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Camp Weddings!

So, I was watching Full House last night (yes, I stand by that statement… you know you love it too) and it was the episode where DJ, Stephanie and Michelle come home from summer camp. The family is bummed because the girls loved camp so much and didn’t seem to miss them. Cue sappy instrumental music as they have a chat about how much they love each other and all is well by the end of thirty minutes. Don’t you wish all problems could be resolved that quickly and easily? Even better, it would be amazing if all problems could end with Joey sitting on a plate of s’mores. A classic tension reliever!

Anyways, it got me thinking about summer camp. When we were younger it was this magical place where everything was fun, food that looked terrible actually tasted good, and you got to “flirt” with boys without your parents around. What could be better?! Then we grow up, and along with many other fun things, camp seems to become a thing of the past. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to stay in the past!



Camp weddings are THE hot new trend! Imagine spending the weekend with all of your friends and family at a camp. Even this glam girl can admit that that sounds fabulous! While all camp venues have different policies, here are some of the pluses and minuses if you’re considering such an event:


1)      A camp provides a more intimate setting and often limits outsiders encroaching on your big day. Literally the only people around are the ones you invited, how nice is that?! While Boston weddings are FAB, I speak from experience when I say that it wasn’t that cool having strangers taking photos of us as our pro photographer tried to get shots in the public garden. Back off people!

2)      It’s unique! This is a new, new trend, so most of your guests won’t have seen anything like it. We’ve all been to a hotel ballroom wedding and there’s nothing wrong with them AT ALL, but it is nice to mix it up a little!

3)      Most camp locations allow you to rent the space for the entire weekend. More time with your guests is never a bad thing!


4)      You can do your own thing! Forget those standard linens, forgo those over used chairs, and get exactly what you want!



1)      You can do your own thing! I know I said that that was a plus BUT it could also count as a minus, depending on your level of interest in DIY. Most camps provide next to nothing, so prepare to really do it all (real life example: one of our fave brides just had a camp wedding – shout out to the inspiration for the blog, Laura D! – and she and her mother got there days early to make all 170 beds for the guests, now that’s dedication!).

2)      SOME vendors don’t want to go all the way out to a more remote location. The great ones will though, so this actually might help you weed through the pack!

3)      Weather is a true issue. While most city and suburban venues have created a pretty great back up plan, the alternative may not be as chic at a camp.

Again, we can’t stress enough that all venues are different, so take these pluses and minuses with a grain of salt (and some tequila to go with it). Whether you decide on a camp setting or not, enjoy every minute of your planning and we can’t wait for you to tell us all about it!

<Cue Full House credit music>





We really wrote this blog in honor of one of our favorite weddings we got to work on….our very good friend Laura!  Below is all the fabulous-ness from her wedding!


Laura’s Wedding Photo Blog  courtesy of the talented Leah Haydock Photography!

Part One:

Part Two:


Videography By: Folster Video

How to honor those we have lost

In Memoriam

While the fashion at the Emmy’s is of course our favorite topic of discussion, there was another subject garnering a lot of attention in the press; the “in memoriam” segment.  As mega gleeks, we were totally on board with the decision to highlight Cory Monteith, among other actors lost this past year. However, we can definitely see the other side of the argument. This is the first year they’ve given special attention to certain actors, and it makes us wonder how they decided who to highlight. If I knew one of the others who had passed, I might be a little miffed that my loved one didn’t seem to earn the same time and attention.

After some thought, we’ve decided that what it comes down to is that there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. Everyone responds to death in different ways and there’s no formula to follow. They decided to take a step in a new direction and do something different, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In the same breath, there’s no right or wrong way to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. Some choose to incorporate them in many ways throughout the entire day, while others may choose keep it to a simple statement on the programs. Again, there’s no right or wrong here! For those of you who may be struggling to choose the way that’s right for you, we’ve highlighted some special, unique ways below.

1)      Use something of theirs at the wedding: Grandpa’s hankie could be the perfect thing to dry your happy, wedding day tears. Or maybe Grandma has an antique set of toasting flutes for the reception speeches? Think outside the box and this can be a nice, quiet way that you can honor their memory.

