Bridal Gown Preservation Boston

Because your daughter will definitely want to wear it someday, right?

Prior to your wedding, you will literally spend months making your wedding gown just right. You will shop for the perfect accessories, trek to multiple fittings and clear out half of your closet to make a safe hiding place for what is now the most important article of clothing you’ve ever bought. Then the wedding comes and all hell breaks loose. Want those pretty Public Garden photos? You gotta watch out for grass stains. Having a beach ceremony? Hello sand! The reception is ripe with horrors, too. Aunt Petunia is wearing a particularly scary shade of pink lipstick that is sure to stain. And red wine? Why didn’t we ban that?!

Now that's a bride who had some fun on her big day! Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nicole Photography

Now that’s a bride who had some fun on her big day! Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nicole Photography

The funny thing is; you won’t actually worry about any of that on your wedding day. You’ll be so engrossed in the enormity and importance of the day that nothing else will really matter. When does it matter? The next morning, when you wake up and see that expensive, gorgeous gown covered in stains. No bride is immune. No matter how careful you are, your gown will come away a little worse for the wear. Have no fear; your friends at Flair are coming to the rescue! We have recently partnered with a company and can now offer bridal gown restoration. Loose beading: tightened. Stains: Cleaned. Wrinkles: released. Basically, we’re bringing your gown back to life! Click here to learn more and to contact us and get your restoration started. It’s an investment that every bride should make; you’ll be so glad that you did!