Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Brides, what YOU need to know!

I don’t know about you, but when I first started planning my wedding I was determined to do everything myself. Not down to the cooking, I wouldn’t subject my guests to that, but in terms of style and décor, I alone was going to make every single decision. Then, months passed and wedding planning became overwhelming and suddenly I was more than happy to pass off tasks to trusted people around me. As a bride, it’s important to delegate and know what’s most important you to, and what can be handled by others. When it comes to your bridesmaids and their dress tailoring, you may think that you can leave it 100% to them, but we recommend making a few small decisions yourself before cutting them loose:

Of course, the first step is getting your girls a proper fitting dress! Check out our website for our measurement guide, or ask us any questions you have!

Of course, the first step is getting your girls a proper fitting dress! Check out our website for our measurement guide, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have!

Length – You don’t need to go so crazy as to tell each girl exactly how many inches she should take off her hem, but you should let them know your shortness threshold. The last thing you want is for one girl to show up in a mini that you did not authorize. Consider giving them a head start by saying that you prefer “two inches above the knee” or whatever you think is best. If you’ve chosen long dresses, remind your girls to bring their shoes with them to the tailor, so that he/she can perfectly align your girl’s hem with the floor.
Location – We get it, being a bridesmaid is expensive, but that’s no reason to cut corners and go cheap on the tailoring. A good seamstress is well worth the money, especially considering how many photos will be taken! Consider doing some research and giving your girls the names of a few reputable places to get them going. That way, you can avoid a chop job emergency in the final days before the wedding!
Lingerie – Well, undergarments is what we really mean, but we had an alliteration thing going on there. Since it can’t be seen and therefore doesn’t affect your wedding per se, you can’t really force your girls to buy certain pieces, but you can make suggestions. Choose a dress with a clingy fabric? Lightly recommend a shaper so that you don’t see any underwear lines. Select a strapless or other low cut style? Discuss choosing a bra that keeps the cleavage at a tasteful level.

Of course, if you have any questions on tailoring your girls’ dresses, don’t hesitate to give Flair a ring!