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Tailoring Guide

Alter your bridal gown/bridesmaid’s dress with confidence and ease!

The brides and bridesmaids that we meet have different tastes, styles, body types, personalities; the list goes on and on. It’s what makes our job fun! We’re constantly amazed by how unique all of you are, and we love finding perfect dresses for all of you! One thing you all have in common, though, is tailoring tension! It’s the thing that worries brides and bridesmaids most. So, we’re here to help!

Step 1:
Buy this tailoring Gilt City coupon for our favorite tailor: Newbury Tailoring Company. You’re starting the process off right by saving money and working with the best! They have worked on Flair dresses for years; there’s nothing they can’t handle! Even the Flair staff trust their own bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses to them, so we’re speaking from experience when we tell you how amazing they are!
Step 2:
Whatever tailor you choose, go into your first appointment fully informed and prepared. We’ve compiled a list of questions every bride/bridesmaid should ask their tailor, and what you should expect from their answers:


Tailoring should be filled with smiles, not tears/stress! Thanks WeddingBee for the photo 🙂

 How far in advance should I bring my dress? 3-6 weeks is typical for bridesmaids, while bridal (which requires more fittings) is more like 3-4 months approximately. Be wary of anyone who takes much longer; they may be too busy to give your dress the attention it needs.
 What should I bring with me to my appointment? Any good tailor will want you to bring the undergarments you’ll be wearing on the day of the event, as they can change how the dress fits. Same goes for your shoes.
 How many fittings will I need? This can vary, depending on how much work needs to be done. Expect 1-2 for bridesmaids and 3-4 for bridal.
 How much is too much to tailor? Most good tailors can handle anything, and shouldn’t be put off if you have a garment that needs a lot of work. Wait until you find one that is up to the challenge!
 Do you do last minute adjustments? Most brides/bridesmaids tend to lose weight right before the big day, so it’s important to find a tailor who can handle some work at the final hour.
 Can you provide me with a quote? Don’t expect this to be a set in stone price, but most tailors should feel comfortable giving you a general idea. Be wary if they can’t!

It’s a nerve-wracking process, but if you find a reputable tailor it will be smooth sailing from there! 🙂

Wedding Dress Shopping

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

Quick bride poll: Do you watch any of those wedding dress shopping shows? I always wonder if brides find them helpful or overwhelming. They’re TV shows, after all, so they tend to bring the drama; mean moms, tight timelines and petrifying prices, to name a few. Another thing? Most brides on these shows seem to have that clarifying, aha moment when they just know that a dress is “the one.” Well we’re here to tell you, not everyone has that moment, and that’s OK! We’ve heard brides question themselves all too often: “I’m not getting that feeling” or “I’m not sure if it’s the one because I didn’t cry.” These shows can make us think that there is a particular way we should act, look and feel when we’ve found the right dress, and that’s not always the case. Everyone’s dress shopping experience is different, and their reactions to it are also different. If you’re one of the many who isn’t getting that mysterious, special “feeling”, we’ve come up with some other tell tale signs that you’ve found the dress for you:

Forgive us while we use this blog as an excuse to share pics of some gorgeous brides who found "the one" at Flair! Christa is an elegant, happy and stunning bride in Jenny Yoo's Georgeanne gown!

Forgive us while we use this blog as an excuse to share pics of some gorgeous brides who found “the one” at Flair! First up, Christa is an elegant, happy and STUNNING bride in Jenny Yoo’s Georgeanne gown!

1) You can’t stop thinking about it – Find yourself day dreaming about a particular dress? Thinking about the low back when you should be sending your boss an email? Imagining the beading as you stroll through the grocery aisles? You may have found your dress!
2) You compare all others dresses to it – Most brides don’t stop shopping when they find a dress that they love. We get it; you want to be sure you’ve tried on enough styles! However, if you find yourself constantly measuring other dresses against one you’ve already tried and liked, it’s probably the one for you!
3) You’ve accessorized it in your head – Sometimes our heads are ahead of our hearts! Maybe without even realizing you’re doing it, you’ve already decided what belt to add to a particular dress, or what heirloom jewelry of your Grandmother’s would go well with it. In your mind, you’ve already purchased this dress and are taking the next step to accent it with some bling. There’s probably a reason for that…

Amanda is giving us some serious bridal glam in her Rosemary gown by Amy Kuchel!

