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Ordering with Flair: as easy as 1-2-3!!

   We have so many brides tell us that bridesmaids’ dresses are one of the hardest parts of the whole planning process. While most wedding related decisions only pertain to your taste and opinions, (well, and maaaaaybe your fiancé’s every now and then) this one you have to consider the wants and needs of your closest friends. Not only that, but once you’ve chosen a dress, you have to wrangle those friends, channel your inner bridezilla, and get them to actually place their order.

Have no fear! Flair is here! Ordering your bridesmaids’ dresses is easy as 1,2,3…we’ll show you how!! 
  1. Have your measurements taken:  
Flair requires three basic measurements—bust, waist and hip. If you’re a lucky Boston local, we can do those for you here! If not, you can get them taken at any tailor in your area. As a last resort you can have a friend or family member take your measurements, just DO NOT take them yourself. Trust us, they never come out pretty. We take the fullest part of the bust, skinniest part of the waist and fullest part of the hip (yes, around your bum). The only time we need height is if bridesmaid is taller than 5’8”, in case extra length needs to be added.

2. Choose your size (with the help of your friendly Flair consultant): 

We will consult the designer’s size chart and tell you where your measurements are falling size-wise. Generally you order for your largest measurement/area, but we will always advise what we think is best. Ultimately, though, we want you choose whatever size you’re comfortable with!

3.  Fill out your order form: 

Our order form is super quick and easy! Just basic contact, shipping and credit card information (unless you’re paying by check). Then read and sign our policy form and you’re ALL SET!

Remember, we’re here for you every step of the way!!!

Fun Fall Dress Re-Worn by Your Favorite Flair Girls!!

It’s your favorite day of the week again!! Wear it again day, and we did not disappoint this week! This week we are working with Alfred Sung one of our BEST priced designers!! His cute and trendy dresses certainly can be worn again for years to come.  This dress absolutely SCREAMS “Mad Men” to me!  A style that is certain to stick around for season to come!

We dressed up this dress with a fun pair of Leopard print flats and a fun neutral print scarf! Perfect for a day shopping in the city or for a fun cocktail party!!

Until next week!! Adios!


Tips from a Pro

Many of our brides come in and lament about how choosing bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the hardest decisions they make during their wedding planning process. Now, planning my own wedding, I can definitely see why! You wouldn’t think choosing fun dresses for your girlfriends would be difficult, but it can be. You’re considering the preferences of sometimes very different girls, not to mention different body types. Along the way I’ve come up with a few survival tips to get you and your girls through the process in one piece:
1)   1. Know from the start that you may not make everyone happy: Of course, your goal will be to make everyone happy, but sometimes it honestly just doesn’t happen. With different personalities and fashion senses, it can be very hard to come up with a dress/color that satisfies everyone. Ultimately you have to make yourself happy first and foremost. Don’t forget that it’s your wedding! You’re the one who is going to have the photos plastered all over your house for years to come, so make sure you’re happy with how everyone looks in them. Then, be ready to follow along happily with whatever your friends want when it’s their turn to be the bride!
2)   2. Do not succumb to dress overload: While it’s great to see a variety of dresses before making a decision, when you find one you love STOP LOOKING. There are so many dresses out there; the process could go on forever. The bridesmaids’ dresses affect many decisions to come (what the men will wear, what color flowers you’ll have, etc.) that it’s a nice one to settle down early. It is one of the very first decisions I made, and knowing their colors, formality, etc. helped me with so many other items on the to-do list.
3) 3. Start early: It is never too early to start the order process when it comes to your bridesmaids’ dresses. It can sometimes take weeks to get everyone’s measurements pulled together, and you don’t want to be stressing about coming down to the wire. For example, I gave myself a goal of ordering my bridesmaids’ dresses before Thanksgiving and I gave my girls their marching orders on October 20. This gives them about 4 weeks to get together all of the necessary info. Plus, it never hurts to have the dresses come in early! Then the girls can take their time with any alterations they may need. Paying rush tailoring fees on top of everything is a major bummer that you can easily avoid. 
4  4. Consult the experts: We are here for you! Use us! I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten in touch with my brides to see how they were coming along with their bridesmaids’ dress decision only to find that they were stressing about something for weeks, and something that we could easily help them with. Hard to find color? Want a patterned sash? No question is too big or too small, our job is to help you through this process and we’re more than happy to do so!
So, good luck beautiful brides! We look forward to helping you find the dress of your dreams!
Happy planning!

