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Wedding Dress Styles

Get silhouette smart!

I am all about research and preparation. If I’m going to a new restaurant, I head to Yelp first to get the low down (of course, taking everything with a grain of salt – Yelp always has a few unnecessarily rough reviews)! If I’m driving somewhere new, hitting up Google Maps in advance helps me find the best route. Back in school, I used to relish in my perfectly organized and highlighted notes. So yeah, long story short, I’m a big nerd. Another time that dorkiness came in handy was when it came time to shop for my bridal gown. I had magazine cut outs (I shopped in 2010 PP – Pre-Pinterest) and my buzz words ready to go. For me those words were “mermaid”, “fit and flare”, and “texture.” Most brides, though, don’t come armed with my prior knowledge of all things bridal; I had already been working for Flair for a couple of years at that point. So, for today’s blog we’re going to do a brief overview of the main bridal gown silhouettes so that all of you can head into your appointments with your fit buzz words at the ready!
1) Mermaid – Much as its name implies, a mermaid gown tends to be very fitted through about the knee, then it flares out in a dramatic, tail-like fashion…just picture a pretty, not at all oceany tail. This is a good choice for the bride who is looking for a sexy, fitted style, and one who doesn’t mind a more restricting, tight feel.
This gown is probably not for: The bride who is self-conscious of her hips. A mermaid gown puts your hips on display, so be ready to rock them!

"Bianca" from Blush by Hayley Paige is fitted and fab! An ideal mermaid :)

“Bianca” from Blush by Hayley Paige is fitted and fab! An ideal mermaid 🙂

2) Fit and Flare – If you like the idea of a mermaid but want to take it down a notch, then a fit and flare gown may be your best bet. Sometimes called a trumpet gown, this style is also fitted with a flare at the bottom (hense the name), but unlike the mermaid the flare is a little less pronounced/dramatic and tends to hit below the knee.
This gown is probably not for: The bride looking for an uber fitted look/feel. Fit and flares are not designed to be skin-tight!

Tara Keely style #TK2411 perfectly showcases a fit and flare! Her subtle flare and snug, not too tight, fit are perfection!

Tara Keely style #TK2411 perfectly showcases a fit and flare! Her subtle flare and snug, not too tight, fit are perfection!

3) Ballgown – You know our girl Cinderalla? She wore a ballgown. So, if you want to create your own princess look you should take a cue from her! Ballgowns typically have a fitted top that sits at the natural waist and then poofs out in the fullest, most voluminous skirt on the bridal market.
This gown is probably not for: The shorter bride. Generally, the fuller the dress, the shorter they make you appear.

New to Flair, Hayley Paige's Decklyn gown screams "modern ballgown"!

New to Flair, Hayley Paige’s Decklyn gown screams “modern ballgown”!

4) A-line – If you like the fullness that a ballgown has, but don’t want to take it quite that big, then you should definitely try an a-line gown. Similar to a ballgown, a-lines usually have a fitted top/waist and then a full skirt. A-lines, however, generally lack the layers upon layers of tulle underneath the skirt, which makes the skirt full but not nearly as much so as a ballgown.
This gown is probably not for: The bride looking to make a huge statement. A-line gowns tend to lean towards the more subdued side of the bridal gown spectrum.

Amy Kuschel's Daffodil gown is the perfect example of an a-line; a full skirt but not huge!

Amy Kuschel’s Daffodil gown is the perfect example of an a-line; a full skirt but not huge!

5) Sheath – If simplicity is your game, then sheaths are for you! Straight, sleek and clean, these gowns typically come without the weighty trappings of other silhouettes. There is little volume in the skirt and generally no train, so if you’re looking for comfort above all else then you should definitely give these a try!
This gown is probably not for: The bride who wants to hide her tummy. Sheaths tend to cling to the body and almost always require a shaper underneath, so be ready for that!

Meet Amy Kuschel's Ginger - sleek, chic, and timeless!

Meet Amy Kuschel’s Ginger – sleek, chic, and timeless!

