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Flowergirl Dresses

Finding the perfect style for your little showstopper!

This was a big, huge week at Flair! Our owners, Stacey and Zak, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Devan Taylor. Needless to say, she’s already Flair’s little princess and we’re all madly in love with her! So, seeing as how we have lovely little girls on the brain, today’s blog is dedicated to the princesses of the wedding world; flowergirls! As fun as the girls are themselves, shopping for their dresses, on the other hand, can be somewhat stressful. From finding something to match, to choosing the right size, more goes into it than you’d think! Here are some tips to make shopping for your little girl fun and smooth:

Not sure what you're looking for? Flair's designers have tons of variety and something for everyone!

Not sure what you’re looking for? Flair’s designers have tons of variety and something for everyone!

1) Don’t wait too long to shop – You might think such a small dress would be quick to make, but most of our flowergirl dresses take almost as long to produce as their bridesmaid counterparts! So, you want to start thinking about ordering them around the same time as the bridesmaids’ dresses.
2) Allow for growth spurts – Just like with bridesmaids’ dresses, we take measurements of the little ones and then compare them to the designer’s size chart to choose the right size. Unlike with the adult dresses, though, we often recommend ordering a size up from what she is measuring now, in case of a growth spurt. If she doesn’t grow, you can always take the dress in or choose to leave it a little loose. Flowergirl dresses don’t need to be as snugly fit, and she may even be a little more comfortable with some extra room to breathe.
3) Be color correct – Traditionally, if the bride’s gown is white, then the flowergirl’s dress is also white, if the gown is ivory than so is the flowergirl’s, and so on. These days, though, flowergirl dresses don’t have to be just in the ivory/white family. There are tons of options if you’re looking for something a little outside of the box! If you want a piece of her dress (usually the sash) to perfectly match the bridesmaids’ dresses, though, then be sure to order some extra material at the same time you order the adult dresses, to ensure a matching dyelot. Some of our designers can even make the sash for you, so be sure to ask us if you’re interested!

Whatever you decide, be sure to give your little one the opportunity to try on her dress well in advance of the big day. Comfort is key with kids, so doing a little troubleshooting prior to the big day can ensure that she looks and feels great for her big walk down the aisle!

Flower Girl Dresses

Fresh, new ideas for the little lady in your life!

flower girl
1. A young girl at a wedding ceremony who precedes the bride and carries or scatters flowers in her path.

Alternate definition: A young girl who has a strong chance of stealing your thunder.

The wedding day is all about the bride – oh yeah, and you too, grooms 😉 – but if there had to be a second in command, it would be the flower girl. She’s cute – almost too cute – and the wedding can’t start without her. She’s basically a mini-bride. She sets the tone for your own walk down the aisle, so you definitely want her happy and excited. How can you ensure that? Well, with little ones there’s never a guarantee but if you dress her right, she’s probably going to jump at the chance to hit that aisle and strut her stuff. Check out these fresh, new ideas for flower girls and get your little lady runway (i.e. aisle) ready:

1) Redefine “flower” girl – Flower petals are the classic, standard accessory for flower girls (duh), but they’re not always practical. If your ceremony is outdoors, they’ll probably end up flying all over the place. Not to mention the fact that flower girls are notorious for either not throwing the petals at all, or dropping them in huge, random clumps. Not exactly the delicate scattering of petals you were hoping for. You can avoid that by giving her a modern, unique item to carry. Try a clever sign, or what about a big, bright balloon? And that chic parasol? We’re swooning!

Thanks to Real Simple for these adorable photos!

Thanks to Real Simple for these adorable photos!

2) Give her happy feet – A comfortable kid is a happy kid, so get her started off on the right foot with some cute, yet comfortable footwear. Mini Uggs, cowboy boots, Toms, or even Hunter rain boots are sure to be met with ooh’s and ahh’s from your guests as well as your flower girl!

We found these cuties on Pinterest :)

We found these cuties on Pinterest 🙂

3) Get her ‘do just right – While we are obsessed with the flower crowns we’ve been seeing for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls alike, it’s time for some new alternatives. We love this lace headband. Lace is so very bridal and therefore perfect for the big day! Also, every girl loves some bling, so why not adorn her top knot with some sparkle? And for the little diva in your life, a mini-veil is an accessory that’s sure to make her feel special and wow your guests!

Kudos again to Pinterest for these sweet shots!

Kudos again to Pinterest for these sweet shots!

4) Dress for success – Gone are the days of simple white dresses with a color coordinated sash. There are tons of adorable, modern dress styles for your flower girls! Jenny Yoo has numerous options that are sure to set your girl apart, and they even go along with the hot, new trends we’re seeing in bridal gowns. Lace, sleeves, colors; there’s something for every girl’s taste!

Just a few of Jenny's delightlful dresses! L to R: Her Etsy, Annie and Avery styles

Just a few of Jenny’s delightlful dresses! L to R: Her Etsy, Annie and Avery styles

Whatever you choose, make your flower girl feel special and she’s sure to walk the aisle with a smile 🙂