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Tailoring Guide

Alter your bridal gown/bridesmaid’s dress with confidence and ease!

The brides and bridesmaids that we meet have different tastes, styles, body types, personalities; the list goes on and on. It’s what makes our job fun! We’re constantly amazed by how unique all of you are, and we love finding perfect dresses for all of you! One thing you all have in common, though, is tailoring tension! It’s the thing that worries brides and bridesmaids most. So, we’re here to help!

Step 1:
Buy this tailoring Gilt City coupon for our favorite tailor: Newbury Tailoring Company. You’re starting the process off right by saving money and working with the best! They have worked on Flair dresses for years; there’s nothing they can’t handle! Even the Flair staff trust their own bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses to them, so we’re speaking from experience when we tell you how amazing they are!
Step 2:
Whatever tailor you choose, go into your first appointment fully informed and prepared. We’ve compiled a list of questions every bride/bridesmaid should ask their tailor, and what you should expect from their answers:


Tailoring should be filled with smiles, not tears/stress! Thanks WeddingBee for the photo 🙂

 How far in advance should I bring my dress? 3-6 weeks is typical for bridesmaids, while bridal (which requires more fittings) is more like 3-4 months approximately. Be wary of anyone who takes much longer; they may be too busy to give your dress the attention it needs.
 What should I bring with me to my appointment? Any good tailor will want you to bring the undergarments you’ll be wearing on the day of the event, as they can change how the dress fits. Same goes for your shoes.
 How many fittings will I need? This can vary, depending on how much work needs to be done. Expect 1-2 for bridesmaids and 3-4 for bridal.
 How much is too much to tailor? Most good tailors can handle anything, and shouldn’t be put off if you have a garment that needs a lot of work. Wait until you find one that is up to the challenge!
 Do you do last minute adjustments? Most brides/bridesmaids tend to lose weight right before the big day, so it’s important to find a tailor who can handle some work at the final hour.
 Can you provide me with a quote? Don’t expect this to be a set in stone price, but most tailors should feel comfortable giving you a general idea. Be wary if they can’t!

It’s a nerve-wracking process, but if you find a reputable tailor it will be smooth sailing from there! 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Duties

What does this whole bridesmaids thing entail?

Wedding planning raises many questions for brides. What will I wear? How should I do my hair? Who will be in my bridal party? Once that last question gets answered, new questions arise – and not just for the bride. It can be a little unclear what specifically is required of bridesmaids. In what ways should I involve myself? How much will I have to spend? Every wedding is different, but in general bridesmaids should expect to be a part of (and pay for) the following:

1) Attire – This one is fairly obvious. You’ll likely pay for your own dress, and don’t forget about alterations and accessories! It is common (but not required) for brides to purchase jewelry as a gift to her bridesmaids, but plan on paying for your own shoes, undergarments, hair and makeup. Brides, take note though. If you are going to require your bridesmaids to wear a specific shoe, for example, it is customary for you to pick up the tab. If you keep it general (i.e. choose any gold shoe) then the girls can choose a style they like (and will wear again) at a price they’re comfortable with, so they won’t mind footing the bill. Same goes for hair and makeup, if you’re going to require that the girls get theirs done professionally, you should offer to pay. If you give them the opportunity to opt out, then those that want theirs done can pay for it and those that don’t can act as their own glam squad!

picstitch (3)

Brides, looking for your bridesmaids’ accessories? Give them the gift of Elizabeth Bower, Flair’s new jewelry designer! Her pieces are a-mazing and something they will totally wear after the big day!

2) Bridal Shower – Traditionally the bridal party throws the bridal shower. At a minimum expect that cost to include the price of the venue, invitations, favors, decorations and a gift for the bride. Depending on the venue, though, more costs may arise; you may have to bring your own cake, food/drinks, linens, etc. Always check what is included with the venue cost before booking!

3) Bachelorette Party – One of the biggest differences between planning the shower and the bachelorette is that you can ask the bachelorette guests to contribute to the cost – yay! Split the cost of lodging, food, drinks and entertainment equally among all attendees. On top of that, though, the bridal party may want to consider paying for decorations, custom t-shirts or other goodies to make the party unique.

4) Wedding night lodging – Traditionally the bride will take care of your lodging the night before the wedding, but bridesmaids should secure their own rooms for the following evening. Make sure you get on the ball early and snag one of the rooms in the hotel block to save yourself some cash!

