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Wedding Trends 2017

What’s hot in bridal fashion this year!

If you follow any chic celebs on Instagram, this week you’ve probably seen some stunning shots from New York Fashion Week. Pro tip: follow Jamie Chung for swoon worthy fashion and the occasional glimpse of her hot, hot husband Bryan Greenberg. Thank us later. Anyways, every year when NYFW rolls around we always get so excited to see what’s fresh and new in the world of fashion! It got us to thinking about all of the amazing new trends in the wedding world for 2017. Here are a few that we love:
1) Heavy metals – While we love some serious embellishments on gowns, we’re almost more partial to this trend for bridal jewelry. These days, when it comes to accessories, it’s the bolder the better. Exhibit A: Our fave designer, A.B. Ellie, has a new collection called “Hardware” that features some seriously gorge, totally wedding appropriate heavy metal pieces.

2) High necklines – In ready to wear, the turtleneck is making a serious comeback. While you won’t find a ton of those in the bridal world, you can find plenty of fashion forward higher necklines perfect for the bride looking to cover up in a chic way.
3) Pants – You heard it here first! For the fashionista bride who is really looking to make a statement, pants and jumpsuits are THE hot, new trend! We get that it’s WAY outside of the box, but if you love this trend you could always consider rocking it at just the reception.

Theia has this hot trend on lock with their chic "Colette" jumpsuit!

Theia has this hot trend on lock with their chic “Colette” jumpsuit!

Tell us- would you rock any of these trends?

Bridal Style

Achieve the perfect overall look!

Naturally, when it comes to a bride’s appearance, we here at Flair tend to focus on the dress (duh). However, even we can acknowledge that there’s way more that goes into a bride’s overall wedding day look! So today, we’re talking bridal style from head to toe. Here’s what you need to be thinking about, from top to bottom:
Hair – Most people automatically assume “hairstyle” but you need to be thinking about way more than just that. For starters, plan out your haircut schedule so that you end up with a cut/trim a few weeks before the big day. Want to dye your hair too? Then you’ll want to push your pre-wedding salon appointment a little closer to the wedding day to avoid any unsightly roots. At home, you may want to consider adding in a hot oil, mask, or other treatment to get your tresses in tip top shape! Talk to your usual stylist about any hair issues you might be worried about and he/she can likely recommend some great at home remedies! Once your hair is healthy and perfect, it’s time to adorn it, and Flair can help with that!

Elizabeth Bower (available at Flair!) has a stunning headpiece for every bridal style!

Elizabeth Bower (available at Flair!) has a stunning headpiece for every bridal style!

Face – Of course, every bride should hit up Pinterest and decide what she wants her wedding makeup to look like. It doesn’t matter how fab the makeup is, though, if the skin underneath isn’t on point. So long before your Pinterest binge, consider visiting a dermatologist and/or facialist to discuss any issues you’d like to address before the big day. That way, if they recommend any new products or services, you can test them out in advance of the wedding to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction.
Ears, neck, and wrist – You guessed it, the jewelry zones! Based on the cut/style of your dress, determine what bridal baubles you’d like to add and start shopping for them a few months prior to the big day. Not sure what pieces go best with your dress? Schedule an accessories appointment at Flair and we’d be happy to talk you through it!

The fab A.B. Ellie has some stunning jewelry to choose from - including her super on trend, heavy metal "Hardware" collection for 2017!

The fab A.B. Ellie has some stunning jewelry to choose from – including her super on trend, heavy metal “Hardware” collection for 2017!

Bust, waist, and bikini zone – Time to think undergarments! Need a bra with a low back? Or do you prefer a one piece shaper that also covers the tummy? Discuss with your friendly neighborood bridal salon 😉 so that you have ample time to shop for your perfect delicates.
Hands – You’re going to be getting some seriously stunning new hardware on lefty, so it (and righty too) needs to look good! Start getting manicures a couple months in advance of the big day to get your cuticles and nails in top form. At home, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! A pretty mani on a dry, scaly hand is no good to anyone!
Legs – When it comes to your stems, you need to think about whether or not you’d like a garter and/or pantyhose. Summer brides shouldn’t have to worry about the latter, but Fall/Winter brides may like the extra layer. As for the garter, it’s definitely a tradition that seems to be forgone more and more, but still fun none the less!
Feet – See hands. Pedicures are important too, ladies, and are also a perfect way to sit back and relax prior to the big day! They are especially important if you’ve chosen open-toed shoes. Speaking of which, be sure to buy your shoes well in advance so you can wear them around the house and break them in. Wearing them a little will also let you know if you need any comfort inserts to keep those feet happy and dance ready!

