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Hello, August!

It’s so very nice to see you again. We hope you bring us amazing summer weather.

Thanks for the upcoming August savings & trunk shows! We’re definitely excited!

Flair BOSTON trunk shows…

Jenny Yoo Bridal: August 1 – 8

Anna Elyse: August 8 – 22

Can’t wait to see you!


P.S. don’t forget to schedule your appointment with Flair Boston to view Jenny Yoo’s and Anna Elyse’s entire collections!

P.P.S. Congratulations to all of our Flair summer weddings! We hope your big day was everything you wished it to be! Best wishes!

Le Love is in the Air…

hello flairs,

i got a tip from one of my girlfriends, tracy about the cutest blog – Le Love. heart!

i felt this would be appropriate to share with you fine brides to be, as i’m sure you hear the wedding bells chimming in the distance. promise you if you are in love, this blog is going to make you turn over to your lovey and plant a nice BIG kiss on him!

oh love, how we heart you.

also, here’s the best wedding ceremony opening i’ve ever seen.
yes. i cried watching this. enjoy!

(thanks, Le Love!)

heart, d.

Congratulations, Jill & Kevin!

Let hotel Nine Zero be your Bridal Shower hero!

hello, ladies!

today we are thrilled to feature Boston‘s very chic Nine Zero Hotel. our fantastic boston flair, lindsay had an opportunity to meet with their wonderful event specialist, kristin alley.

When you start the wedding planning process, certain things always get checked off of your list first…

Where can I find my dream gown? Does the venue I love have any dates left in June? What are my best girls going to wear (ahem…call Flair!)?

There are always things that you check off right at the end…

Should I make my own programs? Can Uncle Arnie be at the same table as cousin Jane? What’s the deal with placecards?

What about that lovely lull of time in the middle of your planning process?

Seems like a great time to figure out your
bridal shower location! It’s an important decision. It gets everyone pumpedfor the big event AND it gives them time to relax. Who isn’t going to need a drink by then?!

The Nine Zero hotel in downtown Boston is the perfect spot! The setting is modern and sleek while the food and people are warm and welcoming. Great combo! They also know that by the time you get around to planning your shower, your wallet may be a little thin.

How does $25 per person sound? Amazing? We thought so — Especially for the fab garden and downtown Boston views! Already planned your shower? No fear. Think of Nine Zero for your rehearsal dinner. They are even branching out into full weddings.

Bridal shower deal:
2 course meal*catered by their award winning kitchen staff
complimentary room rental
tea & coffee included
gift table, gorgeous votive candles, overhead music
price: $25 per person

Contact Nine Zero Hotel’s event specialist, Kristin Alley for more information. She is a total doll and will ensure that your shower goes off without a hitch. Thanks, Kristin!

heart, L.

July + Jenny Yoo Trunk Show = Happy bridesmaids

Jenny Yoo Trunk Show
JULY 24 – 26 By Appointment Only

Up until bridesmaids, all of your wedding choices involved the happiness of one person – YOU (and occasionally your hubby to be). But now you have to make your favorite life long girlfriends happy by finding them the perfect bridesmaid dress. Not an easy task. Or is it??
Brides, all you need to know is one name. JENNY YOO

Jenny Yoo – n. 1) designer whose silhouettes define modern, unique, fun and elegance.
2) master mind of the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your perfect wedding day.
3) her dresses can definitely be worn again! PROMISE.
4) She’s so awesome she’s even giving an EXTRA 10% discount on chiffon, crinkle chiffon, and charmeuse orders placed in July.
Synonyms: fabulous, beautiful, re-wearable, happy bridesmaids

Don’t miss this chance to view Jenny Yoo’s entire collection at our Boston showroom. Perfect for summer – stay cool, look hot, and save money! Schedule your appointment with our Boston store today!

the flair’s all you… Mr. & Mrs. Ben and Kellie Samson

organizing a wedding, especially your own, is (insert adjective).

for those who aren’t married yet, one can only imagine. but when the day finally comes, all of your hardwork pays off and hot damn, it’s a fun day!

i had the pleasure of working with Kellie, a true gem! together we found the perfect bridesmaid dress for her girls. her choice? Lynn Lugo’s Crystal in dusk. kellie was kind enough to share her planning experiences with us, not to mention you future flair brides. thanks, kellie!
heart, d.