Amanda is giving us some serious bridal glam in her Rosemary gown by Amy Kuschel! Breathtaking shot courtesy of the amazing Leah Haydock Photography

Bottom line: If you get that aha feeling, great, but if you don’t 1) you’re not alone and 2) that doesn’t mean you haven’t found your dream dress! No two shopping experience are alike just like no two brides are alike, so just trust your gut, watch for these signs and most of all, enjoy some fun, happy and pressure free dress shopping!

Wedding Budget

How to maximize your money!

It’s prime wedding planning season here in New England, with the busy summer event season quickly approaching. It’s an exciting time because the weather is getting warmer and everyone’s weddings are getting closer. However, something else is getting closer too; final deposits! Remember all of those fabulous wedding vendors you booked? They’re ALL going to be looking for money pretty soon. They are totally, completely worth it, but dealing with all of those final deposits at the same time can be overwhelming. So, we decided to think of some creative ways that you can save a little cash as you finalize all of your wedding details:

Flowers – Most florists charge per stem, so consider choosing flowers with bigger blooms, as you’ll need less to fill your centerpieces. Daylilies, Amaryllis and Chrysanthemums are a good place to start! Also, if you’re open to it, add in some non-florals (candles, lanterns, pretty glass bottles, etc.) as they tend to be less expensive.


Stationery – First things first, forget the programs! It may seem like a small detail, but every little savings adds up! Plus, people tend to ignore them anyways, right? Also, consider a virtual save the date (for those of you who haven’t sent yours out already). While we think the traditional, mailed invitation is a must, you can have fun with the save the date and save money at the same time! Why not whip up a slideshow of you and your fiancé and email it to your guests? We think they’ll appreciate the personal touch!

Food and Drink – Consider having a tapas-style wedding i.e. with only apps and small plates as opposed to a formal sit down dinner. See if your venue will allow you to choose extra passed apps in lieu of a plated dinner, and ask if they can set up a cheese and cracker station to add another option for your guests. For drinks, skip the champagne toast; you’d be surprised how much you’ll save by not providing a glass of champagne for every guest. After all, everyone will probably already have a drink from the bar to toast with!

You can definitely make a meal of these appealing apps!

You can definitely make a meal of these appealing apps!

Dresses – Of course, your friends at Flair are always here to help! Our designers are ALWAYS running various sales and promotions; check out our Facebook and Instagram (@FlairBoston) to keep an eye out for them! Also, there are discounts based on your number of bridesmaids, so the more the merrier! In addition, you can opt to pick up all of the dresses for your girls, and save them any shipping fees. Bottom line, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and discuss your budget, we’re happy to work with you to find the perfect dresses for you!

Wishing you fun and stress free wedding planning! 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Let’s get personal!

While we try to keep our blog as fresh as possible, there is a topic that we like to come back to every so often: bridesmaids’ gifts! Every day, we see firsthand how dedicated these girls are to their brides; they deserve something special! Plus, fab new gift ideas are coming out all the time so it’s definitely something we like to revisit! Today we’re talking about personalized gifts. After all, we’re all suckers for a good monogram, right? 🙂 Check out some of our favorite personalized gift ideas below:

  • Clothes: OK, we know that monogrammed robes and white, collared shirts aren’t exactly a new idea but when we saw how affordable and fun these were, we just had to share them! Plus, how adorable will they be for photos the morning of the wedding?!
  • Bags: It’s a known fact that girls can never have enough bags, so why not add a personalized one to your girls’ collections! We’re kind of obsessed with these dip dyed duffels; perfect for the beach or a weekend away! And these suede clutches are the epitome of chic and cool!


  • Miscellaneous: OK, these gifts are a little random but we loved them too much to leave them off of our list! A monogrammed, leather bound Coco Chanel book is a unique and fabulous gift for your fashion forward friends. And a personalized flip book? Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love that! While it’s not monogrammed, we thought it was definitely personal enough to make the blog!


  • Jewelry: There are endless monogrammed jewelry options out there, but we’re really loving a classic bar necklace right now. Their sleek, simple design ensures that your girls will love and wear them for years to come, and they compliment literally any outfit! This particular bar necklace is made by a local company, Sharrah Designs, and you can find yours at Flair and on our online site, Frills. It comes in rose gold, white gold, sterling silver and yellow gold and can be personalized with names, monograms, quotes and more. The options are endless; give us a ring if you want to learn more about these beautiful bars!


Happy shopping, brides, and remember: these are the girls that planned your super fun bachelorette and stunning shower; they’ve earned something special 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Dress Shopping

How to have an A+ appointment!