Tell us – did you do anything else to get head to toe wedding ready??

Wedding Gown Add-Ons

How to make your gown truly YOU!

I’ll never forget the day I saw it; the episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” when another bride bought my wedding dress (yes, I bought at Kleinfeld because I got married a million years ago, pre-Flair having its AMAZING bridal collection). How can this be?? That dress is MINE! I looked so fabulous that surely they just retired that dress after me, right?! Once my hysterics died down, I realized that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Of course other brides are going to wear my dress; if they don’t, that might say more about my fashion sense than anything else. Besides that, the way I styled it was totally different than the TV bride, making our dresses look more like cousins than twins. Crisis averted. If you’re having similar feelings, have no fear, there are tons of bridal embellishments and add-ons that can truly make your dress YOURS! Check them out:

A topper – Bridal tops are a MAJOR trend in the wedding world right now! Pop one on and instantly change your look, making it fresh, modern, and (if you need it) more covered up. They’re perfect for a ceremony that requires more modesty, or just a little pop of extra style all day/night long!

Yes, that's a lace topper! Works perfectly and seamlessly with the dress, right? Amy Kuschel's "Audrey" top totally has us swooning!

Yes, that’s a lace topper! Works perfectly and seamlessly with the dress, right? Amy Kuschel’s “Audrey” top totally has us swooning!

A petticoat – It may sound like a thing of the past that Jane Eyre was forced to wear, but actually petticoats are still totally relevant and current in today’s bridal fashions! They are an affordable, easy way to add some volume to the skirt of your wedding gown, and you’d be surprised how different they can make it look!
Detachable straps – We know, we know; the bridal world is still predominantly strapless. It’s getting better, we swear, but in the meantime, accessories designers are taking notice and adding removable straps to their repertoire! So, no need to avoid strapless styles when you head out on your gown search!

No need for a necklace when you add AB Ellie's STUNNING, sparkly "Josephine" straps to your strapless gown!

No need for a necklace when you add AB Ellie’s STUNNING, sparkly “Josephine” straps to your strapless gown!

Buttons – Almost all of our bridal gown designers have the option of adding buttons down the back of their gowns. Don’t worry, though, most don’t actually require you to button them up. Slide up your zipper and the buttons hug over the seam, creating an elegant, photo-worthy look!

Of course, these options are in addition to the always fabulous and classic options of jewelry, belts/sashes, and veils! Flair is happy to help you explore any of these add-ons; let us know if there’s one that speaks to you!

Bridal Belts

The perfect finishing touch to your wedding day style!

While wedding planning, you really start to appreciate all of the little details that set your big day apart from the rest. You’ve probably been to other weddings that had peony centerpieces, but none of them had your chic mercury glass vases! We’ve all seen our fair share of wedding cakes, but none had your custom bobble head toppers! In pretty much every area of wedding planning there is the opportunity to really customize it and make it your own. With wedding gowns, one of the easiest ways to do so is with a beautiful bridal belt! If you’re considering adding one to your look, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you find the perfect one:

Our girl AB Ellie has a belt for every bride! Oh, and jewelry, veils, straps, and more. Yeah, she's pretty much a bride's best friend!

Our girl AB Ellie has a belt for every bride! Oh, and jewelry, veils, straps, and more. Yeah, she’s pretty much a bride’s best friend!

To bling or not to bling? – You might assume that all bridal belts are just covered in crystals, but for those of you who aren’t looking for super sparkle there are plenty of other options. With lace, pearls, flowers, and more, there is a belt out there for every style and taste!
To bow or not to bow? – With most belts, you have the option to either tie it in the back or keep it clean and simple. If you like the look of a bow in the back, that’s nice and easy; belts come with extra ribbon on the ends for just that! If you’d rather not mess with tying anything, though, you can have your tailor either sew the belt into your gown or make snaps in the belt to achieve your bow-free look.
How much detail? – Some belts come with embellishments all the way around, while others have a small section of detail. Think about your dress from all angles and decide if a belt covered in embellishment would be too much, or just right!
What color? – In general, ivory or other warm-toned dresses go best with gold toned embellishments, while white gowns pair nicely with silver. While your belt and dress are separate pieces, they still have to work together, so try to keep this in mind as you shop.
How much do I want to spend? – The general rule is that more bling = more money. If you want to spend a little less, consider a belt that doesn’t have sparkle covering the entire belt, or opt for another kind of embellishment. If your gown came under budget, though, then go for it and up the accessories anti!

