Wedding Registry

Check it off of your to-do list and win BIG!!

You’ve likely heard the phrase “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” We’re trained these days to look out for fine print, catches, restrictions, exclusions, etc. Don’t give up hope, though, great deals DO exist! Case in point: The Chestnut Hill Bloomingdale’s Wedding Registry giveaway! Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Register for your wedding gifts at Bloomingdale’s in the month of March (something you probably were going to do anyways). That’s IT!

See, we told you it’s a good deal! By simply checking registering off of your wedding to do list, you will be entered to win a prize package worth over $26,000! The goodies include a honeymoon package to Anguilla, a Marchesa gown valued at up to $8,000, a diamond wedding band set valued at up to $5,000, Marchesa by Lenox dinnerware, stemware and flatware valued at up to $2,720 and a $1,000 Bloomingdale’s Gift Card. We’ve got your attention now, right? Thought so!

The ONLY requirement is that you register for atleast $6,500 worth of items, but trust us, that is easy to do. You’ll hit that number before you know it! Ready to get started? Get your registry going online here or call 617-630-6044 to make an in store appointment. Happy shopping!