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Flair Boston’s ode to TRUNK SHOWS!

Trunk Shows: Getting us through Winter since ’04

Every autumn without fail, I begin to (foolishly) fantasize about the coming winter; sipping cocoa while looking out the window at a light falling snow, ice skating in a chic wool coat, etc. I suppose the summer and fall months in New England are so pleasant that I always seem to forget just how bad the winters are. Every time it arrives, though, my fantasies are crushed. Chic wool coat? Maybe for a few days, then it’s my sleeping bag sized puffer coat day in and day out. Sipping cocoa? Try sipping vodka as I stare despondently at yet another snow storm. There is an upside though! Winter means TRUNK SHOW season at Flair! We jam pack our winter with great trunk shows by all of our designers; they are our moments of sunshine amongst Pax, Rex and all of the other obnoxious blizzard names.

New to trunk shows? Here’s what you need to know!

1) Basically, a trunk show means that we are highlighting a particular designer. What does this mean for you? We will be getting TONS of their dresses in for you to drool over! We rarely have room to carry a designer’s entire collection, so these events are a great time to see everything they offer!
2) While we will have oodles of dresses in the store, we can’t guarantee that we will have every color, style and size. If you want to see something specific, let us know before the trunk show and we will do our best to get it in for you!
3) A trunk show is really just a fancy name for a SALE! All of that particular designer’s dresses will be discounted for the duration of the trunk show. So, come in ready to buy and act fast, the deals won’t last long after the show ends!
4) Appointments are still required during trunk shows, and they book quickly, so call us ASAP if you want to stop in for one!
5) Yes, our other designers will still be in the store during trunk shows. So if you have an appointment during a trunk show but want to see other designers too, have no fear!

Up next....Amy Kuschel!

Up next….Amy Kuschel!

That’s trunk show 101, and you passed with flying colors! Now for extra credit, give us a call to stop in for one soon!!

Happy shopping, brides and bridesmaids 🙂

Going Beyond the Registry: Fabulous gift ideas for the bride in your life

With another holiday season just past, I got to thinking about the gift giving evolution. You start out as a cute (albeit bratty) kid who is all about receiving gifts….lots and lots of them. Then, as the years pass, you start to receive fewer gifts, but you don’t really mind. You even start to feel a little guilty. You actually hear yourself saying: “You didn’t have to do that!” or “You did too much!” “Too much? There’s no such thing!” your younger self would say. Then a few more years pass, and suddenly you get more joy out of giving than receiving. My parents always said that they preferred gift giving, and in my younger days I never understood it. “Chumps”, I thought. They were right though. As it turns out, parents are actually right about a lot of stuff, it’s weird. Anyways, these days seeing the looks on my friends’ and family’s faces is the best gift I could ever ask for. Who knew?!

Even though the holidays are over, I’m excited to keep the gift giving spirit alive! My new focus: brides! I have some showers and weddings in the coming months that I can’t wait to shop for. While registries take off a little bit of the pressure, I always like to add in a little something personal as well. Here are a few of my favorites:
1) Amore ring dish: Because every bride takes off her rings once and awhile, so she might as well have a fabulous place to keep them.


2) Lanvin bridal notebook: Because every bride needs a designer notebook to take to her vendor meetings, right?


3) Champagne coupes (my new obsession): Because every bride deserves to toast in style. There are tons of brands to choose from, but I love these from Kate Spade!


We hope the bride in your life enjoys these gifts, and let us know if there are any others that you have loved to give or receive!

See you in 2014,

Your favorite Flair girls 🙂

August Promotions!!

Lucky, lucky 2014 brides + bridesmaids….we have some fabulous August Promo coming up this month!

This Jenny Yoo promo is just the beginning….look for more promos and events next week!
JYC August 2013

If you have not set up an appointment for August….what are you waiting for?

Call us at 617.247.2828 or book and appointment here!

We can’t wait to dress you in some adorable Jenny Yoo frocks!


Flair Girls

A Perfect Combination!

Today at Flair we got to discussing some classic combos. Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, bread and butter….can you tell that we had this discussion around lunch time? The dynamic duo that really sparked our conversation though cannot be found in the fridge; Coren Moore and Kate Spade!

Here’s how the convo got started…our lovely FedEx guy dropped off a huge box of adorable dresses for our Coren Moore trunk show at the same time that we were drooling over Kate Spade’s flash sale website (did you see it? GREAT deals!). It didn’t take long for us to realize how well these two fit together! They’re preppy, classic, and oh so fashionable.