You CAN re-wear it again…..WE DID!!!

Amazing….we did it again!
Ladies you ask us over and over again….”How do I wear this again?” Well, here it is and it looks mighty pretty! We took the gorgeous Jenny Yoo Bacall dress and embellished it with a pair of black tights, a thin black belt and a boyfriend blazer with some added bling!!   
There you have it….an amazing bridesmaid dress re-worn….and looking pretty amazing if you ask me!!
Have you re-worn a bridesmaid dress lately??
Until next time!

October Inspiration!!

Flirty Fun-Filled Fall Wedding
Fall doesn’t have to be all about brown, red and orange tones…..we were inspired this month by the color YELLOW!!!
We love this fun save the date designed by Velvet Press Designs! It gives guests an idea of what to expect at our fun filled fall wedding!! Plus, the bright yellow is fresh and young.
Anna Elyse’s new Mini Length Clarissa with NEW Strapless Bodice and Added Spaghetti Straps in Dandelion Dupioni seemed so flirty for the transition from Summer to Fall!  By adding other accent colors of grey, black and white you really are giving off a Fall vibe! 
These romantic Camille Bloom sandals from Ann Taylor are a nice touch to any simple Bridal gown like our gorgeous Chloe gown by Coren Moore!!  We also added a Coren Moore Black sash to make a bold statement!
Lastly don’t forget to give your bridesmaids a great accessory to hang onto all night!  This Sondra Roberts ‘Rose’ Satin Box Clutch is so fun that the girls can absolutely wear and use this accessory night after night out on the town!
Tell us what inspires you this fall!  Until next month!!
Thanks for helping us be inspired in October!! (Sondra Roberts Clutch)

To Market We Go!

Flair just got back from New York Bridal Market and we had a FABULOUS time! For those of you who may not be familiar with bridal market, basically it’s a time for us to go and shop ‘til we drop for next year’s dresses. Plus, we get some much needed face time with our designers, we love seeing all of them!
We are SO excited about what we saw and we just couldn’t wait to share some details with you!
OK, 2011 brides, here are some MAJOR upcoming trends to think about when it comes to your bridesmaids’ dresses:
1) Jewel tones are going to be HUGE, and for good reason! They are super flattering and they really make the bridal gown pop (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that!). Plus, all skin and hair colors look great with these tones, so no need to worry if you’re outfitting a group of 10, everyone will look gorgeous!
2) The one shoulder is here to stay! We saw so many one shoulder dresses, and they are cuter than ever! This year we even saw some with added touches such as ruffles and rouching. If you’re truly looking for a dress your girls can wear again, this is the way to go!
3) Flower accents are the new “sash.” Brides often love to add a pop of style to dresses with a sash, however we are getting more and more brides looking for an accent with a little more “pow” than the traditional sash. We saw flowerpins at Lynn Lugo that come in all of her dress colors…pop one on at the side of the waist or the shoulder of a one shoulder dress and you’re good to go! Jenny Yoo is also coming out with flower belts that are super cute and still tie at the back for those of you who love a good bow!
A.B. Ellie’s new flower sash!!
More of A.B. Ellie’s Gorgeous new sashes!!
OK that’s all for now, we can’t give EVERYTHING away! Come see us in January when all of the new dresses start to come in. We can’t wait to share them with you!! 