As we head into March, the girls at Flair have two things on our minds: 1) Spring arrives this month (atleast technically) and 2) It’s prime bridesmaids’ dress shopping season! As our dresses take 3-4 months to produce, March is the perfect time to get orders placed for Summer and Fall wedding dates. If you’re one of the many brides who will be getting her bridesmaids’ dresses squared away in the next month or so, we’ve got some tips to make the buying process easy and fun for you and your girls:

1) Have an opinion: While it may seem nice to give your bridesmaids free reign, in our experience most of them prefer that their bride give them some direction. Telling them they can pick any navy dress in the store is a recipe for confusion and stress; the options are endless! We recommend that brides visit us or give us an email/call before coming in with the girls. At that time, we can discuss your personal style, and the style of your wedding, to help you narrow down the selection and make the shopping process more straightforward for your friends!

2) Be honest: It’s your day, and you have to love what your girls wear. After all, those photos will be on your mantle for years to come! So, if they choose something you’re not wild about, don’t be afraid to speak up. When they agree to be in your wedding, they are also agreeing to give up some control. Of course, this can be touchy, so feel free to ask Flair for help! Is there a girl who you just know will choose a dress that is a little too revealing, or who will insist that she can fit into a dress two sizes smaller than she should? Let us know these concerns in advance and we’re happy to act as your advocate and do our best to avoid those potential issues.

3) Know your bottom line: Every bride has one! Do you not want to go over $200? Does the color absolutely have to match your wedding stationery? Determine the most important factor to you and that will go a long way to helping you narrow down the dress selection.

If you keep these points in mind, your dress shopping will be carefree, enjoyable AND successful! We can’t wait to work with you soon, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us prior to your appointment with any questions or concerns. See you soon, brides and bridesmaids 🙂

Sports Weddings

Hit a home run on your big day!

It’s safe to say that everyone in New England has had sports on the brain this week. You may have heard about a little game called the Super Bowl…that we won. No big deal. Working in a bridal shop, of course we got to thinking about how to “marry” a love of sports with a love of pretty weddings. After some research, we found that there are actually a ton of (non-cheesy) ways to incorporate sports into your big day. Here are some of our favorites:

1) Table Numbers – Even Martha Stewart loves a good sports themed fete! We found these creative table assignments (photo courtesy of Liz Banfield) on her site. The calligraphy and rich stationery are appropriate for an elegant affair, while the text provides a fun twist! This particular table (or dugout!) was for the bride’s family. Adorable!


2) Cake Topper – In general, your cake topper is a great place to pop some personality into your big day. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to customize the perfect set for you and your fiance! Do some research (we love Etsy for homemade, affordable toppers) and you can find some gems, like this clothespin style topper; it’s rustic, adorable and full of personality! If this couple can survive baseball season on opposite sides of the Sox-Yankees feud, they can handle anything!



3) Make an entrance – Of course you can always come running in with a jersey over your respective suit/gown, but we love the idea of you and your fiance running through the a football-like banner even more! How fun would that be?! It would definitely get your party started off right and is sure to be something that your guests have never seen before!

Thanks for this photo courtesy of Joshua McCoy Photography!

Thanks for this photo courtesy of Joshua McCoy Photography!

4) Sporty Snacks – Let your guests know that you sleep, breathe and EAT sports! Bring in some classic sports snacks later in the night and your guests will be doing the wave just for you 🙂 Peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs…the possibilities are endless (and tasty)!

Big shout out to for this shot courtesy of Mykkah Photography

Big shout out to for this shot courtesy of Mykkah Photography

Bottom line, your wedding should be a reflection of you! So, if you love sports, bring that to your big day! We think the crowd will be cheering for you 🙂 GO PATS!!!


Wedding Shoes

How to Pick the Perfect Pair!

During our wedding planning, my now husband and I didn’t always see eye to eye. I’m sure you can relate! No, we can’t let every Tom, Dick and Harry have a plus one. Yes, we do need those big candelabras on every table. No, we can’t play hard rap during dinner. You know, the usual stuff. One of the biggest things my husband couldn’t understand, though, was the stress I felt over my wedding shoes. Direct quote: “But your dress is long, right? So no one will see them.” Oh silly hubs, that’s kind of beside the point. I will see them, I will know if they are fabulous or not, and my girls are obviously going to ask to see them! So, they have to have it all; gorgeous, comfortable, affordable and of course they have to go with my gown. If you’re feeling that same shoe stress, check out these tips before you shop (oh, and even better, Flair can get you all of the fab shoes you see below – we are an official carrier of the amazing Nina Shoes)!