Again, every wedding (and every bride) is different but this is roughly what you should expect when you say yes to being a bridesmaid. So, think about it and be honest with the bride if the money/time requirements might be too much for you. If she’s a good friend, she will understand and might have another wedding role for you!

It would be tough to say no to this adorable card - by H. Nichols Illustrations and available on our online site, Frills - but ever bridesmaid has a choice. Make sure being a bridesmaid is right for you!

It would be tough to say no to this adorable card – by fab local artist H. Nichols Illustrations and available at our online site, Frills – but every bridesmaid has a choice. Make sure being a bridesmaid is right for you!

Brides of Distinction 2015

A Day in the Life

If you follow us on Instagram (@flairboston) then you probably saw some photos from an event we did yesterday; the Brides of Distinction Brunch at the Omni Parker House! We’ve participated in this event for several years now and it’s always so much fun, for us and for the brides who attend! Basically, it’s a time for brides and their friends and family to come see the Omni’s stunning ballroom decorated for a wedding, giving them a good sense if the venue is right for them! How often do you get to see your venue decorated, in person, prior to booking? It’s SUCH a great idea! Even if some of the brides have already booked the Omni, it’s a great time for them to get a sense of the space and figure out how to make it their own on their wedding day! In addition, there’s delicious food and drinks, cakes to taste, fab vendors to meet and greet AND a fun fashion show, courtesy of Flair! Here’s how our day went:

How gorge does the ballroom look?? Fab flowers courtesy of Madison Floral and linens/chairs by Rentals Unlimited!

How gorge does the ballroom look?? Fab flowers courtesy of Madison Floral and linens/chairs by Rentals Unlimited!

8:00 AM – Models report for hair and makeup – We are the luckiest girls; we have absolutely beautiful friends who offer to double as models for this amazing event! They got up super early on a Sunday to do this for us, and we are eternally grateful! We’re also majorly grateful for Alexandra Makeup Artistry and Bella Hair Studio for making the girls so glam and gorgeous! Brides, you MUST book them for your wedding! We had 8 models for this event and ALL of them looked absolutely perfect, so these ladies can totally handle your wedding party!

Alexandra (top left) and the girls from Bella (top right) are the BEST!

Alexandra (top left) and the girls from Bella (top right) are the BEST!

Here are some close ups of the fab hair and makeup!




11:30 AM – Time to get dressed! – The girls carefully climb into their first looks and get lined up for the start of the show. We’re full of excited nerves; we can’t wait to share these gorgeous looks with all of the brides and bridesmaids in the audience!

Check out the GORGE backs on some of our first looks!

Check out the GORGE backs on some of our first looks!

Check out these babes in their first looks! Gorge!

Check out these babes in their first looks! Gorge!

12:15 – The show begins! – Our owner, Stacey, and local TV personality Jenny Johnson emcee the fashion show, giving the audience all of the important details on each style! They cover it all; the fabric, the fit, what wedding style each would be appropriate for and what body types should wear them. It’s a fun, easy way for brides and bridesmaids to “shop” for their dresses without having to try anything on! The cell phones cameras were snapping away; these dresses were a hit!

12:45 – Show’s over! – Each model quick changed into three different styles during the show; backstage was crazy but fun! At the end, there was a final walk through and then, in the blink of an eye the show was over! We loved being able to connect with all of those brides in such a short amount of time and in such a fun, casual environment. Also, working with all of the other amazing wedding vendors was such a joy, everyone there was top notch!

In total swoon mode over these last looks!

In total swoon mode over these last looks!

If you missed the brunch and like any of the dresses you see pictured here, give us a ring to come see them for yourself in the store!

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Let’s get personal!

While we try to keep our blog as fresh as possible, there is a topic that we like to come back to every so often: bridesmaids’ gifts! Every day, we see firsthand how dedicated these girls are to their brides; they deserve something special! Plus, fab new gift ideas are coming out all the time so it’s definitely something we like to revisit! Today we’re talking about personalized gifts. After all, we’re all suckers for a good monogram, right? 🙂 Check out some of our favorite personalized gift ideas below:

  • Clothes: OK, we know that monogrammed robes and white, collared shirts aren’t exactly a new idea but when we saw how affordable and fun these were, we just had to share them! Plus, how adorable will they be for photos the morning of the wedding?!
  • Bags: It’s a known fact that girls can never have enough bags, so why not add a personalized one to your girls’ collections! We’re kind of obsessed with these dip dyed duffels; perfect for the beach or a weekend away! And these suede clutches are the epitome of chic and cool!