2)      Have a photo table: Depending on the space you have available, this could be a great way to make your loved ones a part of your big day. It’s simple and sweet, you don’t need to say anything, just having their photos there for your guests to view will speak volumes.

3)      Make them a part of your favors: Charitable donations are the hot, new thing in wedding favors. Let’s face it, most favors get lost or thrown away anyways, so why not use that money for something good?! Make a donation in your guests’ name to a charity that supports the disease you lost a loved one too, for example. If you’d rather a more traditional favor though, think of something unique to that family member. Maybe the recipe for grandma’s favorite cookie, with the ingredients in a mason jar?

Most importantly, make sure you and your fiancé have a discussion together about what makes the both of you comfortable, and what you both feel is the most appropriate course of action. Remember, there’s no right or wrong, it’s all about making those people as close to you as possible on your big day!

How will you honor your loved ones who can not be with you at your wedding.


Flair Girls

How to make your dress unique!

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane. The year is 2002; super boot cut jeans are all the rage, internet is dial up and everyone has that Nokia cell phone with the changing face plates (mine was sparkly pink – don’t be jealous). Can you picture it? What a great year it was. It was also the year I had to shop for my senior prom dress. For a lot of girls, prom is the first time to shop for a super fancy dress, and in my family we went all out. We made a day of it; lunch, manicures and…Party Dress Express. Anyone from Rhode Island will know this place. It’s basically the best prom shop ever…and it’s in a warehouse. From the look of the outside you think you might get murdered, and then you walk inside and it is crystal, tulle and taffeta heaven. The best part? Once you choose your dress, they take down the name of your high school and don’t let anyone else from your school get your dress. Boom! Sorry all other East Greenwich High School seniors, no one else can have my fab black dress with the huge slit up the front and corset back (I must’ve been in a slutty phase).

lindsay-s maid of honor wearing the olivia-u3332

Years later when it came time to shop for my bridal gown, I missed that little bit of exclusivity. While there are tons of bridal gowns out there, there was no guarantee when I chose my gown that none of my guests would have seen it before. As a matter of fact, mine was featured on “Say Yes to the Dress” a few weeks after I bought it. Fail.

So what’s a bride to do? Make it your own with the accessories, of course! Brides are always surprised how much detail a belt or jewelry can add to a gown. Not only that, but one belt can give a gown a totally different look and feel than another. So, we can try the same gown on multiple girls in the same day and get totally different vibes from each, just based on the accessories each girl likes. That’s one of the many great things about our belt designer, A.B. Ellie; she has tons of different styles and on top of that, she is open to customizing everything. Want her belt, but with a custom purple ribbon? You got it. Want more jewels added to a design (who doesn’t)? Not a problem! The sky’s the limit with A.B. Ellie and we can’t wait to help you create the belt of your dreams!

vinscena wearing the lady small-u3378

Hope you enjoyed the flashback to high school!

Fashionably Yours,

Lindsay 🙂


The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party at Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill!

Wedding Party Knot Graphic

We are so exciting to be partnering with Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill for The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party!  We look forward to meeting you and talking to you about all the newest trends in the Bridal World!



Bridal Shower Themes!

There are many different ideas for a bridal shower. It depends on your season, wedding day theme, who is coming, how intimate, and many other factors. But the biggest factor is what YOU want. We are going to take a closer look into what it will take to create these different afternoon (or morning) escapes.




Kitchen Theme—A kitchen theme bridal shower usually involves kitchen gifts and activities. Guests are usually asked to bring a favorite or family recipe so the bride can get a jump-start on their recipe collection. There may even be a little bit of baking involved or a “create-your-own” fruit bar. As long as food is involved it will be fun!



High Tea—This bridal shower is all things tea related! Play fun games, get the girls together, and eat tiny sandwiches! If you are a little confused and new to the “tea-party” theme a great place to start is Teavana they are very informative and will be able to direct you to find a good arrange of teas that will go perfectly with your party. Also don’t forget the option of coffee!



Brunch—For those morning people, you can always start the day off right with a brunch theme. Mimosas, a “do-it-your-own” fruit, granola, and yogurt bar, and pastry spread will certainly be the key to a classy and fun event. Besides…it is the most important meal of the day. Jazz Brunch at The Beehive is a quirky and fun place to plan a rocking shower!