Kate Spade

We just so happen to have a Kate Spade store on our block, so we decided to take a little field trip for some inspiration. We were kids in a candy store! Everything in there is so colorful and fun; very Flair! One piece really stuck out; a gorgeous navy and white striped necklace that Stacey ended up buying for herself. It’s the perfect combo of preppy and modern. We love it! We couldn’t help trying it with some of the Coren Moore dresses we had in and it literally looked good with every single one. So, for any Coren Moore brides/maids out there looking for jewelry, check out Kate Spade. While some of her pieces can get a little pricey, they are a great investment and something that can truly be worn again and again!

Our Coren Moore Trunk Show ends May 19th!  Get those orders in!!

Happy Spring!

Linds, Stace, Jaime, Madi & Hilleary 🙂

A Love Letter to Boston!

boston heart

While absolutely nothing can compare to the horror our city of Boston faced last week, this week is weird too, right? Last week I knew for sure how I was supposed to be feeling; extremely sad, heartbroken and angry, just to name a few emotions. This week, though, I only feel uncertainty. We as a city (and a nation) are starting to gingerly step into the territory of “moving on.” (I put it in quotes because how do you ever fully do that? Nothing will ever be quite the same). We’re all left wondering how to feel and act. For example, as my shower radio blared this morning, I heard the DJs discussing when it was appropriate to go back to their usual, joking program. On the one hand, who couldn’t use a laugh right now? On the other hand, though, no one wants to move on too quickly and not properly honor and recognize the injured and deceased.

One way that I think that we can begin to heal is by focusing on the good. Speaking for all of the Flair staff, we were beyond touched to come back to the store and find numerous messages from our brides, wondering about our well-being. You have no idea what that meant to us. To be included in that group of loved ones that you wanted to check on makes us so happy. We say it a lot, and it is true every time, but we truly care about each and every person who enters this store. You are a part of our Flair family and we appreciate and care for all of you. We cannot thank you enough, and because of you we firmly believe that we have the best job in the world!

Another way that we at Flair have decided to start to heal is by getting back out there and supporting our local businesses. Many Boylston Street businesses were closed for over a week, which may not seem long, but in being familiar with the crazy commercial rent prices in the Back Bay, we know that every day of the month is an important one fiscally. So, we are looking forward to getting back out there and supporting them however we can. This is the same story I will tell my husband when he sees the bill (that’s just a small, first attempt at a joke)! We encourage you all to do the same, and even beyond that, think of the small businesses when you’re back out there shopping in the Back Bay. Knowing how special the employee/customer relationship is in our own small business, we can’t wait to experience that on the other end as customer.  We also look forward to passing onto them the love and kindness that we’ve been so lucky to receive.

Lots of love & hugs from the ladies at Flair!

(We are still giving out free hugs if you are in need of one)

Lindsay + Stacey + Jaime + Madison + Hilleary

You can help please by donating to the organizations/people below:

For  all of  the people of Boston affected.

Because every girl who walks through our door is family.

For a Fellow Newbury Street Stylist.


The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party at Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill!

Wedding Party Knot Graphic

We are so exciting to be partnering with Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill for The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party!  We look forward to meeting you and talking to you about all the newest trends in the Bridal World!



Bridal Shower Themes!

There are many different ideas for a bridal shower. It depends on your season, wedding day theme, who is coming, how intimate, and many other factors. But the biggest factor is what YOU want. We are going to take a closer look into what it will take to create these different afternoon (or morning) escapes.




Kitchen Theme—A kitchen theme bridal shower usually involves kitchen gifts and activities. Guests are usually asked to bring a favorite or family recipe so the bride can get a jump-start on their recipe collection. There may even be a little bit of baking involved or a “create-your-own” fruit bar. As long as food is involved it will be fun!



High Tea—This bridal shower is all things tea related! Play fun games, get the girls together, and eat tiny sandwiches! If you are a little confused and new to the “tea-party” theme a great place to start is Teavana they are very informative and will be able to direct you to find a good arrange of teas that will go perfectly with your party. Also don’t forget the option of coffee!



Brunch—For those morning people, you can always start the day off right with a brunch theme. Mimosas, a “do-it-your-own” fruit, granola, and yogurt bar, and pastry spread will certainly be the key to a classy and fun event. Besides…it is the most important meal of the day. Jazz Brunch at The Beehive is a quirky and fun place to plan a rocking shower!