  • Miscellaneous: OK, these gifts are a little random but we loved them too much to leave them off of our list! A monogrammed, leather bound Coco Chanel book is a unique and fabulous gift for your fashion forward friends. And a personalized flip book? Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love that! While it’s not monogrammed, we thought it was definitely personal enough to make the blog!


  • Jewelry: There are endless monogrammed jewelry options out there, but we’re really loving a classic bar necklace right now. Their sleek, simple design ensures that your girls will love and wear them for years to come, and they compliment literally any outfit! This particular bar necklace is made by a local company, Sharrah Designs, and you can find yours at Flair and on our online site, Frills. It comes in rose gold, white gold, sterling silver and yellow gold and can be personalized with names, monograms, quotes and more. The options are endless; give us a ring if you want to learn more about these beautiful bars!


Happy shopping, brides, and remember: these are the girls that planned your super fun bachelorette and stunning shower; they’ve earned something special 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Dress Shopping

How to have an A+ appointment!

As we head into March, the girls at Flair have two things on our minds: 1) Spring arrives this month (atleast technically) and 2) It’s prime bridesmaids’ dress shopping season! As our dresses take 3-4 months to produce, March is the perfect time to get orders placed for Summer and Fall wedding dates. If you’re one of the many brides who will be getting her bridesmaids’ dresses squared away in the next month or so, we’ve got some tips to make the buying process easy and fun for you and your girls:

1) Have an opinion: While it may seem nice to give your bridesmaids free reign, in our experience most of them prefer that their bride give them some direction. Telling them they can pick any navy dress in the store is a recipe for confusion and stress; the options are endless! We recommend that brides visit us or give us an email/call before coming in with the girls. At that time, we can discuss your personal style, and the style of your wedding, to help you narrow down the selection and make the shopping process more straightforward for your friends!

2) Be honest: It’s your day, and you have to love what your girls wear. After all, those photos will be on your mantle for years to come! So, if they choose something you’re not wild about, don’t be afraid to speak up. When they agree to be in your wedding, they are also agreeing to give up some control. Of course, this can be touchy, so feel free to ask Flair for help! Is there a girl who you just know will choose a dress that is a little too revealing, or who will insist that she can fit into a dress two sizes smaller than she should? Let us know these concerns in advance and we’re happy to act as your advocate and do our best to avoid those potential issues.

3) Know your bottom line: Every bride has one! Do you not want to go over $200? Does the color absolutely have to match your wedding stationery? Determine the most important factor to you and that will go a long way to helping you narrow down the dress selection.

If you keep these points in mind, your dress shopping will be carefree, enjoyable AND successful! We can’t wait to work with you soon, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us prior to your appointment with any questions or concerns. See you soon, brides and bridesmaids 🙂

Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Pop the cork and add some Marsala into your wedding day!

We LOVE when Pantone announces their “it” color for the upcoming year. They are always right on point, and 2015’s color is no exception! Marsala is such a gorgeous, universally flattering color and you can work it into your life in a ton of ways. A wine colored handbag would add a chic pop of color to any ensemble. Or, how about marsala skinny jeans? Gorge! If you really love this stunning shade, though, why not take it from everyday to wedding day!

ht_pantone_color_year_marsala_jc_141203_16x9_992 (1)
1) Marsala Mani and Manolos – Even if you already have your wedding wardrobe on lock, there’s still time to add some marsala to your wedding day look. A wine colored manicure would look simply stunning against a white bridal gown! Or, think about popping this hot color into your shoe; a fun, unique choice that you can definitely wear after the big day!

Skating The Issue by Essie is the perfect shade of Marsala! And these burgundy Manolos? We're swooning!

Skating The Issue by Essie is the perfect shade of Marsala! And these burgundy Manolos? We’re swooning!