Wine & Cheese—Wine & Cheese parties are very fun. It is a great way to get all your fiends together and try different wines. Either have guests bring a bottle of their favorite or create the selection yourself! Baccos in Boston is a great place to start to learn about all the great wine and cheese pairings!



Spa—In the middle of planning a wedding the bride needs a spa day. Many salons have packages and can accommodate a bridal shower for the bride and some of her close friends. A cheaper alternative option will also be make a spa day at home. Set up different stations and try “at-home” remedies for beauty products. Great gift ideas that go along with this theme are bath products, towels, and more bath supplies.  Spa’s we love in Boston Exhale & Emerge perfect for any spa day with the girls!


Take this day as a way to enjoy the company with friends and treat yourself before the big day! Enjoy!

 Now go plan that bridal shower!!





A Day of Love….oh and sweets!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of doing a typical “Top Valentine’s Day Dates” ideas we are going to help all those sig others who may be running a little late in the gift department……..hint hint to our sig others, can you tell we have a sweet tooth:)


1. Georgetown Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of the best ways to give your loved one something sweet on this special day! Georgetown Cupcakes is located on Newbury Street and are accepting pre-orders up until Wednesday evening. You can also stop on in and pick out your favorites!


2. Winston Flowers

Winston Flowers has some of the most beautiful arrangements I have seen. I have fallen in love with their flowers! All of their locations have extended hours on Valentine’s Day: 8 am – 6 pm.


3. Beacon Hill Chocolates

Beacon Hill is a small little shop on Charles Street but they have traveled the world to get the best chocolates. They were named the Best of Boston for 2009, 2010, and 2012. They offer a very wide variety to satisfy any sweet tooth!

If you need more inspiration please head over to our Pinterest page and look at our Valentine’s day board!


Hugs and kisses from your Fav Flair girls



Jenny Yoo 2013 Preview!

Oh weekends, how I love you! Any day that allows me to sleep late and then go to brunch – a mid-day meal where champagne is encouraged – is fine by me. At Flair though, we give up one or sometimes both of our weekend days to be at the store and meet with our fabulous brides. It seems like a sacrifice but we truly love doing it! We especially love being here when we’re having a trunk show; it’s the perfect way to showcase one of our amazing designers! This past weekend we’re DOUBLY excited though, because our Jenny Yoo trunk show is also a preview of her new 2013 collection!

When we received the box of dresses from Jenny Yoo, it truly felt like Christmas morning! We were so excited to tear the box open and get a look at those new beauties. What makes us most excited though is seeing how far bridesmaids’ dresses have come. I think it may take a little longer for them to completely eclipse the bad rap bridesmaids’ dresses have gotten over the years, but really there’s no comparison between the dresses of today to those of years past. We’re so proud of our designers, each year they grow and change with the times but still stay true to their personal vision/aesthetic. It’s not an easy task, but they do it with ease!

To quickly sum up what we’re seeing for 2013: Patterned fabrics and lace and shorter hems, oh my! Basically, we’re getting an answer to the age old “I don’t want my bridesmaids’ dresses to look like bridesmaids’ dresses” dilemma. You can come to a bridal shop and get our expert service and advice (yes, tooting our own horn) and walk away with really unique and special dresses. Heaven!

We can’t wait to show you all of the new goodies as they roll in over the next few months; 2013 is shaping up to be the best year yet!


Lindsay & Stacey

Bridal Spotlight-A Very Flair Wedding!

What was your inspiration for your wedding?

Um, this is probably a faux pas especially since I am in the bridal industry but we had no inspiration for our wedding…I know that sounds bad.  We were just really excited to be celebrating and I look at wedding blogs daily so I took little things I liked from the past two years of blog stalking and threw them together!

How did you tie that inspiration in to what you choose for your bridesmaid dresses/bridal gown?

I guess if I had to say anything about the wedding style, I wanted it to be pretty timeless.  I wanted neutral colors on the girls and dresses that complimented each of the girl’s figures and made them feel great.  For my bridal gown I wanted something I would always look back on and think that I picked something that was my style and was classic like our venue!

What did you choose?

