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How to Store and Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Our friends at Kelly Faetanini wanted to share some insights and recommendations on care for your wedding dress if you are in the position of having to postpone your wedding. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!

As the reality of our “new normal” sets in amidst the COVID-19 pandemic across the world and advisements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to encourage social distancing and restrict gatherings, weddings scheduled for the coming months have quickly turned into crises to manage for many of our brides, rather than reasons to celebrate.

With the news of more “shelter in place” orders day after day, we know many of our brides are facing the disappointment of having to postpone saying “I do.” For those that already have their wedding dress, you may be wondering how to store and preserve your gown until your new wedding date. We’ve got you. Here, 6 things to keep in mind for keeping your wedding dress safe while sheltering—and beyond.


While we don’t ship in plastic, the first rule of thumb recommended by any preservation specialist is to remove the dress from any plastic that might have been added to the packaging of your dress at your salon if it will be stored for longer than a few days. Plastic does not typically allow fabrics to breathe and has the potential for staining as the fibers break down and gasses are emitted. It is best to use a cloth garment bag or plain cotton sheets to wrap your gown.


Hanging your wedding dress in your closet might seem like the most practical step you could take, but if your dress made of our heavy crepe fabric (like Gabriella) or features beaded embroidery (like on Daniella), opt for storing your dress flat wrapped in a cotton sheet or in our breathable garment bag in a room or space that isn’t a “high traffic area” in your house—such as under the bed or on the top shelf of a spare closet. When storing your dress, be cautious of heat sources and pets. Placing your dress in a heat source’s path, or an area accessible to pets, could lead to some damage to your dress you could have prevented.


Your dress should typically be kept in the same temperature/environment that you would find comfortable. Basements and attics typically are not the best places for storage, as the air may be damp and musty. Try to keep your dress in a spare room or bedroom where the temperature and humidity will not fluctuate and the dress can remain out of direct sunlight.


This might be the trickiest one considering our current COVID-19 climate—Once your gown is properly stored away, try to resist the temptation to try it on or remove it from the bag (unless you need alterations and are working on that virtually or dropping off). Your chances of staining and potential oil marks increase with each time your dress is handled. Makeup and deodorant are some of the biggest culprits for staining when trying on your dress. Pro tip: If you must try on your gown for friends or family, be sure to remove your makeup and deodorant first!


When the week of your wedding finally arrives, carefully remove your wedding dress from its storage location a few days before the big day. Using a silk padded hanger, hang the dress somewhere high so all wrinkles and creases can drop out. If the dress still has a few stubborn wrinkles a day or two before the wedding day, you can hang the dress in the bathroom while a hot shower is running. Of course, you’ll want to be extra cautious that the dress is hung away from the shower, so it doesn’t get wet. If the wrinkles still give you trouble, consider asking a local seamstress or dry cleaner for help. Or if you are already out of town for the big day, many hotels and wedding facilities have steamers available for you to use just before your ceremony.


Check with you bridal salon for any gown preservation recommendation in your area. After the wedding (before you jet off for your honeymoon), ask a bridesmaid or family member to drop off your dress at your local dry cleaners or preferred specialist to have your dress professionally cleaned, before stains set in. To best preserve your dress, you may consider purchasing a conservation-grade, acid-free box or container. It is best to avoid long-term storage on a hanger, because this can lead to stretching the fabric over time. As mentioned earlier, storing the dress under a bed or in a spare closet is the safest storage location to help preserve the life of the dress.

What Is A Bridal Trunk Show?

Here at Flair Boston, this is one of our most commonly asked questions! They’re always mentioned on social media and even on some television shows.

Trunk Shows are pretty much code word for Bridal Sale! We offer up to 10% off trunk show dresses that designated weekend, including regular dresses we have in store under the same designer. Designers’ collections will go on “tour” around the United States straight from the runway! So when you are trying on a Trunk Show dress with us, you may be the first person to ever try it on besides the runway model! Even more special, you could be the first one to purchase it. So yes, you heard that right, BRAND NEW designer dresses can be yours for 10% on these event weekends. Amazing, we know.

Just to go a bit more in depth with some examples, we have our Jenny Yoo Trunk Show this month on November 15th-17th. We will have her brand new Spring 2020 dresses in the store that we normally would not have. This collection will be discounted, ALONG with her older styles we already have in our boutique! It’s a Jenny Yoo Party!