2) Marsala isn’t just for drinking! – Though we love a good glass of red, if you want to add some marsala into your wedding cuisine in a unique way, consider it for your food, not your beverages. How stunning are these marsala cupcakes? And they’re delicious too; a traditional red velvet cake with dyed frosting to match. Simple and chic! Not a red velvet fan? Add some marsala colored blooms to your traditional white cake for a truly “wow” look! You can also play a more cheeky homage to the color of the year by offering a wedding classic; chicken marsala 😉 A true crowd pleaser!

Mmmmm marsala!

Mmmmm marsala!

3) Marsala for your man – Guys are lucky, they can wait WAY longer than us girls before finalizing their wedding wardrobe, so you likely still have time to add some marsala to their look. We LOVE this wine colored bow tie, for example (it’s from The Dessy Collection and you can get it at Flair or Frills!). It looks great with this black tux, but would look just as amazing with a navy suit and suspenders! Or, along the line of your manolos, give your man a hint of marsala in his footwear with adorable, unique socks like these from Polo.

The options are endless girls, so have some fun incorporating this gorgeous color into your big day! Of course, it goes without saying that Flair also has a TON of bridesmaids’ dresses available in the year’s hottest color, so give us a call to come in a check them out! Cheers!

Pop the question…to your bridesmaids!

Wow your best girls with these unique, fun ways to “propose” to your bridal party!

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr! Not the holiday season (though we are excited for that, too), but engagement season! The majority of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, so look alive girls! That goes for you too, potential bridesmaids. One of the first big, important things a new bride will do is pick her bridal party. After all, you’ll need your best girls on hand and ready to help with the rest of the big, important things you need to do! So today we’re talking about fun, unique ways that you can ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding party. Remember, these are the girls that will plan your shower and bachelorette, so it’s important to make them happy from the start. We think these ideas will do just the trick!

1) Ask in person – OK, we know this one is a big commitment, but if you have the time and resources, this is a truly special and memorable way to “propose” to your bridesmaids. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; why not take a trip to the nail salon and buy your new maids a manicure, for example? Or, surprise them with a trip to a winery and pop the question over popped corks! Get creative and get personal, your girls will love it!

2) Really “pop” the question – If you can’t be with all of your girls in person, (which, admittedly, most of us can’t) ask them in a fun and unique way that will get them excited to be in the bridal party from the get go! One of our favorite ideas is this interactive balloon card; how could anyone say no to something SO adorable!

We LOVE Etsy! They have a wealth of fun ideas like this!

We LOVE Etsy! They have a wealth of fun ideas like this!

3) When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a card – A personal, handwritten note NEVER goes out of style and will always be appreciated. A card gives you the opportunity to tell your girls what they mean to you, and why you want them by your side on the big day. If you like this option, though, consider a unique card that will really wow them! We’re partial to these custom bridal party cards by Flair friend H Nichols Illustrations. Customize with your girls’ names and with your wedding colors for a look that your girls will love!

These beauties are handmade with care by fab, local artist Holly Nichols. We love her!!

These beauties are handmade with care by fab, local artist Holly Nichols. We love her!!

How are you asking your girls? Or have you been asked in a fresh, new way? Let us know, we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Trunk Shows:The Cliff Notes Version

Trunk Shows: The Mystery Explained!

“Trunk show”; it could mean so many things. Is it a show that takes place in/on a trunk? Or maybe a show about trunks? What about elephants? They have trunks! Maybe they have something to do with it…

Trunk Show

We get this question all the time; what exactly is a trunk show? The short, fabulous answer is that it’s a big ol’ sale! The trunk part comes from the fact that originally designers would roll into these sales with a trunk load of merchandise to sell. These days it’s more like a huge box dropped off by UPS/FedEx, but you get the gist.

Here’s what you need to know:
1) A trunk show only lasts a limited time, typically just a weekend.
2) As most boutiques do not have the space to carry a designer’s entire collection, a trunk show is one of the only times you can see everything they have to offer all in one place.
3) The buying process is the same as always; you try on the samples and then we order you a brand new dress in your size, at a discounted price!
4) The discount being offered is only available that weekend, so be ready to commit or risk missing out on the sale price!
5) We typically only have 1 trunk show per designer per season, so when you see your favorite designer pop up on our schedule, jump on it! Oh, and act fast; trunk shows always book up WAY in advance.

That’s it! Now that you’re a trunk show pro, keep an eye on our social media for Flair’s upcoming trunk shows. We look forward to trunk showing with you soon 🙂

Meet Mariell!