Once you know your desired style/fit, it’s time to consider the length. Most brides these days are still opting for the traditional floor length, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique and modern, you can always go for a tea-length (typically mid-calf) or knee-length design.

What do you think?? Feel prepared to head into your gown appointments? It’s not as overwhelming as you may think, and if you go to a top-notch boutique (coughFLAIRcough) the consultants are always there to help! Happy shopping 🙂

Wedding Dress Care

How to combat common day of disasters!

Ready for a hard truth about weddings? Here goes: no matter how much you plan, things may go awry on your wedding day. I have a feeling if you polled past brides, the large majority would be able to tell a tale of some small mishap or another. We don’t say this to scare you, we say it so that you’ll be as prepared as possible and so that you won’t take it too hard if/when your own little oops happens. While we can’t predict what exactly might go wrong, there are certain somewhat common “disasters” that can happen when it comes to your wedding gown, and we’re here today to chat about remedying each!
Rips and tears – As careful as you are, most wedding mornings are a bit of a rush, and that’s when these little blemishes can occur. Be sure to have a sewing kit on hand, and know which of the ladies around you to call upon in your time of need. Not a sewer in the bunch? No worries; fabric glue is another handy item that anyone can use! If you can’t quite fix it all, have a brooch handy that can cover whatever may not be picture perfect.

Speaking of wedding dresses, Jenny Yoo's are on sale this month so we figured this was a good opportunity to show some of them off! Up first is pretty Colette, right on trend with her delicate sleeves!

Speaking of wedding dresses, Jenny Yoo’s are on sale this month! So, we figured this was a good opportunity to show some of them off 🙂 Up first is pretty Colette, right on trend with her delicate sleeves!

Stains – There will probably be breakfast and coffee floating around on the morning of your big day, and as hard as you may try, all things dirty seem drawn to that white piece of perfection! You’d be surprised, but a Tide pen and/or the classic club soda can do wonders; just remember to blot, not smear! Also, be sure to use your coordinator as a resource; he/she is likely well versed in the art of stain removal. Again, when all else fails, a well placed sash or brooch can also act as the perfect stain diversion!

Up next is stunning Clara; the perfect mix of a sexy fit and an elegant, timeless fabric!

Up next is stunning Clara; the perfect mix of a sexy fit and an elegant, timeless fabric!

A stubborn zipper – We always try to warn brides, but a brand new zipper is often a worthy opponent. When you first tried your gown on, it was a sample and the zipper had gone up and down many, many times before. When your brand new gown comes in, it may have only gone up once or twice before, and therefore may be a little stiff. If your wedding day dressers are having trouble, have them rub a bar of soap along the teeth to get it going. Just be sure to use white soap to avoid any potential stainage!

We can't get enough illusion tops, and Claudine has a pretty gorgeous one!

We can’t get enough illusion tops, and Claudine has a pretty gorgeous one!

Your fit isn’t perfect – As many tailoring appointments as you may have had, there was likely still several days between your last fitting and the big day, and a few pounds up or down in that amount of time is not unheard of. If your dress is a little loose, have some extra padding (i.e. chicken cutlets) on hand that you can easily and quickly slip into your top. As long as the bust fits well, the rest will fall into place and you won’t be hiking your gown up all night! If your dress feels a tad tight, crank up the AC in the room; a little day of swelling isn’t uncommon, probably because of all of the running around you’ll be doing that morning. If all else fails, carefully wear your dress around for awhile that morning; wearing it should loosen it just enough to get that nice, snug fit you’re going for!

Worried about something happening to your dress on the big day? Be sure to call/email us or ask any questions during your appointment, we’re always here to help 🙂

Share the love on on your wedding day

How to show your guests you care!