We also like to have trunk shows that show off some of our favorite pieces by our designers. For example, usually once a year we have a Best of Hayley Paige Trunk Show featuring styles old and new that we do not have in store. Our designers’ creations stay trending for years, so it is truly special to show off amazing throwback designs as well.

Listed below are our upcoming Trunk Shows this fall & winter season. If you have any further questions regarding our shows or just appointments in general, feel free to give us a call! Trunk Shows book up fast so if you are obsessed with a specific designer be the first to call! Remember, all you need is love and a really great dress.
November 15th-17th – Jenny Yoo Spring 2020 Trunk Show
December 6th-8th – Welcoming Allison Webb Trunk Show
January 16th-19th – Jane Hill Cali Dreaming 2020 Trunk Show

Wedding Menswear

Flair is a bridal gown shop, so, (news flash!) we tend to focus on the ladies. That’s not to say we’re not totally invested and interested in what you wear, though, fellas! After all, if you’re a mess, everyone will focus on that and not how stunning the bride looks in her gown 😉 Seriously though, the options for grooms and their groomsmen have come a long way in recent years, so it’s easier than ever for the guys to look as good as the gals!

Dessy Collection is a triple threat in the menswear world; they have plenty of options, at great prices, available in a snap! Here’s just some of their selection:

If your wedding is nautical, preppy, and/or on the more causal side:


Dessy’s “Hardwick” seersucker suit will run you under $400 (pants and jacket) for all of that New England, clambake chic goodness 🙂

If your wedding is black tie (aka chic and formal!):

You can't go wrong with a classic tux! We particularly like Dessy's "Andrew" cut; timeless and oh so handsome!

You can’t go wrong with a classic tux! We particularly like Dessy’s “Andrew” cut; timeless and oh so handsome!

If your wedding is somewhere in between the two:

Dessy's "Classic Summer Suit" is perfect for almost any wedding, and totally something your guy can wear beyond the wedding!

Dessy’s “Classic Summer Suit” is perfect for almost any wedding, and totally something your guy can wear beyond the big day!

None of these options quite right? Then simply find the suit of your/his dreams and head back to Dessy to shop their accessories! They have ties, pocket squares, and more that will match literally any wedding color scheme!

Wedding Dress Undergarments

The easy and affordable way to look and feel great!

I love me a celebrity gossip magazine! There’s nothing better than curling up with a big stack of “Us Weekly” and “In Touch”! One column I hate, though, is when they do a “stars are just like us” feature. Even a celeb nut like me doesn’t need/want to see Katy Perry at Whole Foods. Putting that aside, there is one thing that us “regular” people have in common with celebrities that I do love – shapewear! No matter how tiny and fit the celebrity is, she probably wears one. And why not? Who doesn’t want that added security of knowing you’re going to look trim from every angle? So, if you’re feeling like you need/want one for an upcoming wedding, go for it! It’s just one more thing you can say you have in common with Beyonce, and who doesn’t want that??

In the world of shapewear, Flair loves Spanx, the OG of the industry. To get you going, here are some of their styles that we’re particularly obsessed with:

Your every day BFF – The Thinstincts Mid-Thigh Short

Sure, you can wear this style on your wedding day, but it's also perfect for everyday use - totally comfortable and discreet!

Sure, you can wear this style on your wedding day, but it’s also perfect for everyday use – totally comfortable and discreet!

Your bra fat buster – The Shape My Day High Waisted Girl Short

Even the best of us can get that area of pudge around our bra - this super high cut takes care of it!

Even the best of us can get that area of pudge around our bra – this super high cut takes care of it!

Your significant other’s best friend – The Spotlight On Lace High Waisted Brief

Your one and only – The On-Core Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

This all in one style covers a multitude of sins, and acts as your bra - everything you need in one comfy piece!

This all in one style covers a multitude of sins, and acts as your bra – everything you need in one comfy piece!

Wedding Favor Ideas

Get Favor Fabulous!

OK admit it, one of the best parts about getting married is the gifts! Sure sure, committing your life to your fiancé is the actual best part, but stocking your home with all of those new goodies is up there too! So, since your guests shell out for you, it’s only fair to return the “favor” and gift them a little something nice, too – their favors! These sweet sentiments can be tricky, though; you don’t want to spend a mint but you don’t want to cheap out on your loved ones either. Also, the favors usually end up at each place setting so you want them to look nice, too. Enter Weddingstar! They have affordable, unique, and chic favors that are sure to have your guests gushing! Here are some of our favorites:

1) Stemless wine glasses – It’s easy to see why we chose these – they’re something your guests will actually use! Cheers!