Kellie and Ben Samson (formerly Kellie James)
May 16, 2009
style of wedding: charming and fun!
about one year to plan wedding
  • Charming and fun!
    Our ceremony was outside in a garden setting, and our reception was at a yacht club. We wanted everything to be relaxed and fun. We made our favors ourselves (little jars of peanut butter & jelly —“Ben’s Peanut Butter” & “Kellie’s Jelly”) as well as our table name cards and place cards. Our tables were named for things that go together — PB&J, Wine & Cheese, Monkeys & Bananas, Milk & Cookies…so that tied in with the favors. We used a lot of colored glass lanterns at the reception and our centerpiece flowers were in assorted galvanized tin buckets and watering cans.
  • For the bridesmaids I wanted… a dress that they felt comfortable and pretty in! I’ve been a bridesmaid myself 7 times (!!) so I know how important it is to feel good in your dress on the big day. I wanted them in a strapless dress about knee-length with a sash and with a bit of a swingy skirt, so they could dance a lot! I also knew that a few of the girls might want straps, so I wanted to have that option for the dress as well. I knew I wanted them in a pretty blue and I found the perfect dress at Flair 🙂

  • The best part of planning was… when it was finished! Kidding, sort of. The best part of planning was in the last few months before the wedding, when all the decisions had been made and final appointments were under way to taste the food, the cake, see the flowers, etc. At that point all of the tiring research is over and you see your hard-working vendors in their full glory, doing their thing! Those last appointments made us really excited for the BIG day!
  • What I liked best about Flair… was the excellent choice of dresses and how SUPER easy the process was from start to finish. It was such a smooth process, thanks to
  • Special Vendors: Allyson Wiley (photographer:, Jill Branch of Branching Out (cake:, Grant Avenue Florist in Novato (, Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon (reception venue), Landmarks Art & Garden Center in Tiburon (ceremony venue), Audrey Crandell (makeup:, SF Conservatory of Music (ceremony music), Thomas Hughes Videography (video: I LOVED all of these vendors! You really can’t go wrong with them…
  • Words of Wisdom.. Don’t get too caught up in all of the advice in wedding magazines, etc. You don’t HAVE to have all of the “stuff” to make it a special day, and it doesn’t have to all cost a fortune. Think of ways to include meaningful touches in your wedding — vows you’ve written to each other, a donation to a charity you love in lieu of favors, having your parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos on display at the reception, etc. Also, make the day about you both as a couple[…]Your guests should come away from the wedding saying “That was sooooo them!” all of the hard work DOES pay off in the end. Just look at your guests’ faces at the reception and you’ll see that! And last but not least…truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day, truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day, from when you wake up to when you crash out at the end of the night. It only happens once, so don’t panic! Surround yourself with your bridesmaids the day of and have some laughs (and champagne!), and relish each moment. It goes by very fast!

nest for two, please.

The wedding bells have rung. The bouquet has been thrown and the honeymoon has come to an end. Living together as man and wife marks a new chapter in your lives. Therefore, creating the right nest for the newly married love birds can be tough.

Your goal is to create a home that perfectly reflects: OUR home.

This is why I LOVE Design*Sponge ( [I promise you, it’s my homepage.] For free daily updates on creative home design and fun EASY fixer-uppers, look no further! d*s has the greatest home decorating tips with sneak peeks into other people’s sweet digs. I especially heart their “Before & After” projects.

Enough jibber jabber! Check them out for yourself!!


[sneak peek: caroline lubbers post 091009]

[jen lula post 091109]
Before…. After….

