Because you can’t plan for everything…

The Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit
Because as much as you plan, you can’t account for those minor disasters that may come up on your big day. This kit has it all for under $20!
18 disasters = 18 solutions
  1. Folding hair brush with mirror: After a few drinks, one’s hair tends to go all rat’s nest. Let’s avoid that and keep the candid reception pics looking just as classy as the posed ones.
  2. Hairspray: Because Hurricane Belinda came out to play on your wedding day, in the form of gale force winds…enough said.
  3. Clear Elastics: You’re not loving the huge cheetah print clip your maid has chosen to keep her hair up.
  4. Bobby Pins: A classic must have item; it does it all from keeping your hair just so to keeping Uncle Earl’s pants in place after the busted button incident at your all you can eat buffet reception.
  5. Earring backs: Who hasn’t lost one (or 20) of these in their lifetime? If not needed on the big day, these will certainly come in handy later on.
  6. Emory board: You want to keep that $50 manicure looking like a million bucks all night long.
  7. Clear nail polish: pantyhose…pretty self-explanatory. 
  8. Mending Kit: Because your girls love to bust a move, which can often lead to a busted seam.
  9. Double-sided tape: Let’s keep all under garments under the garment.
  10. Stain remover: Because you can’t make red wine illegal at your reception, as much as you may want to.
  11. Static remover: Aunt Cathy’s charmeuse gown just refuses to stay put.
  12. Breath Freshener: Because with all of those clinking glasses you’re going to be kissing your hunny alot, and there’s no way you’re steering clear of the garlic potatoes.
  13. Deodorant wipe: Deorderant tends to go AWOL after a few of your favorite dance jams.
  14. Tampon: Do we really need to spell this out for you?
  15. Adhesive Bandages: Your choice of shoe based on style, not comfort.
  16. Pain reliever: The lack of sleep the night before is catching up to you in the form of a massive headache.
  17. Facial Tissues: There will be tears which leads to runny mascara
  18. Dancing Socks: Because what true dancing fool keeps their shoes on past dinner?
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