My bridal gown was a custom Coren Moore gown.  They made the Chloe with lace and made the front a deeper sweetheart and the back was brought down just slightly.  I added a customized gorgeous belt from A.B. Ellie!  She did an amazing job customizing The Mae belt for me by adding pearls and tons of extra beads to make sure the belt looked like it was a part of my dress!

My girls wore Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses most of which are now discontinued.  My maid of honor Carly wore the Thea, my sister Allison wore the Margauex, my sister-in-law Ali wore the Riley, Casey wore the Mackenzie, and Lily wore the fabulous Aidan!  The bridesmaids all wore some awesome accessories that I found a few years ago and since then, I have forgotten who made them – oops! However, I do know that my maid of honor’s necklace was made by the talented Kristen Kuhen.

What color?

I actually did mostly different colors!  Carly and Casey were in Slate Eastern Silk, Allison was in Slate Crinkle Chiffon, Lily was in Charcoal Lux Chiffon, and Ali was in Pewter Shantung.

What were you looking for in your bridesmaid dresses?

I was really open to whatever the girls wanted. I guided them in the direction that I liked and then let them choose.

What were you looking for in your bridal gown?

I actually looked all over for my bridal gown.  I knew I liked lace and I wanted a fitted style but I was hung-up on a ball gown for some reason.  I kept begging to try on ball gowns even though I was advised against it by everyone (including Lindsay)!  I finally realized I was just too short to be able to pull off the big dress, so I settled for a fuller trumpet silhouette. Coren’s dress was perfect because when I danced I felt like such a princess with the full skirt!

 Tips for brides when selecting their BM dresses?  Bridal Gowns?

Timing is everything!  There is a method to our madness, I promise.  You have to do things in order for your look to be cohesiveYour venue is 1st, then move on to your bridal gown, then work on the girls’ dresses and mothers of the bride and groom.  Last but not least help your significant others pick their outfits!

How was your experience at Flair?

Well I own the store….so it was pretty good! 😉

Where did you get married??

Zak and I got married at The Harvard Club on Commonwealth Ave.  I can’t say enough about how much I love this venue! It was such a gorgeous and unique venue in the city, so traditional and cozy.  Zak wants to move in he loves it that much!

What three adjectives would best describe your wedding?

Funny, Elegant, and Light Hearted!

What was your favorite moment at the wedding?

The entire ceremony! I LOVED walking down the aisle because I thought it was so exciting and emotional all at once.   Our ceremony was very “us” we had a family friend marry us so he really knew that we wanted it to be a celebration of life and love. We also wrote our own vows which was nerve racking but in the end it really made our wedding so much fun and personal!

What advice can you give any other Boston/New England Bride?

Write your own vows, hire the best vendors, don’t sweat the small stuff, have fun, dance, eat, don’t drink, take tons of pictures, do a first look if you can, hire a videographer (we remembered nothing after), make sure to leave plenty of time for hair and makeup, take a ton of pictures, smell your flowers, enjoy every single moment and most of all have fun!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went to Couples Swept Away, in Negril Jamaica, thanks to the amazing Marisa Cole at Sensational Travel.

List of vendors

Photographer: Sweet Jane Photography-Sarah is simply amazing, so much fun to work with and uber talented.

Videographer: Long Haul Films-Tom and Melissa truly made our dreams come true.  Their talent knows no bounds they went above and beyond all that we expected, so worth spending the money on video!

Florist: Petalena– Apryl is so wonderful to work with and absolutely surprised and amazed me with the beautiful flowers, I was so so happy!

Hair: Bella Hair Salon-Jessica and Becca are my regular hair dressers and it was so nice that they cared so much about making me and my girls happy it was such a pleasure spending my morning with them and my bridal party!

Makeup: 2 Kiss and Makeup– Lissa, can’t say enough wonderful things about her!  Fast, efficient and talented. She truly made me and my girls feel so beautiful!

Venue: The Harvard Club-Tom was amazing and so helpful through the whole process; the day went off without a hitch, super thankful.

DJ: Beat Train Productions-Ari was so great at mixing old favorites with new amazing club mixes no one left the dance floor!

Party Favor/Photobooth: Photo Fun Box-Marissa was amazing to work with and all our guests loved the photo booth it was so so fun!