In general, we like to keep things as light and happy as possible. After all, we’re in the wedding industry, which is chock full of love and joy! When something as tragic as the recent event in Orlando happens, though, we (and I’m sure many of you) find it difficult to see the light. What makes this particular event especially hard to handle is the fact that these poor, innocent people in Florida may have been targeted because of who they love. Being in the industry of love, that’s something that we find extremely difficult to bear. Everyone has the right to love, and that’s something we at Flair will always believe in and fight for. For now, we feel that the best way to begin to heal is to focus on just that, love. No day is a guarantee so it’s important, now more than ever, to show your loved ones that you care. A perfect day to do? Your wedding day! Everyone you adore will be in one room, so why not take the extra step to shower them with love? Here are a few ideas:
Flowers for all – Generally speaking, it’s only the most “important” people who get flowers at a wedding; the bridal party, mother of the bride, etc. Why not talk to your florist, though, about having a flower station set up for all of your guests before/after the ceremony? The ladies can grab a couple of stunning stems to carry, and the guys can pin a bloom to their jackets. It’s a fun favor idea and a great way to for everyone to feel loved and truly a part of your big day!
Photo place cards – Take some time ahead of the wedding to pull together photos of you and/or your fiancé with all of your attendees. Shrink them down and incorporate them next to the names on your place cards. It will be a fun surprise when your guests look for their seats, and they’ll love to look back on that memory with you.
Cheers…to them! – There will of course be speeches toasting you and your fiancé, but what will really be a surprise is if the two of you stand up and turn the tables on them! Take a few minutes to tell your guests how special they are to you and how happy you are that they’re there for your big day. After all, when you have them all in the same room again? Take advantage of this moment and spread the love!
Remember their milestones – Did any of your guests get married this year too? Or celebrate a big anniversary? Or have a baby? Take a section of your program and/or menu to call out their accomplishments. They’re sure to be touched and know how much you truly care!

Whatever you do, don’t let the busyness of your big day detract from the real reason everyone is there – love! They love you, you love them, and they’re all there to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé. Keep that in mind above all else and you’re sure to have the perfect wedding day!

Wedding Guest Attire

Dress to Impress!

I think I might be psychic. No, really. I bet your refrigerator is covered in save the dates and wedding invitations; am I right?? See, I am psychic! OK, so it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict that in the summer time most people have save the dates and invites decorating their fridges; it is wedding season after all! One thing that is harder to predict, though, is what to wear to all of those weddings. As a guest it can be hard to know what is appropriate and what should be avoided. Here are some tips to get you wedding ready:
1) Avoid white – This one’s a given. Stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
2) Avoid anything overly sexy – Even though a wedding is a great place to meet people, it’s not a club, so don’t dress as if you’re going to one. Remember the rule of one, i.e. only one sexy area allowed. For example, if you want to show some cleavage, make up for that by keeping your hemline on the longer side.
3) Abide by the invite – If the invite says black tie, then it’s black tie you must wear! A general rule of thumb is that it’s better to over than under dress, so when in doubt, lean towards a more formal ensemble.
4) Avoid anything loud – Whether it’s loud because of how skin tight it is, loud in color/pattern, or literally loud (hello, paillettes), just say no. A wedding is not the time for you to make a statement. It’s the bride and groom’s time, and that’s it.

Need more guidance? Our friends at The Black Tux came up with this handy dandy guide, check it out! Then send your guy to see them for their affordable, easy suit rentals!



Wedding Dress Tailoring

Do your homework before your first fitting!

Memorial Day has come and gone and it’s finally starting to feel like summer here in New England. I don’t know about you but we’re definitely ready for some sun, sand, sundresses, and al fresco dining! Another fun thing that summer brings? Wedding season! Because the weather is so nice, the majority of weddings in our area happen in the summertime. So, as you can imagine, we’ve been selling tons of wedding dresses to all of those stunning summer brides! Even though their dresses have already been bought, there is still plenty to do to get them wedding ready. Namely? Tailoring! Yes, it’s the process that most brides dread. We all have visions of a botched tailoring job ruining our weddings, but have no fear; in all of our years we’ve literally NEVER heard of that happening. To get through the tailoring process with ease, all you really need to do is prepare. Here are some questions that every bride should ask their tailor before proceeding with any alterations:

We love Best Fit on Newbury Street; definitely give them a call if you're in need of a tremendous tailor!

