Bridal Gown Preservation

Keep your dress flawless and fabulous, forever!

There aren’t too many things that you can keep from your wedding day. Sure, your love lives on, photos keep the memories alive, enter other sappy statements here. While those are obviously true, we’re talking about the tangible things. You can’t take home those plush rental cocktail couches, you can’t keep those fabulous flowers alive forever, and you probably can’t recreate those tasty rice ball passed apps. One thing you can keep, though, is your bridal gown! Sure, if your party was a success your dress is probably a little worse for the wear, but we’ve got a fix for that; gown preservation! From fixing loose beading to eradicating stains to steaming and pressing, preserving your gown is the best way to keep your dress looking “aisle amazing” for years to come. Need more convincing? Here are just a few reasons to preserve your gown:

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