Boston Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Past and Present

At the end of the year, I always find myself getting a little nostalgic and I long for a walk down memory lane. For people of our generation, taking a walk down memory lane often means taking a virtual walk back through old Facebook photos. It always seems like a fun thing to do, but about five minutes in I wonder “why did I decide to do this?!?!” Everyone has some questionable photos they’d like to forget, but my biggest crimes seem to be fashion related. T-shirts with “clever” sayings, super boot cut jeans, chunky heels, oh my! While I cringed at most of my old fashion choices, seeing them also made me feel great about how far I’ve come in the fashion world.

Bridesmaids’ dresses are in the same boat. When I started at Flair over 5 years ago, bridesmaids’ dresses were cute and flattering for sure, but they have come so far since then. Long gone are the days of a simple strapless dress with a tea length, a-line skirt. By the way, no one looks good in tea length. If you do, then you have the body of Giselle, so congrats to you! Anyways, skirt lengths have come up to a more flattering knee length, designers are coming out with unique, striking fabrics and gone are the days of clone bridesmaids in the exact same dresses. Being a bridesmaid today is not the groan worthy task of old. It’s sure to be a fashion event you’ll be happy to look back on in your virtual trips down memory lane!

When you stop into Flair for a visit, ask us nicely and we would be happy to show you some of the “bad” bridesmaids’ dresses of years past. They are sure to make you very appreciative of the fabulous styles of today!

You guys, bridesmaids' dresses used to look like this. Faces have been cropped for obvious reasons.

You guys, bridesmaids’ dresses used to look like this. Faces have been cropped for obvious reasons.

And now today:

Much better!

Much better!


Can’t wait to help all of you find your perfect, modern dresses!


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