we are the first retailer to preview their brand new 2011 bridal styles! So, you can be among the first to try them on and scoop them up at amazing, discounted prices! While you’re at it, you might as well check the bridesmaids’ dresses off of your to-do list at the same time! Coren’s classic styles are perfect for New England weddings, and your bridesmaids will thank you for choosing their fresh, wearable styles.
It’s a no brainer brides, call Flair to set up an appointment today!

Wear it again… version!!

First of all Happy Holiday’s from Flair!! 
We have been super busy withe end of the year approaching but no worries, we are here  
for a holiday version of Wear It Again!  
Lindsay is wearing “Nina” with a straight mini skirt another gorgeous creation by  
Lynn Lugo!!
For our wear it again, Lindsay added a cute black slouchy vests, some fun sparkly tights and high black boots.  
Perfect for any work or holiday party!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and a fab 2011!!

xoxo Stacey & Lindsay

Wear it again…..and again and again!

We did it again….and with a guest model!! 
Jaime was nice enough to brave the chilly weather to join us at Flair today to model the Paulette dress by Siri.
Jaime rocked the Siri dress with a cute flower pin in Navy by Coren Moore to add a little softness to the fun emerald color!
Seriously could she get any cuter in this outfit?? 
Jaime paired Siri’s fab dress with a black blazer, some fun black leather booties and a silver and gold necklace!  She is ready for a important business meeting or drink after with friends!!
Cheers to Jaime for her help and Siri for designing such a fun dress 
for any bridesmaid group!
Stace 🙂

Coren Moore & Vineyard Vines Collaboration

Everyday at Flair we outfit our brides and bridesmaids’ with the perfect dresses and accessories for their big day. While we love working with you ladies, we’re pretty excited to mix it up a little with our first ever option for the men in your lives!
Coren Moore, a bride and bridesmaids’ favorite, had a GENIUS idea to join up with Vineyard Vines, probably the most well-known tie maker in New England.

Coren’s cute dresses pair perfectly with these ties in more ways than one. Not only are they both in the classic New England style that tons of our brides love, but now the colors even match to a T!

Coren has chosen four popular dress colors and worked with Vineyard Vines to create matching ties in 5 fun patterns.

1. Raspberry with a Compass pattern

2. Sky Blue with a Fish pattern

3. Navy with a Golf pattern

4. Navy with Rope links

  5. Lime green with a Starfish pattern

Even if you haven’t chosen one of these colors for your bridesmaids, they are great accent colors that really go with anything, so everyone can use them!
At $85 a piece, they are a steal for a tie that will work seamlessly with the rest of the wedding attire (and they can DEFINITELY be worn again).

Stop in and see us at Flair to check out the colors/patterns in person and feel free to bring your man as well, we think he’s going to love them!

Until next time,
Lindsay  🙂