How to be a veil care pro!

Be the Queen of Veil Care!

Traditionally Friday is the day when everyone wants to stop thinking about school (atleast for a couple of days) but bear with us because today Flair is teaching a brief, fun lesson in veil care!

Most of you summer and Fall brides either already have your veil or will be buying one soon. If you’re in the latter category, please allow us to shamelessly plug our online bridal shop, Frills, where you can browse and buy all of our fabulous, affordable veils. OK, plug over. For those of you that have your veils (or will soon) here are a few quick tips to make sure your veil stays safe and gorgeous until the big day!

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1)      Your veil may have a few wrinkles when you receive it. All veils are steamed by the designer but then they ship to Flair/Frills, and shipping can cause minor creases. Luckily, this is super easy to remedy! Simply use the tag attached to your veil to secure it to a hanger, and then place it in the bathroom during a nice, long, hot shower. The steam from the shower should release the wrinkles! Just remember to keep your veil away from direct contact with the water…we’re going for steamed not soaked!

2)      When it comes to storing your veil, think dark! If you leave your veil in a place where the sun can hit it, that exposure to light overtime can potentially change the color of your veil. We recommend again placing your veil on a hanger, covering it with a plastic bag and placing it in the back corner of your closet for safe keeping!

3)      Plan your transportation accordingly! Don’t pack your car so tight that you then have to shove your veil into a corner. Make sure it lays flat to avoid further wrinkling. If you do find that a few creases have crept up, contact the venue/hotel where you are getting ready as they may have a steamer on hand…or take another relaxing hot shower 🙂

As always, let your Flair friends know if you have any questions! Happy Shopping!