1) Don’t stray too far from your normal – If you never wear heels, your wedding day is not the time to start. There are gorgeous flats out there. Trust me, I wore Louboutin flats on my big day! On the other hand, if you do wear heels, but you tend to keep them around 3″, don’t go higher on your wedding day. Even if your fiancé is super tall, you’ll hate how unstable and uncomfortable you’ll feel is those new 6 inchers!
2) Remember your venue – If you’re going to be on the beach, you’ll likely want to stay away from a heel. Sinking in the sand is not a good look on your big day! Same goes for grass; if you want some height consider a wedge heel that won’t let you down! Or if you do opt for flats, you can always have a back up heel ready for when you hit solid ground! For you Boston brides, keep wedges and flats in mind if you’re going to walk the cobblestone streets for your photos. Turning your ankle is not a good way to start your married life!

Now these are the perfect cobblestone shoes! A 2" wedge; comfortable and chic!

Now these are the perfect cobblestone shoes! A 2″ wedge; comfortable and chic!

3) Think of the weather – We’re in New England, so you never know what the weather will throw at you! Make sure you choose a shoe that will be ready for anything. If you want a sandal, try to go for a sling back style, or anything with a strap to keep your foot in place in the event you hit some rainy weather. Having a winter wedding? Always go for a closed toe, even if you find a peep toe you’re obsessed with. You’ll regret it!

Adorable AND ankle support, we're sold!

Adorable AND ankle support, we’re sold!

4) Accessorize! – A little Dr. Scholls can go a long way! Most likely your big day will be the first time you really wear your wedding shoes, so a cheap, simple gel insert can do alot to add to your comfort and enjoyment!
5) Keep your gown in mind! – Sure, those pumps with the gold studs are hot town USA, but they probably won’t go with your traditional lace gown. While you can buy whatever you like, if you choose a shoe that is too different from the style and feel of your dress, it can make for a confused and distracting look.

We love the traditional style of this peep toe, but if you want something more unique get it in a fun color like this navy!

Most of all, try and buy something that you’ll wear again! Your wedding shoes are an investment, but they are one of the few things you can actually use after the big day! Don’t stress about finding dyable shoes to match to your dress, because when will you ever wear those again? Stay true to you, have fun, and you can always reach out to your Flair friends with any of your shoe stresses!

New Year’s Eve Wedding

Tips and Tricks for a Successful, Stylish Event!

Happy 2015! How was your New Year’s Eve? Hope you celebrated with lots of fun, family, friends and flair 😉 Did anyone attend a NYE wedding? In our profession we obviously talk about weddings a lot, and from what we hear, NYE weddings are always memorable and exciting! If December 31 is the date you’re thinking about for your big day, here are some things to keep in mind:

• If you’re having a church ceremony, remember that their holiday decorations might still be up. The advantage there is that you can avoid paying to decorate the site, but the disadvantage is that you have to work your wedding color palette around their décor. Talk to your site in advance to get an idea of what, if any, decorations they will still have up that day so that you can plan accordingly.

Sure, poinsettias are pretty, but they don't go with everything!

Sure, poinsettias are pretty, but they don’t go with everything!

• Typically, when you have a winter wedding here in New England, booking your vendors is a breeze. The busy wedding season here is roughly May – October, so most vendors are free and clear in December. However, because NYE is one of the biggest party days of the year, some of your favorite vendors may get scooped up for non-wedding events. In particular, book your caterer, florist and DJ/band well in advance. Oh and don’t forget to ensure that your photographer can stay past midnight to get those fun countdown shots!

• Remember, even though it’s your wedding day, it’s still everyone else’s New Year’s Eve! Make sure they can celebrate somewhat traditionally by watching the ball drop. Talk to your reception venue in advance about bringing in a large TV or projection screen to watch the countdown as a group. Counting down together will definitely be one of the most memorable parts of the whole day!

Now that's a party! Photo courtesy of The Knot, taken by Vue Photography

Now that’s a party! Photo courtesy of The Knot, taken by Vue Photography

• Make sure you have plenty of bubbly! New Year’s Eve is the biggest day for the consumption of champagne in the US, after all! Stock the bar and also consider cute, mini champagne bottle favors like these that we found on; they’re practical, adorable and your guests will love them!


