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Bachelorette/Shower Party Planning Tips!

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Bridesmaids, this blog is for especially for you! Brides, we’re going to try and say this nicely: please go away. We love you but we’ve got some surprises to plan for you so TTFN!

OK, now that we’ve gotten rid of our lovely brides, we can get to planning their showers and bachelorette parties! Have you started the process yet? It can be difficult to do, especially when the bridesmaids are all over the country. We’ve all been on one of those never ending email chains where nothing really gets accomplished.

So annoying! Have no fear, LastBash is here! It’s a new social networking type site where you can all get together and bounce around party ideas. Once you choose your location, LastBash also can provide recommendations on local hotels, restaurants and more. Plus, once you get the guest list finalized everyone can head to LastBash to RSVP and get more info on the event. This is seriously one of those ideas we wish we had thought of, it’s genius! Check them out and kiss your party planning woes good bye! Also, be sure to clue your bride in about the site after the fact (we don’t want her peeking at any potential surprises!), so she can use it to plan an epic bash for you one day!


Happy planning and plotting!


Linds & Stace


Fashion’s Night Out: A Retrospecive

Hello happy brides and maids! Did you hit up Fashion’s Night Out? It’s the first time this event has taken place in Boston for 15 years and we were pumped to check it out! What a cool concept; fabulous stores stay open late, pump you full of free apps and beverages and give you discount on their wares. Hello, nothing wrong with that! Plus, we secretly loved walking in the middle of a blocked off Newbury Street.

Some Flair favs:

1)      DVF (duh, always a fav) had some AMAZING deals! Stacey found an adorable black lace mini for $325. Perfect for a rehearsal dinner, shower, etc.

2)      Ted Baker had some adorable dresses! They are super fun and flirty, perfect for a bachelorette! One of our favorites was a black cocktail dress with a tiered skirt. The fabric was a layer of tulle with chiffon sewn over top, so unique!

3)      Bobbles and Lace is a new addition to Newbury Street, with a recent move from the North End.  We are sure they’ll be a HUGE success with the venue change! This is definitely the place to hit up for bridesmaids’ jewelry. We’re already planning a trip back there to take a more in depth peek, be on the lookout for more info on them in a future blog…

In short, we hope it doesn’t take another 15 years to have a Boston’s Fashion Night Out! We’re sure it was a huge success and are already looking forward to next year!

Fashionably Yours

Linds & Stace


Wear it Again……Summer Lovin!

You seriously cannot get much cuter than the Jenny Yoo “Phoebe” dress!

I have been swooning over this dress since Jenny Yoo posted an awesome Blog about a bridal party that wore the Phoebe Dress and added 1 inch straps….so, I decided to not be original and order the exact same dress in the exact same color!!

Perfect for your adorable bridesmaids!

I  re-worn the Phoebe dress for a day at work or a evening summer cocktail party! So Cute! The great part about adding the 1 inch straps….I can tuck them in and it is still a fabulous strapless dress!

As we continue to tell you… can re-wear your bridesmaids dresses!

Loves it…..we hope you do too!



Success Story!

Sometimes we are given impossible tasks. “Dress 8 bridesmaids, in all different styles…oh and they all have different body types and quirks (as we all do!)…and make them feel comfortable and beautiful…and do it in one hour!

FLAIR to the the rescue!
Although, we never suggest that you bring in all nine bridesmaids at once because we do have a rather small space, every once in a while it happens, and sometimes, somehow, we are able to get the impossible accomplished!!

This was our task a few Saturdays ago when an amazing bride and her bridesmaids who had done their homework came into the store!

The whole gaggle of girls came into the store ready to get the show on the road!
They knew exactly what they wanted and they had done tons of searching online(so smart)!
Anna Elyse was their designer of choice, the bride had chosen to dress them all in Phantom Dupioni! 

The tough part was that they each had to choose a different dress and get it all completed in one hour! Luckily we had reserved both fitting rooms for this fantastic bridal party and each girl had already gone online and picked two of her favorite dresses. Along with Flair’s consultants, each girl was able to choose a top & bottom that they felt comfortable in and thought would flatter their figure!!  And we even got measurements done!

This demonstrates that if you come to appointments with great ideas and/or decisions already made, not only do you make this process easy for you, but also you can actually enjoy the process and have fun with it!  

I cannot wait to see the gorgeous dresses each girl picked out for themselves.  So, don’t forget to do your homework before an appointment because it is great to have an idea in your head of what you would like your lovely ladies to look like on your BIG day.  Don’t worry we will be there to help you along the way!

Stay warm!