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What a “grand” idea…57 Grand Bridal Line coming to Flair!

Contain your excitement ladies!! We are psyched too.  After a season of swooning over their fab bridesmaid dresses, 57 Grand has come out with a gorgeous and affordable Bridal Line and we think it will be just perfect for our Flair Brides.  The style are modern and inspired by the city that never sleeps…..New York of course!  We are getting a variety of short and long dresses to help cater to all our brides out there.  Check out some of the gorgeous styles that will be landing in Flair later this summer….stay tuned for an exact arrival date!!

Contact us to make an appointment!!


Stace 😉

Toms: Maybe the smartest wedding decision you’ll ever make?

OK that might be an exaggeration, but they should definitely be near the top of the list! Let’s face it, when all is said and done all you’re going to want to do at your reception is relax and boogie down. Well, there’s no more comfortable (and cute) boogie down shoe than Toms. Even better, they’re reasonably priced and totally re-wearable after the wedding!   Plus, they now come in sparkly hues fit for a princess bride.  It’s a no brainer ladies! They’d make a super cute bridesmaids’ gift too, so you can all ditch your heels and do the running man ‘til the cows come home (or atleast until the cleanup staff arrives)!

P.S. The BIGGEST Bonus about buying Toms is that they have an amazing movement/charitable spirit.

For every pair of  Toms you buy they give a free pair to a child in need! One for One!



To Spend or Not to Spend??

As any bride can tell you, this is a tough question! Throughout my wedding planning process (spanning the past 14 long months) I’ve had to ask myself, what is worth splurging on and what is not? I think it’s different for everyone. For me, I decided to cut corners on ceremony programs and calligraphy, among other things. I’m sure some of you would gasp in horror at the white address labels on my invitations but to me it really wasn’t a huge deal and it saved me some much needed moolah. Same with the programs, does anyone really read or keep them? I could just see myself taking scarce time and money to create the programs, only to see them left on the church pews. Not happening.

Some things I did splurge on? Almost everything else really! Just kidding (sort of). Seriously though, my main concerns were the venue, bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses. I figure if I look good, my girls look good, and the venue is amazing, that’s all anyone will remember, right? OK maybe there are some other important details (the groom I suppose, but they have it so easy – slap on a tux and they all look like 007), but these were my big three. I still cut some corners for my bridesmaids though, allowing them to wear whatever black shoes they want. Hopefully most of them already have something they can wear and if not, they don’t mind investing in a black pair of their choice. So, think about that when you’re choosing your girls’ dresses. Fall in love with a dress that’s a little pricier than you’d like? Splurge on the dress (what people remember most) and consider being lax on the shoes or even hair/makeup (i.e. maybe allow the girls to do their own makeup/hair if they like, to save some money). As for you brides, always splurge on yourself. The sparkly Christian Louboutins patiently waiting in my closet are proof positive that I did!



Lovely and Long………

Jenny Yoo’s Maxine is a modified halter…..super cute and comfy, looks stunning with the…..

Luisa Belt!!

Sleek, modern and sophisticated.  Coren Moore’s gorgeous Katherine gown perfect for any elegant event affair, can be paired with a contrasting or matching sash or add some floral detail with……..

A.B. Ellie’s Bitty Brooklyn!!  Hello BLING!!!

A modern and unique take on a long gown Siri does everything right with the Santa Cruz gown!!

We love Anna Elyse’s Grace Sweetheart for it’s simplicity and elegance, would be perfect paired with a pashmina or fur stole!!

Lastly, Dessy Collection brings us Style # 2832 it is a super cute chiffon gown that comes in a TON of colors and needs no embellishment because of the adorable flower on the waist!!

Ladies, we know summer is right around the corner but you Fall and Winter brides should jump on our Long Dress Promo this month and save an EXTRA 5% off for all long bridesmaid dresses purchased this month!


Until next time!!



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A.B. Ellie’s Bitty Brooklyn

A brides most important accessory!!

Ok ladies, let’s be honest Carrie Bradshaw is the one who made them the must-haves, and we have been trying to live up to SJP’s infamous and fab role as the shoe-loving Carrie from Sex and The City ever since!