• Last but not least, let your friends at Flair help you plan your gorgeous, glamorous NYE wedding day style! Think lots of sparkle (duh). How about the brand new gold metallic version of Jenny Yoo’s Annabelle dress (arriving at Flair later this winter); it’s perfection!

This style is flattering AND fabulous!

This style is flattering AND fabulous!

Looking forward to a fun, fabulous and Flair filled 2015 with all of you 🙂 xoxo

Bridal Gown Preservation Boston

Because your daughter will definitely want to wear it someday, right?

Prior to your wedding, you will literally spend months making your wedding gown just right. You will shop for the perfect accessories, trek to multiple fittings and clear out half of your closet to make a safe hiding place for what is now the most important article of clothing you’ve ever bought. Then the wedding comes and all hell breaks loose. Want those pretty Public Garden photos? You gotta watch out for grass stains. Having a beach ceremony? Hello sand! The reception is ripe with horrors, too. Aunt Petunia is wearing a particularly scary shade of pink lipstick that is sure to stain. And red wine? Why didn’t we ban that?!

Now that's a bride who had some fun on her big day! Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nicole Photography

Now that’s a bride who had some fun on her big day! Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nicole Photography

The funny thing is; you won’t actually worry about any of that on your wedding day. You’ll be so engrossed in the enormity and importance of the day that nothing else will really matter. When does it matter? The next morning, when you wake up and see that expensive, gorgeous gown covered in stains. No bride is immune. No matter how careful you are, your gown will come away a little worse for the wear. Have no fear; your friends at Flair are coming to the rescue! We have recently partnered with a company and can now offer bridal gown restoration. Loose beading: tightened. Stains: Cleaned. Wrinkles: released. Basically, we’re bringing your gown back to life! Click here to learn more and to contact us and get your restoration started. It’s an investment that every bride should make; you’ll be so glad that you did!

Wedding Cake Ideas

How to make your cake unique, beautiful AND tasty!

During the holiday season, our mind is focused solely on one thing: food. It’s unavoidable! With all of the office parties and holiday get togethers, we’re consuming way more calories than we probably should. However, we can make ourselves feel better pretty quickly. First of all, it has been so cold that a little extra “padding” might actually be beneficial to our overall health and well being. Secondly, gym memberships will most certainly be on sale come 2015, so we can kick back into gear then. Phew, now, back to the treats! Speaking of which, our food-centric brain got us thinking about the ultimate wedding treat; the cake! Wedding cakes are no longer just white and boring; they are a way to reflect your unique personality and sense of style. Check out these unique cake ideas and make your wedding cake a wow!

1) Back to the basics – It’s actually a big trend right now to forgo over the top cake decorations. After all, everyone tends to just pick off that pretty fondant, right? These “naked” cakes are unique, modern and gorgeous even without their usual trappings!

We LOVE the berries on this pretty cake we found on! If you prefer flowers, though, check out this stunner we found on Martha Stewart Weddings; gorge!

We LOVE the berries on this pretty cake we found on! If you prefer flowers, though, check out this stunner we found on Martha Stewart Weddings; gorge!

2) Painted and Pretty – If you prefer a more decorated look, but still want to do something modern and different with your cake, think about painted decorations as opposed to the usual frosting and fondant. Cake artists are artists, after all, and most can use their abilities to paint on your cake with edible “watercolors” to create a fresh, new look that your guests will love!

We are obsessed with the simple, easy watercolor feel of the left cake we saw on! And this black and white beauty we found on Colin Cowie Weddings is the epitome of modern elegance!

We are obsessed with the simple, easy watercolor feel of the cake on the left that we saw on! And this black and white beauty we found on Colin Cowie Weddings is the epitome of modern elegance!

3) Cakes with a shine – Your Flair friends have already told you that metallics are huge in wedding wear, but they are also a major trend in wedding cakes! Whether you take the metallic over the top or just as an accent, it is sure to take your cake to the next level! BIG shoutout to Flair friend and Boston based bakery Montilio’s for their stunning metallic edged cake that they made for Cheryl Hines and Robert F. Kennedy’s recent wedding. It was featured on, no big deal! Way to go Montilio’s, it couldn’t happen to a better, nicer bakery!

The cake on the left (found on exudes simple elegance and we have NO words for the beauty of Montilio's cake. It is sheer perfection!

The cake on the left (found on exudes simple elegance and we have NO words for the beauty of Montilio’s cake. It is sheer perfection!

Whatever you do, remember that your cake is another way for you and your fiancé to show off you love and personalities, so do your research and make your cake unique, special and oh so YOU!