Wedding and Bridesmaids’ Dress Sizing

Don’t fear the measuring tape!

We see countless brides and bridesmaids in the store, and each one is unique. One thing they all have in common, though, is a fear of the dreaded measuring tape. It doesn’t matter how fit or confident a girl is, when we pull it out everyone has the same response – yuck! We get it; it’s not fun to have a virtual stranger pull that tape around you and then ::gasp:: discuss your numbers with you! Unfortunately, though, we can’t do away with it because it’s an essential part of the dress buying process, and ensures that you get the best fitting garment possible. We’ve found that learning about potentially nerve-wracking things tends to make them less scary, though, so today we’re going to go over every little detail of the sizing process. Here’s what you can expect:
Who: Everyone – no one is immune to the sizing process! Even if you fit well into a sample dress in the store, we’ll likely still take your measurements. The dresses in the store tend to get stretched out from being tried on so often, and are therefore no longer an accurate representation of their size.
What: Here’s what we’ll use – a soft, flexible measuring tape and the designer’s size chart; that’s it! What you should bring: a tighter fitting outfit and your beautiful self! Bulky, loose clothing is harder for us to measure around and may affect your measurements. Bonus points if you bring: an open mind! Sizes in the wedding world don’t always line up with ready to wear sizes, so don’t be alarmed/surprised if we mention a number that you’re not used to wearing.
Where: With us, ideally! Of course, if you can’t make it to the store there are other places you can get your measurements done, but with our knowledge of the dresses/fit, we prefer to measure as many people in house as we can. In the event that you have to be measured elsewhere, just be sure that it’s a reputable, knowledgeable place. We suggest trying a tailor, bra shop, or other specialty clothing store that is used to measuring customers.
When: We typically start the sizing process once you’ve settled on a particular dress/designer that you like best. Each designer has a unique size chart so it helps to have a focus before we measure. Non-local brides and bridesmaids take note, though – if you don’t live in the area and may not be back for any follow up appointments, let us know and we can take your measurements earlier in the process to save you time/stress down the line.
Why: Well, duh. You need the best fitting dress possible!

A handy dandy guide/infographic for those of you preparing to get sized :)

A handy dandy guide/infographic for those of you preparing to get sized 🙂

How: Here’s how it goes down. Most of the time, just three simple measurements are all we need; bust, waist and hip (for some bridal gowns, though, we may take more). We’ll take around the fullest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your waist (i.e. where your natural waist dips in a little), and the fullest part of your hip (yup, your butt). Then, we’ll explain where your measurements fall on the designer’s size chart. Most girls tend to be all over the place, so we often recommend ordering for your largest measurement; you can always take the dress in! Ultimately, though, it’s your dress and therefore the final size decision is yours. Be ready to make a decision and come prepared with any size related questions you may have for us. We’re always here to help!

See/measure you soon 😉