April showers bring end of May SALES

Designer silhouettes for as low as $50, say what?!?
– What.
Designs by Charsa, Kirstie Kelly, and Siri originally priced near $300.
– Amen to that!

[Designs by Charsa available at Flair Boston]

Who? SaeYoung Vu Couture

What? Phenomenal couture designer who was ahead of her time

When? You tell me. Snoozing means losing & there’s only a few gowns left

Where? 2435 Polk Street San Francisco

Why? $250 sample gown + alterations = 2 pairs of shoes and accessories

[Umi by SaeYoung Vu Couture]

[Boston & San Francisco: available samples vary by location]

REAL SIMPLE…real awesome!

We’re always looking for ways to help our brides keep on top and stay ahead of their game. Also, wedding magazines are one of our addictions (next to shoes) :]

Word to the bride:
Pick up the 2009 issue of REAL SIMPLE Weddings

“80% Organization. 20% Execution”
This issue is the perfect wedding cookie cutter filled with timelines, schedules, and helpful tips. Everything you need to know from invitations, bouquets, and dresses.

You’ve already got the man and the gowns are at Flair so look at that..already a step ahead!

See A Penny Pick It Up…

Finding the perfect gown is like ordering the perfect cup of coffee: some like a little sweetness, others want theirs without the fuss, and some women want the full out venti frappaccino with extra whip cream and a hand crafted espresso heart on top plus chocolate drizzle. No matter which way the steam blows, there are two things all brides have in common..

1) wanting to feel absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day and
2) no bride wants to pay an arm & a leg for a “dress”

No fear. Here are just a few of our top favorite bridal gowns all under $2000

Designer: Siri Style: Palazzo Wedding Gown
What appears to be a plain & fairly simple strapless ruched dress, weary eyes will be deceived! A dramatic open back with a lucious train, the Palazzo got it goin’ on. Flattering, comfortable, and affordable. Music to my ears….

Price tag: $843.75

(Flair bride: J.Whitaker 11.15.08)

Designer: Nicole Miller Style: HG0016
Attention fashionistas who never dreamt of wearing white on the big day, this is your gown. Sweetheart gown in metal silk taffeta combines best of both worlds – chic & lovely. And oh my, feels like you’re wearing air
Price tag: $1600

Designer: Lynn Lugo Style: Kristen
“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel
Meet Lynn Lugo’s Samantha and Kristenclassy and fabulous
Price tag: $1100

Schedule your appointment today and get your cup of bridal flair.

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…

Heck! – add a necklace and a pair of cute dangling earrings too! From the “Bling-Blingers” to the “classy Janes” we know all the right local jewelers with the picture perfect accessories to help dress up your new Flair dresses.
Boston: Amelia Rose Designs
Simply classic. From the pages of magazines to the big screen, Amelia Rose Jewelry has celebrity status. Gossip Girls, Catherine Zeta Jones and even Desperate House Wife, Marcia Cross “Bree” has all been spotted wearing Amelia Rose. Her designs sashayed their way down the red carpet and into our Boston boutique. Did we mention how easy her designs are to match our Flair dresses? When you order through Flair, you’ll get an additional 10% discount – a financially friendly and beautiful bridesmaid gift!
We recommend a single stone necklace (your choice of color!) and a smashing pair of earrings.

San Francisco: Misty Gillette Designs
One sunny afternoon, local SF jewelry designer, Misty Gillette walked into Flair with a bag full of goodies – sparkling, gorgeous and chic jewelry. It was l-o-v-e at first sight! Once exclusive with Jennifer Croll, Misty Gillette Designs is gracing our own West coast headquarters with her custom made designs. Earrings, necklaces, and rings oh my! She can even work one on one with you to create the look you want for you, your bridesmaids, and flower girls. Affordable and chic – Who could ask for anything more?
We recommend a graceful sterling silver necklace with Swarovski circle pendant and single tiered earrings to complete the look.