A Cliché No More!!

The bride always says “You can wear it again!” as you put on a hideous, out of style, bridesmaid dress and we have to suck it up, smile and say, “Yeah, totally!” 

Well at Flair we are here to show you that the phrase is a cliché no more!  Every Thursday  we will be showing you how you can accessorize and re-wear your amazing bridesmaid dresses from Flair and our wonderful designers.

Shown is an amazing Anna Elyse- Peggy knee length skirt with a sweetheart top….super cute as a bridesmaid dress….so you ask us….“How can I wear this dress again?”


Who would have ever guessed that was once a bridesmaid dress?!  We added a cute black belt and a long cardigan and POOF it’s a fun dress for work or a night out for dinner and drinks!!

Until, next week when we show you how to be a cliché no more!

Show us how you re-wear your bridesmaid dresses!!


Color Me Relieved!!

 Bridesmaids’ dress shopping is a lot like painting your house. You go to the store and they show you these tiny swatches and from that alone you’re supposed to decide what color you want to fill an entire room in your house (or your entire bridal party as the case may be). As Flair’s manager I’ve told hundreds of girls over the years to try and “picture it in their heads” and often couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for them to do so. Now, as a bride myself, I find myself with the same confused look on my face that I’ve seen on so many of my Flair brides in the past. You want me to decide what color my closest friends will wear from a 1 inch swatch? You’re crazy!
Once I got over the shock of finding out that I am not as visually inclined as I once thought, I reminded myself of the facts.  Our store simply does not have the room to carry one dress in every single color that our designers offer. It’s just not possible. So what can we do to make the color decision easier for you (and for me!)? Some of our designers have already answered the call, allowing brides to see the various colors on their websites. For instance, when you click on a particular dress on Dessy and Jenny Yoo’s websites, all of the colors that that dress is available in pop up and you can select the ones you like. It’s genius, and also fun to flip through all of the colors. While the colors do not show 100% true online, they give brides a larger frame of reference. That, combined with our swatches, is a recipe for success!
Anna Elyse has taken it one step further with her new feature, “Create your own bridal party”. Like Jenny Yoo and Dessy, you can click on the various styles and then choose a fabric/color to see it in. Then, you simply add it to your bridal party and move onto the next dress. Once you’re finished and you choose to view your bridal party you can see all of your selected dresses next to each other in your colors. It’s SUCH a great way to really visualize the end product. If you like what you see you can then order swatches right from the website to really bring it all together. From one bride to another, it’s definitely worth checking out!
Good luck Flair friends, we hope to see you soon!



Fall brings great things:  apple picking, cozy sweaters, and a variety of vibrant colors to New England! We were inspired this month by Coren Moore’s Kate one-shoulder gown.  The Auburgine color just screams Fall to us and we based our September Inspiration board all around it!!

We are loving these Stewart Weitzman “Pandora” sling backs with cute embellishment’s to spice up any bridesmaid’s dress!! Because the one shoulder dress has a beautiful neck line no need for a huge  instead we love these *sparkly* Heirloom Deco Bracelet by Stella & Dot .

We loved this gorgeous bouquet with Roses, Orchids and Hydrangeas and the pops of green and white really help round out the color pallet for our gorgeous September wedding. We continued that color scheme onto the table arrangements by Winston Flowers appropriately named “Tuxedo Moon” a Cool and sophisticated demilune vase, sourced by white dahlias and elegant black calla lilies.

Our sleek and cool invitation were designed by Velvet Press Designs and help continue our purple theme, and the flowers give the invites just the POP it needs! Guys don’t think we forgot about you!! Vineyard Vines is soooooo New England and this Rope Links tie pulls together the whole fun look without making the guys be matchy-matchy with the bridal party!

We had so much fun with our September inspiration, we would be happy to help you with all of your bridal & bridesmaid needs and we can’t wait to hear about what inspires you!!

Flair Loves!!!