2) Heart bottle opener – Again, useful, and how adorable will those look on your tables?!

3) Gold foil playing cards – Encourage your guests to let loose and have some fun with this good looking deck!

4) Mini gumball machine – Candy favors are nothing new, so if you’re considering something sweet, you need to step it up a notch. These adorable mini machines are just the trick! Plus, in all white they are totally wedding ready and will go with any décor!


5) Flower vase – Check off your table décor and favors in one fell swoop! We love this knit looking vase; super unique and pretty!


Did we get you in the mood to favor hunt? Head over to Weddingstar, they have tons of other gorgeous guest gift ideas! Happy shopping! 

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Wedding Invitations

Easy, elegant, and affordable!

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the invitations are a window to the wedding. They give your guests some insight into the vibe and aesthetic of your fete, and are really the first impression that they’ll get of your big day. So yeah, they’re pretty important! Oh, and this oh so important part of your wedding has to be squared away early in the planning process, maybe even before you’ve really settled on a theme/color scheme. Getting anxious yet? Well fear not! Thanks to MINTED, the stationery shopping process is not only easy, but organized, simple, and chic! They truly have something for everyone, and with searches by color, theme, price, and more, you’re sure to find the paper that perfect for you! If you still need some inspiration, here are some favorites that we love!

For the trendy couple:

Agate is a hot trend that couples looking to stay on top of what’s hot are sure to love!

For the modern, downtown wedding:

This watercolor design is sleek yet soft; perfect for a modern wedding!

For the vineyard wedding:

We love the feel of this invite almost as much as we love a good cabernet!

For the couple looking for traditional, with a twist:

The gold look of this invite gives it a modern edge!

Ready to find your dream design? Head here to view all of MINTED’s stunning stationery! Already have your invites? Then be sure to check out their thank you cards and wedding vows art services!

Tara Keely Bridal

Meet the Spring 2017 Stunners!

While technically Spring doesn’t arrive until later this month, we’re starting to feel it early thanks to our Tara Keely Spring 2017 trunk show this weekend! Designer Lazaro Perez (yes, THAT Lazaro) has really outdone himself this season, and we’re jumping out of our skin excited to see his newest TK beauties on our Boston brides! If you’re looking for high style, a romantic feel, and lush fabrics, then this collection is for you! Here is some of what you can expect:
Flower Power – 3D flowers with tons of volume have been all the rage in the bridal world as of late, but this season we’re really loving Tara Keely’s bold, 2D floral designs. They make a big, wow statement without being over the top, or overpowering the bride.

We love that style 2700 has a bold floral top without adding a ton of weight!

We love that style 2700 has a bold floral top without adding a ton of weight!

Modern Illusions – The illusion neckline has been a bridal fave for years, but this season we’re loving that Tara Keely is doing it in a whole new way. With deep, deep v’s (SO on trend) and sheer sleeves, the illusion is back and better than ever!

An illusion top with embellishments starting below the elbow is a totally new look, and we love it (and you style #2712)!

An illusion top with embellishments starting below the elbow is a totally new look, and we love it (and you style #2712)!

Understated Elegance – Brides don’t need to be covered in lace and bling to make a statement on their wedding day. The perfect fit, a stunning silhouette, and fab fabric is all you need! This season, Tara Keely features a few chic, simple styles that will really allow YOU to shine!

Style 2704, your fit is on point and your fabric is fierce!

Style 2704, your fit is on point and your fabric is fierce!

Oscars 2017 Fashion

Top trends and how to get them!

We’ve been all about trends on the blog recently, and we’re going to regale you with just one more week of them thanks to the Oscars! It is fashion’s biggest night, so you know we were watching and scouting out all of the top trends for you. Here’s what we caught:
Champagne taste – This celebratory color was all over the red carpet this year! From Nicole Kidman to Emma Stone, the top fashion darlings were popping the cork on this somewhat challenging color. As it’s a lighter color it can be tricky to wear, but if two of the least tan starlets can wear it, so can you! This trend definitely goes along with what we’re seeing in the bridal world, which is a move towards more neutral colored bridesmaids’ dresses. So chic!
Headbands – What girl doesn’t love a good headband? It’s such an easy way add some style and impact to your look. Janelle Monae, Salma Hayek, and more stars rocked this trend, and thanks to Flair’s accessories designers like AB Ellie and Mariell, you can too!