Rentals: Rentals Unlimited: Kate at Rentals was so helpful helping me pick the perfect chairs to complete the perfect look for my venue.

Bridal Gown: Flair- Coren Moore-Amazing wonderful and accommodating!! What more can I say I love them!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Flair- Jenny Yoo-Elegant and beautiful dresses for my girls, I was so happy!

Invitations: Boston Invites-Shara was so helpful picking out an invite that matched our venue and wedding!

Enjoy our 5 minute wedding trailer via the talented Long Haul Films!

Stacey & Zak Trailer- Harvard Club Boston Wedding from Long Haul Films on Vimeo.


I feel so lucky to have the job I have, and I am so happy I was able to share my big day with you!!


Mrs. Stacey Kraft (finally)

Want us to shine a spotlight on you and your wedding?

E-mail us!



Nina Shoes at Flair…..finally!

I have always been a shoe girl. I’d much rather spend my hard earned money on shoes than say a handbag or jewelry. So, when I got engaged naturally one of the first decisions I made was to purchase my first pair of Louboutins for the big day (though hopefully not my last pair…I am a 39 in their sizes and my birthday is January 24th….just sayin’). I mean, if you can’t justify $600 shoes for your wedding day, when can you? Plus, $600 is really a bargain for a pair of CL’s, so you can understand why I had to get them.

I of course take the shoe selection just as seriously when I am a bridesmaid in a wedding. I was in a wedding this past June and the fabulous bride just told us what color she wanted (a light gold) and then said we could get whatever style we wanted. Score! Shockingly, when the wedding day came, almost all of us were in the same shoe designer. We didn’t really discuss it, it just happened that way. What designer, you ask? Nina Shoes!

Nina really cannot be beat. Their prices are amazing (ranging from $50 – $120ish depending on the style you choose), there are TONS of styles to choose from and they have a wide color selection.




There is of course the basic silver, gold, black and ivory, as well as fun pops of color, such as cobalt and fuschia. While we don’t love using the colored options to match the dress anymore, how fun would it be to get a more neutral dress (grey, black, etc) and then do a fun, colored shoe?! We LOVE that idea! Plus, the colored options are a super fun option to pair with your bridal gown. Finally, and most importantly, the Nina shoes that I wore in the June wedding were the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever worn. Seriously.

Flair is a proud new retailer for Nina shoes (and their accessories too, more on that later!) so come and see us and check out our new selection of samples!!

Call or e-mail us to find out about the great discount on Nina Shoes if you purchase your bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses here!

😉  Linds

Relax…….and Exhale!

It seems like forever ago, I was stressed out and uptight about my upcoming nuptials.  It was actually only a month ago……but I can clearly remember the stress of seating charts, RSVP’s and final dress fittings weighing on my mind.

When like a knight in shining armor the ladies from EXHALE MIND BODY SPA came to rescue me from my stress crazed, pre-wedding meltdown!  Not only have they created an oasis like atmosphere but they have hands down the best classes in the city!

They offer two very different types of classes at Exhale, upstairs they Transform you with their Core Fusion classes which is a challenging barre-based workout, which combines core work with Pilates, yoga, ballet and dance principles to stretch, tone, and lengthen muscles like never before.

Needless to say, it’s the best workout I have had in my entire life.  My whole life I was under the impression that the only way I could get in shape was by running and unfortunately it took its toll on my poor old 29 yr old knees. The Core Fusion classes are challenging but easy on my knees and I feel like I literally saw results almost immediately, (I realize, I now sound like an infomercial, but it’s true!).

On to the stress relief, downstairs at Exhale they hope to help you transcend in to a different state of being! (Such a peaceful message) The offer seriously relaxing Vinyasa Yoga and PranaVayu Yoga and breathing techniques! You will literally forget you are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Boston and chaotic wedding planning!

Exhale also offers amazing packages for all you brides-to-be! It includes unlimited classes as well as nutrition counseling, massages and facials! Um, hello please sign me up!

Needless to say I got married a month ago and loved it so much I signed up to be a member of Exhale as a wedding present to myself!  It is seriously addicting (in a good way)!  Hope to see you around, a little more relaxed and totally toned!

Stacey  🙂