You know what I am talking about right???

She made Louboutin, Choo and Manolo household names!!
Well SJP’s style is certainly popping up all over the place in the wedding world. Brides are dying to mimic some of her most memorable to dye for shoes!!
Needless to say she is a style icon whose impact will be felt for many years to come, especially if you wear some SJP inspired heels on your “BIG” day!  
Lots of love to all of you and to our fav style icon SJP!!
Stacey & Lindsay

Stuff We Love!!! Mani’s at Emerge Salon and Spa!!

Lucky us, we got to take a little field trip today courtesy of one of our amazing designers  cough, cough (Coren Moore) who nicely  presented the winners of a fall promo contest with a gift certificate to Emerge!!
We took this opportunity to get a little Manicure and relax for a whole 45 minute! The service at Emerge was AMAZING to say the least we felt very pampered!!  Emerge is the prefect place for a relaxing before the big day or a fun girls day in the city!

We decided to vary the colors for you ladies out there!!

If you get the chance you should check out EMERGE, it is quite the oasis in the middle of the city!! 
Brooke, Lindsay and Stacey

Bridesmaids the movie….coming soon to a theatre near you!!!

      Finally, after the boys got “The Hangover”, hilarity is sure to ensue when Bridesmaids hits theaters on May 13th!!  I mean really who can go wrong when you have SNL stars Maya Rudolf and Kristen Wigg staring in it!!  So, be sure to grab your girl friends aka “Bridesmaids” and go see this and laugh your tush off!!

Even the trailer had us rolling on the ground laughing!!


Wear it again…..Coren Moore’s Lila, oh how we love you!!

We are not sure how Coren Moore keeps turning out these cute and preppy dresses but we are obsessed with it and so are our Flair brides and bridesmaids. 

Plus, this style is channeling a little “Mad Men” vibe and we love it.  We matched the dress with a cute Azalea sash to add a pop of color!

Now seriously how easy is this dress to re-wear, I mean come on it even has POCKETS!!! Joy paired the Lila with an adorable Navy blazer and some printed flats! So adorable! Come see the whole Coren Moore line at Flair. 

Our store is flocated at 10 Newbury Street on the 4th floor!  We are looking forward to working with you!!


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It’s all about COLOR!!!

I think it was the boy scouts who said it best……
“Be prepared!”
      Such great advice, especially when shopping for all your fab and beautiful bridesmaids! You have about a million decisions to make before your BIG day and choosing the color of your bridesmaids dresses is really one of the biggest and most important. 

          Although I hate to refer to your lovely ladies as decoration, the truth is they are in a sense.  They will be the array of color surrounding you, and the color you choose is the catalyst for many other decisions (flowers, groomsmen’s attire, centerpiece colors) and will essentially set the tone for the wedding! Ouch, now that sounds like a HUGE decision.
Don’t fret we are here to help you!
      Make sure you come into Flair with ideas….whether that be magazine clippings, your favorite scarf, or paint chips. Anything helps!
So, don’t forget that boy scout motto “be prepared”!

We are looking forward to helping you choose the color and dress of you and your bridesmaids’ dreams!

Stacey 🙂

Make sure you check out amazing photographer Leah Haydocks’s Blog for more beautiful colors and inspiration!! 

Pushing the envelope…..we tried to re-wear a long dress!

We know what your thinking…..NO WAY, they can not re-wear a long BM dress and…… you might be right.
But, we gave it the old college try….Lindsay re-wore the gorgeous and elegant Thea dress by Jenny Yoo.  We channeled our best “Olsen sisters” look and thought…hey we can totally pull this off as a cute summer maxi dress.  We forgot one thing…it’s not summer and it gets dark at 4pm!
We were supposed to take “wear it again” out to the streets and well, it was really cold and it got too dark.  So, yes, we wore our sunglasses at night and added a big handbag, some sweet gold flat sandals, a comfy sweater, and a studded belt

So honestly…we know we are stretching this wear it again a little, but give us a break…we really tried!

Until next week when we try again
Stacey  🙂