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Wear it again, Back and better then ever….we know you missed us!!

Wear it Again is BACK and better than ever!!
Sorry we took a mini-break from Wear it Again…it’s busy season here people, we’re working hard to get the dresses of your dreams 
We’re back in action this week with an adorable dress from Lynn Lugo that Brooke is modeling. It’s called the Rose dress and you can probably see why…the flower detail on the shoulder is super cute and feminine; perfect for a summer party! 
 We actually bought this one for ourselves, Stacey and I both already have events we’re wearing it to and we cannot wait!! It doesn’t take much to make this one look more ready to wear, it’s pretty darn cute on its own! We added a cardigan and skinny belt and are ready to hit the town!
Happy Spring brides and maids!

Well hello TWIST Dress!!!!

We know you have all been waiting for this….and the day has finally arrived!!
We finally received Dessy’s infamous TWIST dress!
Why is this dress so amazing, let me count the ways…….. 
 Who knew one little dress can be worn all those ways!! Amazing!! Each girl can basically pick what style they want to wear and literally in seconds wrap the dress however they choose!  The twist wrap dress comes in both cocktail length and floor length and can be ordered in 22 different beautiful colors!

So, if you are trying to fit all your beautiful ladies in different dresses, but want a cohesive look, then we might have just hit the jackpot with this one!  
If you are looking to save a few buck for your lovely ladies the twist will only set them back a mere $140.00 in cocktail length and $180 in floor length!
If you need help with how to wrap the dress watch what Dessy put together for you!!
Check out the instructional video!!!
Happy Twisting!!

Wear it again: Lynn Lugo Trunk Show!!

    I’ll admit it, Flair is getting a little tired of “Wear It Again: The Winter Edition”. When will it be warm already so we can re-wear some summery dresses?? Seems like a long time away but as you summer 2011 brides know, it will be here before you know it! 
This week we went with some classic accessories; a black cardigan, skinny belt and flats. It’s the perfect combo to ensure that you really will wear your bridesmaid’s dress again! This week, we wore Lynn Lugo’s Mimi dress, which is such a cute dress all on its own! For the bridesmaids’ look, we added a sash and an AB Ellie belt (the Brooklyn bridesmaids’ belt) as a hair piece (which could be a huge trend…remember where you saw it first!!). Then, paired with our accessories, it’s a no brainer outfit for a night out on the town!

If you take one thing away from our wear it again blogs each week, it should be this: a cardigan, belt and flats are the key for turning a bridesmaid’s dress to a ready to wear dress. It’s that simple! Now, let’s all cross our fingers for an early spring like the groundhog predicted!
Stay dry!
Lindsay and Stacey

Wear it again…..Coren Moore’s Lila, oh how we love you!!

We are not sure how Coren Moore keeps turning out these cute and preppy dresses but we are obsessed with it and so are our Flair brides and bridesmaids. 

Plus, this style is channeling a little “Mad Men” vibe and we love it.  We matched the dress with a cute Azalea sash to add a pop of color!

Now seriously how easy is this dress to re-wear, I mean come on it even has POCKETS!!! Joy paired the Lila with an adorable Navy blazer and some printed flats! So adorable! Come see the whole Coren Moore line at Flair. 

Our store is flocated at 10 Newbury Street on the 4th floor!  We are looking forward to working with you!!


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It’s all about COLOR!!!

I think it was the boy scouts who said it best……
“Be prepared!”
      Such great advice, especially when shopping for all your fab and beautiful bridesmaids! You have about a million decisions to make before your BIG day and choosing the color of your bridesmaids dresses is really one of the biggest and most important. 

          Although I hate to refer to your lovely ladies as decoration, the truth is they are in a sense.  They will be the array of color surrounding you, and the color you choose is the catalyst for many other decisions (flowers, groomsmen’s attire, centerpiece colors) and will essentially set the tone for the wedding! Ouch, now that sounds like a HUGE decision.
Don’t fret we are here to help you!
      Make sure you come into Flair with ideas….whether that be magazine clippings, your favorite scarf, or paint chips. Anything helps!
So, don’t forget that boy scout motto “be prepared”!

We are looking forward to helping you choose the color and dress of you and your bridesmaids’ dreams!

Stacey 🙂

Make sure you check out amazing photographer Leah Haydocks’s Blog for more beautiful colors and inspiration!! 

Time flies while you’re having fun at Flair!!

Let’s face it, an hour goes by far faster than anyone expects. While we all wish that time didn’t fly, such is the reality of the wedding world. With that in mind, here is a tip to make the most of your hour with us! In order to prepare for your appointment, it’s important to prioritize.
Sit down, look at our designers’ websites, and really consider what you want most for your bridal party. Is it the color? The cut? The length? Do you want all of the girls in the same dress? Or would you like them to have options? If you figure out which one of these is at the top your list, then we can lead you to the designer, or the dress, that best fits your vision. We’re here to help you. We aren’t satisfied until you are, but we aren’t mind readers (although we try REALLY hard to be). Be sure to tell us what means the most to you, and we’ll do our best to make all of your wedding dreams come true.”

Stuff We Love: Customizable Jewelry by Amelia Rose!!

We have always loved Amelia Rose Design. Her jewelry is locally made and so thoughtfully done, it makes the perfect gift for anyone! Bridesmaids’ jewelry can be tricky though. Finding the right design in the right colors can be time-consuming. 
Let’s face it, when you’re planning a wedding you have a lot on your plate and adding endless hours of searching for the perfect jewelry is not something most brides want or have the luxury to do. Have no fear, Amelia has made it easy for you!
To start, she has three great pieces (2 pairs of earrings and one necklace) to choose from. Once you’ve made your selection there are three metals to choose from to set your jewelry. There’s gold, sterling silver and gold filled (a less expensive option for gold lovers). Finally, you can choose from 14 different colored jewels/crystals to finish the look. It’s so simple, and every bride should be able to find something that she loves! Check it out below:

Wear it again…B &W style!

You are probably wondering why we did our “Wear it again” in black and white…..well there is an easy explanation for that!  It’s winter and I am white as a ghost! 
Oh, and I thought it might look cool!

More importantly, Jenny Yoo’s 2011 Collection came in this week and we are ECSTATIC! Her new collection is absolutely beautiful. This “Farrah” dress, shown in Black Crinkle Chiffon, is no exception. We paired it with a cute BM belt by A.B. Ellie with some adorable BLING!
This dress is so elegant and fun, it was easy to wear again!  We added a cute tweed jacket, pumps, gray tights, and a Parisian slouchy hat!  Perfect for a nice stroll in the city(when and if all the snow melts!) or a night on the town with girlfriends!

Until next time

Stuff We Love-Longest Winter Ever Edition!

Winter…what a drag!  
We know, there is sooooooooo much snow and enormous lake size puddles out there. We are going crazy!  We are praying for spring to come soon.
So, we know it really has nothing to do with the Bridal/Bridesmaid industry, but we thought we would give a little shout out to our fav winter gear!
Apparently, this is what our owner Christine stumbled upon when she came into the store last week and thought it was hilarious! We do love our Hunter boots and obviously we all love them in BLACK!  So, enough said…winter without a pair of these beauties is a cold and sad winter indeed! Quick go buy a pair…..before the next storm!
Brooke, Lindsay & Stacey