We love Best Fit on Newbury Street; definitely give them a call if you’re in need of a tremendous tailor!

1) How many fittings will I need? Once the tailor sees you in your dress, he/she should have a good idea of how much work is required. The average bride will go in for three fittings, so keep that in mind when they answer. Anything much lower (i.e. 1) or higher (i.e. 5 or more) is probably a reason to pause and get a second opinion.
2) Where is my dress kept when it’s not being worked on? Most brides fear an accident happening while the dress is actually being altered, but if the tailor you’re considering doesn’t have a safe place to store it in its “down time” then it can most certainly get damaged then too. Ideally, you’re looking for a storage place out of the sunlight, away from the workroom, and with plenty of room so that your gown isn’t squished.
3) Have you worked with many wedding gowns before? You can pretty easily work this one into casual conversation: “So, are you guys crazy busy this time of year with brides?” Even though you want your tailor to have plenty of time to focus on your gown, the answer you’re looking for is “Yes!” Knowing that other brides trust this tailor is a huge plus!
4) How long will it take to alter my gown? This one’s a no brainer; you obviously need to make sure that the tailor can do the work in time for your big day. Also be wary, though, of anyone who quotes you a really quick lead time. This is not something that you want to be rushed!
5) Will my dress by steamed/pressed when I pick it up? Obviously your dress will get handled quite a bit during the tailoring process, so any reputable tailor will press and/or steam it before handing it off to you. Anyone who doesn’t offer this service is probably someone to reconsider.
6) How much will it cost to tailor my gown? Tailoring prices vary depending on a ton of factors; how much beading the tailor has to work around, how closely the dress fits to begin with, etc. Any good tailor should be able to give you a close sense of what you can expect to pay, though, at your first meeting with them. Keep in mind, though, that prices can change as the tailoring process continues. Also keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Tailoring, like sushi, is not something that you want to go cheap on. Trust us, it’s the best money you can spend!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact Flair if you have any questions before you head into your first fitting!

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

A+ Presents for your Best Girls!

Not to toot our own horn, but we work pretty hard to keep our blog and fresh and full of original content (toot toot). One topic we like to repeat every now and then, though, is an important one; bridesmaids’ gift ideas! While it is a fun thing to shop for, it’s not without its pressures. After all, these girls have been at your bridal beck and call for months, so they definitely deserve something special! If you’re in need of some ideas, here are some of our favorite, new gift ideas:
Luxury phone cases – Let’s face it, we all want to splurge on the designer cases from Bloomingdales and Bergdorfs, but we tend to talk ourselves out of them before hitting “Add to Cart.” Bridesmaids’ gifts are the perfect opportunity to opt for something somewhat frivolous and definitely fabulous for your best girls! Added bonus: your girls probably pick up their phones, like, a million times a day, and now they’ll think of you every time!
Kindle – These days, you can snag a Kindle (or something similar) for under $100, so why not get one for each of your girls! Go the extra mile and download a book that you think she’ll love, or that reminds you of her, for a thoughtful, yet practical gift!
High end liquor and accompanying glasses – I don’t know about you, but when I go to the liquor store, I tend to auto-pilot to, well, the cheap section. I rarely splurge on a high-end, high-quality bottle, and if you think your girls are in the same boat, head to your favorite packy and go straight for the rapper approved, expensive section! Whether it be wine, vodka or whiskey, choose a fancy bottle of their favorites and pair it with chic glasses for a gift that’s sure to have them toasting to you!
The classic – As I’m always telling my husband, you can never go wrong with jewelry! The same goes for your bridesmaids, so if you’re having trouble finding just the right thing, opt for the bling! Whether it’s something you want them to wear on the big day, or just a fun piece to add to their everyday wardrobe, your girls are sure to love something new, special, and sparkly!

If you want to go the jewelry route, Flair has tons of stunning sparklers from Elizabeth Bower and other fab designers!

If you want to go the jewelry route, Flair has tons of stunning sparklers from Elizabeth Bower and other fab designers!

Tell us – what are you getting for your bridesmaids??