Mariell: Your New Jewelry Best Friend!

Don’t get me wrong, I love living with my husband (most of the time) but I often find myself missing the years I spent living with my girlfriends. Watching trashy TV together (for some strange reason I just can’t get my husband to sit down and watch The Real Housewives with me), having impromptu dance parties, cooking together; I miss it all! One of the hardest things about moving away from them though is that my closet was cut in half! No longer can I roam into their bedrooms and go “shopping” for something new to wear. It was the perfect situation; tons of new (to me) items that I knew would be stylish because well, my friends are fab. I bet it’s something all of us girls miss as we get older, so Flair tries to recreate that experience for you. When you shop at Flair, we want it to feel like you’re shopping in your friend’s closet; easy, quick, fun and full of items handpicked to please! Case in point: our new jewelry designer, Mariell! Flair spent a long time looking for a jewelry designer that has the three necessities: high quality, stylish products, at great prices, with a quick turnaround time. And boy, have we found it! Check out some of our favorite items below and then give us a call to stop by our “closet” and poke through all of our fabulous, new jewelry collection. You can also check out tons of Mariell products on our online site, Frills, from the comfort of your own closet! Happy shopping, Flair friends!

This cushion cut necklace and earring set is a steal at only $85.00!

This cushion cut necklace and earring set is a steal at only $85.00!

Sigh, we love these vintage style earrings, and they're only $56.00!

Sigh, we love these vintage style earrings, and they’re only $56.00!

We are swooning over this art deco bridal headband, and you can to for just $85.00!

We are swooning over this art deco bridal headband, and you can to for just $85.00!

Flair’s Fashion Week Recap!

Fashion Week Spring 2015 Trend Report!

Well, another Fashion Week has come to a close. This year, though, was a little different. There was all of the usual glitz, glamour and fun, but with a quiet note of sadness mixed in as the fashion world mourned the great Joan Rivers. Two things Joan loved most, though, were fashion and laughter, so I think she’d be fine with us getting back to those! So, we’re here to recap some of the major trends seen on this year’s runway! As you probably know, even though Fashion Week is in the fall, everything on the runway was made for Spring 2015. So we’re all getting a little preview of what’s to come; perfect for Spring/Summer 2015 brides! While most runway looks are not intended for weddings necessarily, there are subtle ways you can pop their trends into your big day!

1) 3D details: This year’s looks were literally popping off the runway! Designers were using multi-layered sequins, tons of paillettes, beading, crystals and even 3D florals to bring their looks to life. You can achieve this look with our petal bridal gown by Theia, which is covered in stunning fabric petals, giving you that on trend, 3D look!

This Vera Wang stunner embodies the 3D perfectly! As for the Theia gown, she does too, and you can get her at Flair!!

This Vera Wang stunner embodies the 3D trend perfectly! As for the Theia gown, she does too, and you can get her at Flair!!

2) Metallics: Shades of Gold, Silver and Bronze were all over the runways this year! Metallics are great for a wedding; in general they are neutrals so you can pair them with whatever other colors you like! No need to stress over if the napkins, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers and programs will coordinate! Get the look with Jenny Yoo’s Metallic Lace, seen here on her Hudson dress!

This Max Mara is the perfect shade of silver, just like in the matallic threading on our Hudson dress!

This Max Mara is the perfect shade of silver, just like in the matallic threading on our Hudson dress!

3) Pleats: OK, we have to pat ourselves on the back here. Pleats have been big in the wedding world for years, and the high fashion world is finally catching up! Pleats are super flattering and add the perfect, subtle detail to any dress! Steal this look for less with Dessy’s style 2880; pleats and rouching and flattering galore!

We love these Calvin Klein pleats almost as much as Dessy's ;)

We love these Calvin Klein pleats almost as much as Dessy’s 😉

4) Blush: OK, another pat on the back for us! Blush has been huge in the wedding world for the past couple of years, and it looks like it’s here to stay for atleast one more! Blush is soft, romantic and generally pretty flattering, making it the perfect wedding color! More good news: you can get this look with pretty much every designer at Flair! Check it out here on Siri’s Dahlia dress; stunning!

We are swooning over the color of this Tory Burch look, and over the cut of this Siri dress; so chic!

We are swooning over the color of this Tory Burch look, and over the cut of this Siri dress; so chic!