Need some guidance? Give us a ring to set up an accessories appointment at Flair!

Wedding Accessories

Belts with Bling: A Bride’s Best Friend!

In honor of our AB Ellie trunk show this weekend, we’re dedicating this week’s blog to the benefits of a bridal sash/belt. Considering one? We think you should because:

1) They are a relatively inexpensive way to take your dress over the top – Fall in love with a dress that is a little on the simple side? A bridal belt is an easy, fun way to add detail without breaking the bank! Or, if you’re worried that your dress budget won’t get you all of the bling you’re seeking, don’t be afraid to choose a clean, chic dress and pop on an intricate belt. Likely that will be much less expensive than choosing a gown with the bling already built in!

This classic, floaty ballgown got a major lift from this stunning AB Ellie sash!

This classic, floaty ballgown got a major lift from this stunning AB Ellie sash!

2) They truly make a dress your own – Unless you’re Duchess Kate, you’re probably not going to get your dress custom made. So, that means that the gown style you choose will be worn by other brides too (Shock! Horror!). It’s kind of unavoidable, but one way to make your dress unique to you is by adding a belt! The chances that another bride wearing your dress also chooses the same belt – slim to none.
3) They add detail and drama to the back of your dress – We hear this complaint a lot: “I love the front, but the back of the dress is a little boring.” Sash to the rescue! Whether it ties in a fancy bow, or if the bling continues all the way around, a bridal belt is a great way to add some pop to the back of your dress! Cue the oohs and aahs as you walk down the aisle!

Fabulous Flair friend and bride Ali had her chic, black AB Ellie belt sewn into a slight v at her back. So glam!

Fabulous Flair friend and bride Ali had her chic, black AB Ellie belt sewn into a slight v at her back. So glam!

4) They make your waist look super hot – A nicely fitted belt/sash does wonders for bringing in your waist. Enough said.
5) They can start a tradition – Every bride has that secret wish that their daughter will one day wear their wedding dress on her own big day. However, we all know that that doesn’t happen too often. Instead, get a timeless, sparkly belt and have that ready to pass along to your girl. Her something old can come from your something new 🙂

download (1)

Not sure what bridal gowns will look like in 30 years, but pretty sure this beauty will look good on them regardless!

Bride Spotlight: Lindsey

Bride Spotlight: Lindsey

Asking a Flair consultant if they have a favorite wedding is like asking a parent if they have a favorite child. It’s impossible to choose! Each one is unique and special in its own way, and we truly do love them all equally. That being said, sometimes a wedding comes along that is so stunning and so well put together, that we can’t help but show it off! That brings us to Lindsey. Her wedding turned out to be just like Lindsey herself; chic, classic and so lovely. We could go on and on singing Lindsey’s praises but instead, we thought all of you might like to hear from the bride herself! Lindsey has some great advice for all of you brides to be, complete with some pretty enchanting photos from her big day. Huge kudos to The Darkroom Photography, who captured Lindsey’s day so thoughtfully and beautifully!

1) Where did you have your wedding?
Wedding was at 5:00 at Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica in Saint Simons Island, GA. Reception was a strolling reception with a band and began with a cocktail hour overlooking the beach at  The King and Prince Beach and Golf resort in Saint Simons Island, GA.
I mean just check out those gorgeous grounds at Lindsey's wedding; a photographer's dream!

I mean just check out those gorgeous grounds at Lindsey’s wedding; a photographer’s dream!

2) Did your wedding have a theme?
No particular theme for the wedding, but I wanted everything to be similar to my style in my daily life. Classic, timeless, and staying far away from trends!
3) How did you find wedding planning? Stressful? Fun? Both? 
I am VERY much a planner and very A-type.  I carry 2 IPhones/2Ipads (work and personal) and a planner for daily use.  However, I did NOT like wedding planning.  It was tough to do long distance and I had to make a few trips down South for vendor meetings.  I did a LOT of emailing and had to trust my mom a LOT!  At some point, I took a friends advice “Decide on what matters most to you.  Be very decisive on those things, and relax on the “less important” details.”  I would love to do the day over, but not the planning!! I now understand why honeymoons exist 🙂
4) Describe your bridal gown shopping experience.
I planned one day and only visited two bridal boutiques.  I went to Flair first and LOVED every thing about the boutique.  The Flair girls were so sweet and so un-pretentious.  Y’all made me feel so special and gave honest feedback, which was so helpful.  I tried on dresses in about 30 minutes and felt fairly certain that I had found “the one.”  It was the dress that when I put it on, I felt like a more glamorous version of “me.”  I visited one more store but ultimately went back to Flair because I couldn’t get the dress I loved out of my head.   Every visit after was so exciting and the girls were so excited for me when I came in to pick out a belt, show my shoes, etc.
Sneak Peak 034 (2)

Lindsey’s classic Jenny Yoo sweetheart gown lends itself perfectly to her intricate AB Ellie belt!