Short Wedding Dresses

Short on length, long on style!

I don’t know about you, but this week’s rising temperatures have us stocking up on self tanner and pulling our Spring/Summer clothes out of hibernation. As much as we love them, we’re ready to say au revior to sweaters and scarves and bonjour to sundresses and shorter skirts! Not only does it bring sun and fun, but the warmer weather also signals the beginning of the busy wedding season here in New England. Seeing as how the vast majority of weddings here happen in the hottest months, it makes sense that shorter bridal gowns are getting more and more popular these days! Designers today are creating tons of gorgeous, totally wedding appropriate shorter looks! If you’re thinking of one for your big day, here are some things to consider:

Consider this; Flair has some short cuties from Amy Kuschel, Jenny Yoo and more!

Consider this; Flair has some short cuties from Amy Kuschel, Jenny Yoo and more!

1) One length does not fit all – Wedding dresses don’t just come in two lengths, short and long; there are plenty of choices in between! Just be aware of what length works best on your body type. Generally speaking, knee-length works best on shorter and curvier girls, while taller brides are more apt to pull off a tea length.
2) Remember your venue/theme – Before plunging headfirst into the short dress trend, make sure it fits with your wedding venue and overall theme. As stunning as shorter dresses are these days, they are always going to be a little more casual than their longer counterparts. So, if you’re going for a super formal feel, you might want to think twice about a shorter style (or, get the best of both worlds and opt to just change into one later in the night for dancing!).
3) Understand that your choices will be more limited – Even though more and more designers are creating shorter wedding dresses, they are still in the minority. So, be prepared to have most stores tell you that they only have a few styles to try on. For the less decisive among us, this can be a huge advantage. Less choices means less options to keep you up at night considering!

Once you’ve thought through these points, remember that there are a million great reasons to choose a shorter dress. Most of the time, they are less expensive, they’re often super comfortable, and you can go to the bathroom on your own, just to name a few 🙂

Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas

Give your special lady something as wonderful as she is!

No bride is an island. Even the Type A among us have to admit that wedding planning is tough, and most definitely requires some assistance. For many of us, help comes in the form of a mother figure. While not all of us are lucky enough to have our actual mothers there with us on our big days, chances are most of us have a lovely lady who quietly and capably takes on that role. Whether she’s your future mother in law, grandmother, aunt, or even a great friend, this wonderful woman has probably attended numerous appointments with you, and put in serious hours letting you vent your wedding related frustrations. So, she probably deserves an amazing gift worthy of all of that time and effort, right? Right! If you’re in need of some ideas, check out some unique options below:
1) Make her feel like one of the girls – Most brides search for something matching for their bridesmaids (robes, monogrammed shirts, etc.) to wear on the morning of the wedding. Cue adorable photo ops! When you find your cute couture, why not order one extra for your mom? She’ll appreciate being included in your core group of favorite females and will love the chance to be a part of those matching morning of photos!
2) Give her your time – Chances are, your mom has clocked some major hours helping with the wedding, so it’s only fair you give her a few hours of yours in return, right? Think about what she loves and plan an outing for just the two of you. Whether it’s a day at the spa, a cooking class, or even just dinner and a movie, she’s sure to be thrilled to share some non-wedding related time with you.
3) Appeal to her sense of smell – There are tons of great places these days to create your own perfume, so why not use your knowledge of your mom’s favorite things to custom make one just for her! If she loves the beach, add in some notes of sea air and salt. If she has a sweet tooth, load up on vanilla. Using what you know and love about her to create the perfect scent is a recipe for a thoughtful, home run gift!
4) From mother earth to your mother – Living gifts are a totally fun, modern trend! From a magnolia tree to a rose bush to a lemon tree, there’s truly something for every mom. Plant it together when you have some down time. She’ll love spending that time with you, and whenever she sees her plant in the future, she’ll think of you!

How adorable is this magnolia tree?? You can find it and many more "living gifts" at Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

How adorable is this magnolia tree?? You can find it and many more “living gifts” at Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Tell us – what are you planning to get for the special lady in your life?

