Bride Spotlight: Lindsey

Bride Spotlight: Lindsey

Asking a Flair consultant if they have a favorite wedding is like asking a parent if they have a favorite child. It’s impossible to choose! Each one is unique and special in its own way, and we truly do love them all equally. That being said, sometimes a wedding comes along that is so stunning and so well put together, that we can’t help but show it off! That brings us to Lindsey. Her wedding turned out to be just like Lindsey herself; chic, classic and so lovely. We could go on and on singing Lindsey’s praises but instead, we thought all of you might like to hear from the bride herself! Lindsey has some great advice for all of you brides to be, complete with some pretty enchanting photos from her big day. Huge kudos to The Darkroom Photography, who captured Lindsey’s day so thoughtfully and beautifully!

1) Where did you have your wedding?
Wedding was at 5:00 at Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica in Saint Simons Island, GA. Reception was a strolling reception with a band and began with a cocktail hour overlooking the beach at  The King and Prince Beach and Golf resort in Saint Simons Island, GA.
I mean just check out those gorgeous grounds at Lindsey's wedding; a photographer's dream!

I mean just check out those gorgeous grounds at Lindsey’s wedding; a photographer’s dream!

2) Did your wedding have a theme?
No particular theme for the wedding, but I wanted everything to be similar to my style in my daily life. Classic, timeless, and staying far away from trends!
3) How did you find wedding planning? Stressful? Fun? Both? 
I am VERY much a planner and very A-type.  I carry 2 IPhones/2Ipads (work and personal) and a planner for daily use.  However, I did NOT like wedding planning.  It was tough to do long distance and I had to make a few trips down South for vendor meetings.  I did a LOT of emailing and had to trust my mom a LOT!  At some point, I took a friends advice “Decide on what matters most to you.  Be very decisive on those things, and relax on the “less important” details.”  I would love to do the day over, but not the planning!! I now understand why honeymoons exist 🙂
4) Describe your bridal gown shopping experience.
I planned one day and only visited two bridal boutiques.  I went to Flair first and LOVED every thing about the boutique.  The Flair girls were so sweet and so un-pretentious.  Y’all made me feel so special and gave honest feedback, which was so helpful.  I tried on dresses in about 30 minutes and felt fairly certain that I had found “the one.”  It was the dress that when I put it on, I felt like a more glamorous version of “me.”  I visited one more store but ultimately went back to Flair because I couldn’t get the dress I loved out of my head.   Every visit after was so exciting and the girls were so excited for me when I came in to pick out a belt, show my shoes, etc.
Sneak Peak 034 (2)

Lindsey’s classic Jenny Yoo sweetheart gown lends itself perfectly to her intricate AB Ellie belt!

5) What dress did you end up choosing?
I chose a Jenny Yoo sweetheart cut dress.  It was exactly the style that I HOPE I portray in daily life.  Classy, timeless, simple but elegant.  Once I came in for my first fitting, I looked for belts and settled on one that was AMAZING and took the dress to another level.  I knew when I put it on, I had to have that belt added to my dress.  (The team at Newbury Tailors were AWESOME!!)
6) Describe your bridesmaids’ dress shopping experience.
I chose bridesmaids dresses on a separate visit, but knew I wanted to start with Flair because the dresses were much more up to date than you see at a lot of dress shops.  My mom and I did the shopping, and I tried the dresses on. I didn’t want to come with bridesmaids because I felt strongly that it was my wedding and I didn’t want anyone to skew my opinion of the dresses.   I knew the look I was going for and chose a dress that would flatter everyone but didn’t cater to any one specific need of any of the girls.
Most brides say “I think you will be able to wear this dress again” and I have NEVER actually worn a bridesmaid dress again.  I chose a dress that I thought was classy, but with a little sparkle to dress it up a bit.  One of my bridesmaids called and said to me “We all say it, but you actually did find a dress that I will wear again!”
Jenny Yoo's Harlow dress has it all: super flattering, unique and gorgeous!!

Jenny Yoo’s Harlow dress has it all: super flattering, unique and gorgeous!!

7) What bridesmaids’ dress(es) did you end up choosing?
Jenny Yoo ‘Harlow’ metallic sheath dress
8) What dress shopping advice would you give to future brides?
As cliché as it sounds, you will know when you have found the dress for you.  Don’t go with a crowd, keep it small.  The more opinions you get, the more it skews your opinion and only YOU know what look you are going for.  I had no idea what I wanted in a dress but when I put it on, it just felt right and looked like ‘me’.  Your wedding gown should be a reflection of you and remember that it will remain in pictures in your home forever.  Steer away from trends or dresses that aren’t YOU.  I wanted to be able to look at pictures in my home without cringing!  I did try on the very “princess” gowns with the tulle and lace, but at the end of the day, they looked silly on me.
Thank you SO much Lindsey, we loved every minute of working with you and wish you every happiness and joy in your married life! Come back and see us anytime! xo
Ending on a sweet note with our favorite photo in the bunch! You can snag Lindsey's amazing veil on our online site, Frills!

Ending on a sweet note with our favorite photo in the bunch! You can snag Lindsey’s amazing veil on our online site, Frills!