5) What dress did you end up choosing?
I chose a Jenny Yoo sweetheart cut dress.  It was exactly the style that I HOPE I portray in daily life.  Classy, timeless, simple but elegant.  Once I came in for my first fitting, I looked for belts and settled on one that was AMAZING and took the dress to another level.  I knew when I put it on, I had to have that belt added to my dress.  (The team at Newbury Tailors were AWESOME!!)
6) Describe your bridesmaids’ dress shopping experience.
I chose bridesmaids dresses on a separate visit, but knew I wanted to start with Flair because the dresses were much more up to date than you see at a lot of dress shops.  My mom and I did the shopping, and I tried the dresses on. I didn’t want to come with bridesmaids because I felt strongly that it was my wedding and I didn’t want anyone to skew my opinion of the dresses.   I knew the look I was going for and chose a dress that would flatter everyone but didn’t cater to any one specific need of any of the girls.
Most brides say “I think you will be able to wear this dress again” and I have NEVER actually worn a bridesmaid dress again.  I chose a dress that I thought was classy, but with a little sparkle to dress it up a bit.  One of my bridesmaids called and said to me “We all say it, but you actually did find a dress that I will wear again!”
Jenny Yoo's Harlow dress has it all: super flattering, unique and gorgeous!!

Jenny Yoo’s Harlow dress has it all: super flattering, unique and gorgeous!!

7) What bridesmaids’ dress(es) did you end up choosing?
Jenny Yoo ‘Harlow’ metallic sheath dress
8) What dress shopping advice would you give to future brides?
As cliché as it sounds, you will know when you have found the dress for you.  Don’t go with a crowd, keep it small.  The more opinions you get, the more it skews your opinion and only YOU know what look you are going for.  I had no idea what I wanted in a dress but when I put it on, it just felt right and looked like ‘me’.  Your wedding gown should be a reflection of you and remember that it will remain in pictures in your home forever.  Steer away from trends or dresses that aren’t YOU.  I wanted to be able to look at pictures in my home without cringing!  I did try on the very “princess” gowns with the tulle and lace, but at the end of the day, they looked silly on me.
Thank you SO much Lindsey, we loved every minute of working with you and wish you every happiness and joy in your married life! Come back and see us anytime! xo
Ending on a sweet note with our favorite photo in the bunch! You can snag Lindsey's amazing veil on our online site, Frills!

Ending on a sweet note with our favorite photo in the bunch! You can snag Lindsey’s amazing veil on our online site, Frills!


How to make your dress unique!

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane. The year is 2002; super boot cut jeans are all the rage, internet is dial up and everyone has that Nokia cell phone with the changing face plates (mine was sparkly pink – don’t be jealous). Can you picture it? What a great year it was. It was also the year I had to shop for my senior prom dress. For a lot of girls, prom is the first time to shop for a super fancy dress, and in my family we went all out. We made a day of it; lunch, manicures and…Party Dress Express. Anyone from Rhode Island will know this place. It’s basically the best prom shop ever…and it’s in a warehouse. From the look of the outside you think you might get murdered, and then you walk inside and it is crystal, tulle and taffeta heaven. The best part? Once you choose your dress, they take down the name of your high school and don’t let anyone else from your school get your dress. Boom! Sorry all other East Greenwich High School seniors, no one else can have my fab black dress with the huge slit up the front and corset back (I must’ve been in a slutty phase).

lindsay-s maid of honor wearing the olivia-u3332

Years later when it came time to shop for my bridal gown, I missed that little bit of exclusivity. While there are tons of bridal gowns out there, there was no guarantee when I chose my gown that none of my guests would have seen it before. As a matter of fact, mine was featured on “Say Yes to the Dress” a few weeks after I bought it. Fail.