This AB Ellie headpiece is totally red carpet ready!

This AB Ellie headpiece is totally red carpet ready!

Navy tuxes – No, men, you’re not left out of this trend report! If your groom wants to be a little trendy while staying traditional, then a navy tuxedo may be the thing for him! Saying he wore the same thing as Matt Damon and Chris Evans doesn’t hurt either!
Long sleeves – Sleeves have been taking over the bridal world for the past couple of years, so yeah, you could say we’re ahead of this trend Jessica Biel and Ruth Negga were just two of the stars who were long on style with this trend!

Jenny Yoo's Colette gown is totally on trend!

Jenny Yoo’s Colette gown is totally on trend!

Bridesmaids’ Dress Trends 2017

From the runways to the wedding aisle!

When New York Fashion Week ended, I went into a slight depression. It was so fun seeing all of those fab, fresh looks (via celebs in my Instagram feed) and learning what hot trends we can expect for this Spring/Summer. Now that it’s over, what am I going to see in my feed now?? Back to shots of my friends’ babies and meals? Boring! OK, just kidding, we love a good baby and/or food photo, but seriously, we need our fashion fix too! Good thing for us, London Fashion Week kept the chic snaps coming! London is such a trendy, fashionable city, and there were inspiring looks all over the place! Here are a few trends we caught that you can totally incorporate into your bridesmaids’ styles:
Red and Yellow – See ya later, muted colors, bold is back in a big way! In particular, reds and yellows have been all over the runways, so why not all over your wedding too? Yellow specifically, though, can be a tricky color on some skin tones, so just be sure to have all of your girls try it on before you commit. Red, on the other hand, has a tendency to read Valentine’s Day and/or Christmas, so be sure to pair it with non-holiday shades to give it a more weddingy (yes, we made up that word) look. Tiffany blue, aubergine, and dove gray are a few favorites that come to mind.

Anna Elyse has one of the largest color palettes we've ever seen; plenty of reds and yellows for you!

Anna Elyse has one of the largest color palettes we’ve ever seen; plenty of reds and yellows for you!

Cut outs – OK, we know that cut outs have been around for awhile, but we’re not talking about the typical ones that you’ve seen at the waist. We’re seeing cut outs in whole new places, including the backs of dresses. If you want to show a little skin but still be wedding appropriate, this trend is for you!


Red AND a cool cut out?! This Dessy dress is soooo on trend!

Mixing Prints – Prints have become popular in the bridesmaids’ world over the past year or so, but this year if you really want to step it up, then mix them up! Have your girls wear a few different coordinating prints for a modern, unique look!

We can't think of much chicer than mixing different floral prints. Way to go Jenny Yoo!

We can’t think of much chicer than mixing different floral prints. Way to go Jenny Yoo!


Wedding Trends 2017

What’s hot in bridal fashion this year!

If you follow any chic celebs on Instagram, this week you’ve probably seen some stunning shots from New York Fashion Week. Pro tip: follow Jamie Chung for swoon worthy fashion and the occasional glimpse of her hot, hot husband Bryan Greenberg. Thank us later. Anyways, every year when NYFW rolls around we always get so excited to see what’s fresh and new in the world of fashion! It got us to thinking about all of the amazing new trends in the wedding world for 2017. Here are a few that we love:
1) Heavy metals – While we love some serious embellishments on gowns, we’re almost more partial to this trend for bridal jewelry. These days, when it comes to accessories, it’s the bolder the better. Exhibit A: Our fave designer, A.B. Ellie, has a new collection called “Hardware” that features some seriously gorge, totally wedding appropriate heavy metal pieces.

2) High necklines – In ready to wear, the turtleneck is making a serious comeback. While you won’t find a ton of those in the bridal world, you can find plenty of fashion forward higher necklines perfect for the bride looking to cover up in a chic way.
3) Pants – You heard it here first! For the fashionista bride who is really looking to make a statement, pants and jumpsuits are THE hot, new trend! We get that it’s WAY outside of the box, but if you love this trend you could always consider rocking it at just the reception.

Theia has this hot trend on lock with their chic "Colette" jumpsuit!

Theia has this hot trend on lock with their chic “Colette” jumpsuit!

Tell us- would you rock any of these trends?