Wine & Cheese—Wine & Cheese parties are very fun. It is a great way to get all your fiends together and try different wines. Either have guests bring a bottle of their favorite or create the selection yourself! Baccos in Boston is a great place to start to learn about all the great wine and cheese pairings!



Spa—In the middle of planning a wedding the bride needs a spa day. Many salons have packages and can accommodate a bridal shower for the bride and some of her close friends. A cheaper alternative option will also be make a spa day at home. Set up different stations and try “at-home” remedies for beauty products. Great gift ideas that go along with this theme are bath products, towels, and more bath supplies.  Spa’s we love in Boston Exhale & Emerge perfect for any spa day with the girls!


Take this day as a way to enjoy the company with friends and treat yourself before the big day! Enjoy!

 Now go plan that bridal shower!!





A Day of Love….oh and sweets!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of doing a typical “Top Valentine’s Day Dates” ideas we are going to help all those sig others who may be running a little late in the gift department……..hint hint to our sig others, can you tell we have a sweet tooth:)


1. Georgetown Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of the best ways to give your loved one something sweet on this special day! Georgetown Cupcakes is located on Newbury Street and are accepting pre-orders up until Wednesday evening. You can also stop on in and pick out your favorites!


2. Winston Flowers

Winston Flowers has some of the most beautiful arrangements I have seen. I have fallen in love with their flowers! All of their locations have extended hours on Valentine’s Day: 8 am – 6 pm.


3. Beacon Hill Chocolates

Beacon Hill is a small little shop on Charles Street but they have traveled the world to get the best chocolates. They were named the Best of Boston for 2009, 2010, and 2012. They offer a very wide variety to satisfy any sweet tooth!

If you need more inspiration please head over to our Pinterest page and look at our Valentine’s day board!


Hugs and kisses from your Fav Flair girls



Grammy Red Carpet Fashion!

As we settle into our “new digs” we wanted to take the time to look at the 2013 Grammy Red Carpet from this past weekend. It is our favorite time of year…..award season and that means one thing: dresses! The red carpet is one of the most exciting times of the night! We wanted to give our humble opinions to which dresses we thought were just fabulous.

These are our top 5! Enjoy!

  Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood—Wearing  Roberto Cavalli


Rihanna—Looking stunning in Alaia

 1Carley Rae

Carley Rae Jepson—Sparkling in Roberto Cavalli


Kelly Osborne—Paule Ka


Lastly, we had to give Carrie Underwood a second nod for her stunningly beautiful performance gown that was custom made by Theia’s own Don O’Neill!  Such a show stopper!

These ladies looked  beautiful at the Grammy’s….but what we want to know is who was your favorite on the Grammy Night?


Flair Girls

Moving on up!

Not to toot our own horn, but we love the vibe we’ve created at Flair. We want our customers to feel like they’re walking into their friend’s home when they come to see us, or better yet like they’re walking into their friend’s fabulous closet! We strive to be comfortable and warm, yet a little chic at the same time. We’ll be the first to admit though….Flair’s a little small. If you’ve been here you know; we are busting out of this place!

So, we started the search about 2 years ago for a new space. Yes, you read that correctly, 2 years ago. Why the lengthy process? There’s no lack of spaces for rent on Newbury Street, but we were absolutely not willing to settle on the look and feel of our new space. Some spaces were huge and gorgeous, but a little too industrial/cold feeling for us. Others were warmer but didn’t have the big, open feel we like. Yes, we were very picky; realtors hated us. We love our clients though, so we wanted nothing but 100% perfection for them. Finally, after years of searching, we found it; the PERFECT space. It’s bigger (yay!), but not so big that it loses that homey feeling. The builder also really thought about making the space aesthetically pleasing. The wood work is stunning and rich looking, and the floors absolutely gleam. Can you tell that we’re obsessed?! We don’t want to give too much away now, but keep an eye peeled for photos when we’re all done setting up. We are beyond thrilled to share our wonderful new home with you soon!


Cheers to a beautiful 2013 together!


Lindsay and Stacey

Important Note (this means you!):

Our last day at 10 Newbury will be Saturday 1/19. After that, we will be closed for a few days for the move and then will be back open for business on Thursday 1/24. Our new address is 140 Newbury Street, Suite 202 (Second floor) so all appointments starting on 1/24 and beyond will need to go there.

Thanks and see you soon!!