So what’s a bride to do? Make it your own with the accessories, of course! Brides are always surprised how much detail a belt or jewelry can add to a gown. Not only that, but one belt can give a gown a totally different look and feel than another. So, we can try the same gown on multiple girls in the same day and get totally different vibes from each, just based on the accessories each girl likes. That’s one of the many great things about our belt designer, A.B. Ellie; she has tons of different styles and on top of that, she is open to customizing everything. Want her belt, but with a custom purple ribbon? You got it. Want more jewels added to a design (who doesn’t)? Not a problem! The sky’s the limit with A.B. Ellie and we can’t wait to help you create the belt of your dreams!

vinscena wearing the lady small-u3378

Hope you enjoyed the flashback to high school!

Fashionably Yours,

Lindsay 🙂


New York Bridal Market at a Glance

Saturday October 15th – Day 1

9:30 AM – Lindsay and Stacey board the Amtrak to NYC! A few episodes of Glee on our computers and we’re there!

1:30 PM – Struggle to catch a cab at Penn Station and Lindsay’s watch goes missing…not a good start…

2:00 – We check into the fabulous Omni Berkshire Hotel in Midtown, thanks to our friends at the Omni in Boston. Seriously, if there is an Omni wherever you are traveling, STAY THERE! They are all so classy and gorgeous, we were in heaven!

3:00 – Explore Midtown a little…we search for a Starbucks that the concierge told us was a block away, but never find it (more on that later) and end up getting sandwiches nearby.

4:00 – Make ourselves pretty and presentable (takes longer than you’d think).

4:30 – Wind ruins our hair as we wait for a cab outside of the hotel…Stacey and Lindsay are NOT happy.

5:00 – Check into Pier 94 (where bridal market is held) and have our first meeting with Anna Elyse, yay! We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say we are SO excited about her new bridal line. We absolutely fell in love with one gown with a textured skirt…stay tuned! She is expanding and growing her bridesmaids’ line as well and added two new fabrics, chiffon and charmuese. Go Annie!

6:30 – Lindsay and Stacey struggle to figure out where to go to dinner. They end up at the hotel restaurant (Fireside) like major losers.  The salad in the parmesan bowl was fab though!

7:30 – Conference call with Flair’s owner Christine to discuss what we’ve seen so far. We are so excited already!

8:30 – Asleep…not kidding. The beds at the Omni were too amazing to resist for too long and poor Stacey is under the weather. Such a trooper!

Sunday October 16th – Day 2

6:00 AM – Time to wake up and get ready! We are sure to use ample Rave hairspray to avoid yesterday’s windy fiasco. P.S. Stacey confirms that the Omni has the best hotel shower EVER. Bonus!

7:30 – We’re out the door and immediately go looking for Starbucks…which we again did not find. Eventually we stumbled across one several blocks away (with the help of our smart phones – seriously, what did we do before those things?!). A fabulous man in a morning coat compliments Lindsay’s trench and sunglasses (the glasses are forever 21, he thought Tom Ford). Her day is made. Then, a turn for the worse: our lovely cab driver starts to drive away with Stacey still half way out the door. She swung her way in though, crisis averted.

9:00 – Appointment to see a potential new bridal designer, Junko Yoshioka. Such nice guys and gorgeous dresses! We have the best job ever!

10:00 – Time to meet with the Jenny Yoo ladies! We love them! Let us start by saying that Jenny has such a good idea for a bridesmaid’s dress that she is in the process of patenting it. Yes, you heard us, a patent. Can’t wait to show you ladies when the samples come in!

11:00 – Meeting with Coren Moore and her team. They are THE sweetest ever and we love hanging out with them, and of course seeing their new styles! We love their new chiffon pieces, which we’ll have in the store in the coming WEEKS! Eeek, so excited!! Plus, later in the season we’ll have a gorgeous bridesmaid’s dress with a ruffle detail and you know how we love us a ruffle!

12:00 PM – Quick trip to see our accessories designer, A.B. Ellie. Ashley is a true genius when it comes to bridal and bridesmaids’ belts. They really add SO much detail to our dresses. We added a few new pieces for the store and we know our girls are going to L-O-V-E them! Plus, we love seeing Ashley and her sister, they are so down to earth and fabulous!

12:30 – Off to Nicole Miller! Her dresses are so much fun, we love seeing them on the gorgeous models. Plus, she has A-MAZING party dresses that are really well priced!

1:30 – MUCH needed lunch break! Stacey and Lindsay wander the waterfront area for awhile and stumble upon a cute little pub. Slow service but great food, just the pick me up we needed!