Flowergirl Dresses

Finding the perfect style for your little showstopper!

This was a big, huge week at Flair! Our owners, Stacey and Zak, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Devan Taylor. Needless to say, she’s already Flair’s little princess and we’re all madly in love with her! So, seeing as how we have lovely little girls on the brain, today’s blog is dedicated to the princesses of the wedding world; flowergirls! As fun as the girls are themselves, shopping for their dresses, on the other hand, can be somewhat stressful. From finding something to match, to choosing the right size, more goes into it than you’d think! Here are some tips to make shopping for your little girl fun and smooth:

Not sure what you're looking for? Flair's designers have tons of variety and something for everyone!

Not sure what you’re looking for? Flair’s designers have tons of variety and something for everyone!

1) Don’t wait too long to shop – You might think such a small dress would be quick to make, but most of our flowergirl dresses take almost as long to produce as their bridesmaid counterparts! So, you want to start thinking about ordering them around the same time as the bridesmaids’ dresses.
2) Allow for growth spurts – Just like with bridesmaids’ dresses, we take measurements of the little ones and then compare them to the designer’s size chart to choose the right size. Unlike with the adult dresses, though, we often recommend ordering a size up from what she is measuring now, in case of a growth spurt. If she doesn’t grow, you can always take the dress in or choose to leave it a little loose. Flowergirl dresses don’t need to be as snugly fit, and she may even be a little more comfortable with some extra room to breathe.
3) Be color correct – Traditionally, if the bride’s gown is white, then the flowergirl’s dress is also white, if the gown is ivory than so is the flowergirl’s, and so on. These days, though, flowergirl dresses don’t have to be just in the ivory/white family. There are tons of options if you’re looking for something a little outside of the box! If you want a piece of her dress (usually the sash) to perfectly match the bridesmaids’ dresses, though, then be sure to order some extra material at the same time you order the adult dresses, to ensure a matching dyelot. Some of our designers can even make the sash for you, so be sure to ask us if you’re interested!

Whatever you decide, be sure to give your little one the opportunity to try on her dress well in advance of the big day. Comfort is key with kids, so doing a little troubleshooting prior to the big day can ensure that she looks and feels great for her big walk down the aisle!

Wedding Gown Care

Must Do’s BEFORE you put on your dream dress

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s how important wedding gowns are to their brides. I mean duh, right? You save for them, dream about them, work out to look your best in them, and say your vows in them. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the most (if not the most) important articles of clothing you’ll ever buy. That’s probably why when most brides pick up their wedding gown, they hold it as if it’s a carton of eggs. While your gown is definitely tougher than that, we totally get it; you want to keep your beauty safe and in perfect condition until your big day! We know the last thing you want to do is blemish it right before you head down the aisle, so on the morning of the wedding, be sure that you do all of this prior to stepping in it:

We get it - if your gown is THIS pretty, you do whatever it takes to protect it! See these beauties at our Tara Keely trunk show April 15-17 :)

We get it – if your gown is THIS pretty, you do whatever it takes to protect it! See these beauties at our Tara Keely trunk show April 15-17 🙂

Freshen up – Basically, anything that needs to be done in the bathroom should be finished before you get in your gown. Think about brushing/flossing, makeup/hair touching up, and yes, especially that thing that the bathroom was made for!
Hydrate and snack – We know you’ll be super busy the morning of your wedding, but you don’t want to be hit by a blood sugar crash as you’re saying your vows, so make time for a light lunch. If you combine that with a glass or two of jitter busting champagne, we certainly won’t judge
Steam and stain check – Pro tip – invest in a steamer! They’re not crazy expensive, and trust us, it’ll come in handy way beyond your wedding day! Either way, be sure to give your gown a quick once over for any stains or wrinkles you may not have caught earlier.
Get your Namaste on – Your wedding will involve a ton of standing and posing, so do yourself a favor and get some stretching in the morning of. It will help you relax and focus before the (fun) madness begins!

Tell us – are there any other must do’s on your wedding morning checklist?