3:00 – Lynn Lugo time! We are SOSO excited about Lynn’s new styles! In particular, there are three new tops with ruffle details that we fell in LOVE with. They are super cute and wearable, trust us! Plus, she came out with some great soft colors that we think will be very popular this year. Lynn and her husband Pete are the cutest couple ever, so we just love to chat and catch up with them. Plus, they gave us these amazing cups with her logo on them which we now use every day!

4:00 – Definitely time to grab a coffee in the buyer’s lounge area. We are starting to fade!

4:30 – Quick stop at Dessy. Theirs is always an easy one, we know we’re getting everything! We figured out what colors we wanted and were on our way!

5:00 – Our last meeting of the day is with 57 Grand. We love these ladies, definitely be on the lookout for them. They get the best magazine exposure ever and landed another Martha Stewart editorial just recently! They have a super cool bridal style with a removeable tulle skirt, so cool!

6:00 – Headed back to the Omni!

6:30 – Hour and a half conference call with Christine, we have SO much to discuss!

8:00 – Stacey and Lindsay get brave and venture out for dinner! Watch out NYC here we come! We went to this adorable Italian restaurant with THE fastest service ever. The entrees were there literally 2 minutes after we ordered, crazy! Plus, our waiter had a crush on us and gave us a glass of wine on the house. Not gonna lie, we needed it!

9:00 – Back to the Omni, we laugh and watch The Proposal and fall asleep by 11:00 (such rebels after last night).

Monday October 17th – Day 3

6:30 AM – Wake up time! We were ready super early yesterday so we slept a little later.

7:45 – Out the door, we try yet again to find the “close” Starbucks but again end up at the farther one we went to yesterday. Whatever, we’d travel miles and miles for the bucks.

9:00 – Meeting another new designer, Amy Kuschel. She is THE perfect fit for Flair! Her bridal gowns are definitely going to be a step up for us and we KNOW our girls are going to love them! Plus, former Flair girl Leah works with them at her new bridal boutique so we got to catch up with her there. We miss her! Ladies, you are going to DIE over these dresses, we are counting down the days until we can start showing them to you!!

10:00 – Travel to the Intercontinental Hotel where Siri is showing. She got the presidential suite there, go Siri!!

11:00 – Meeting with Siri. She has an absolutely adorable rouched sweetheart style that we know will KILL at Flair.

12:00 PM – Last stop of the trip, Badgley Mischka in Times Square! No new styles but it was still so nice to see their showroom, it’s gorgeous!

12:30 – Quick change into scrubby, train clothes in the Omni bathroom. We ask the concierge yet again where the closer Starbucks is…and still don’t find it. We are convinced it doesn’t exist.

1:00 – Quick lunch in Midtown. We get to eat outside because it is so gorgeous out!

2:00 – Amtrak home! A man and woman behind us refuse to stop talking even though the train is supposed to be quiet. We give a few mean glances, to no avail. On the brighter side, Stacey meets a new man (in the form of an adorable 7 month old baby, who was a major flirt).

Tuesday October 18th – Back to Flair!!! We only wish we had all of those new styles with us, but we should have a lot of them soon after the new year! Stay tuned brides and maids!


We had the best time at Bridal Market this year and we are so excited to share all the new gems!

Here’s to a happy, successful, beautifully dressed and healthy 2012!


Lindsay & Stacey



Lovely and Long………

Jenny Yoo’s Maxine is a modified halter…..super cute and comfy, looks stunning with the…..

Luisa Belt!!

Sleek, modern and sophisticated.  Coren Moore’s gorgeous Katherine gown perfect for any elegant event affair, can be paired with a contrasting or matching sash or add some floral detail with……..

A.B. Ellie’s Bitty Brooklyn!!  Hello BLING!!!

A modern and unique take on a long gown Siri does everything right with the Santa Cruz gown!!

We love Anna Elyse’s Grace Sweetheart for it’s simplicity and elegance, would be perfect paired with a pashmina or fur stole!!

Lastly, Dessy Collection brings us Style # 2832 it is a super cute chiffon gown that comes in a TON of colors and needs no embellishment because of the adorable flower on the waist!!

Ladies, we know summer is right around the corner but you Fall and Winter brides should jump on our Long Dress Promo this month and save an EXTRA 5% off for all long bridesmaid dresses purchased this month!


Until next time!!



***Check out some other posts we did on long gowns!!


A.B. Ellie’s Bitty Brooklyn