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Cap Sleeves the new “it” style???

Never did I think I would be writing a BLOG about Cap sleeves. But here I am, and I am serious about this!  This trend is SERIOUSLY cute!  I think we are being influenced by our friends across the pond big time…..they have always been a tad more conservative then us over here in New England!

So, considering our obsession with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton…cap sleeves are making a BIG comeback….so get with it and check out some our our amazing options we are offering here at FLAIR!

Lynn Lugo “Camille” with a Tulip Skirt!!

Anna Elyse‘s “Cap Sleeve” with Pencil Skirt!

Alfred Sung “D500″…..just arrived today!!


Let’s go ladies book your appointments and come look at this cute new trend we are LOVIN!




11 day’s til Lindsay’s wedding! ahhhh 🙂

11 bridesmaid dresses for $211

Ladies, ladies…….calm down we know you are excited!!!

We are offering an amazing SALE in the month of June we picked 11 of or favorite dresses and decided to offer them to you exclusively at Flair for an astounding $211!!

Your bridesmaids have a choice of any of these 11 dresses in the mentioned fabrics and in any color that the designer offers.

1.  Siri’s “Deville” Dress in Silk Shantung

2. Siri’s “Lotus” Dress in Silk Shantung

3. Siri’s “Paulette” in Silk Shantung

4. Siri’s “Tiffany Sweetheart” in Silk Shantung

5. Lynn Lugo “Blake” in Silk Shantung, Eastern Silk or Silk Dupioni

6. Lynn Lugo “Grace “ in Silk Shantung, Eastern Silk and Silk Dupioni

7. Lynn Lugo “Dakota” in Silk Shantung, Eastern Silk and Silk Dupioni (excluding white)

8. Alfred Sung “D498” in Peau De Soie or Dupioni

9. Alfred Sung “D468” in Peau De Soie or Dupioni

10.  Alfred Sung “D437” in Peau De Soie or Dupioni

11.  Dessy Collection “6575” in Chiffon

What are you waiting for??

Adorable and stylish bridesmaid dresses for your girls for only $211….call us and make an appointment to see these fab dress this month for our $211 dress sale!




Stacey & Lindsay

Wear it again, Back and better then ever….we know you missed us!!

Wear it Again is BACK and better than ever!!
Sorry we took a mini-break from Wear it Again…it’s busy season here people, we’re working hard to get the dresses of your dreams 
We’re back in action this week with an adorable dress from Lynn Lugo that Brooke is modeling. It’s called the Rose dress and you can probably see why…the flower detail on the shoulder is super cute and feminine; perfect for a summer party! 
 We actually bought this one for ourselves, Stacey and I both already have events we’re wearing it to and we cannot wait!! It doesn’t take much to make this one look more ready to wear, it’s pretty darn cute on its own! We added a cardigan and skinny belt and are ready to hit the town!
Happy Spring brides and maids!

Wear it again: Lynn Lugo Trunk Show!!

    I’ll admit it, Flair is getting a little tired of “Wear It Again: The Winter Edition”. When will it be warm already so we can re-wear some summery dresses?? Seems like a long time away but as you summer 2011 brides know, it will be here before you know it! 
This week we went with some classic accessories; a black cardigan, skinny belt and flats. It’s the perfect combo to ensure that you really will wear your bridesmaid’s dress again! This week, we wore Lynn Lugo’s Mimi dress, which is such a cute dress all on its own! For the bridesmaids’ look, we added a sash and an AB Ellie belt (the Brooklyn bridesmaids’ belt) as a hair piece (which could be a huge trend…remember where you saw it first!!). Then, paired with our accessories, it’s a no brainer outfit for a night out on the town!

If you take one thing away from our wear it again blogs each week, it should be this: a cardigan, belt and flats are the key for turning a bridesmaid’s dress to a ready to wear dress. It’s that simple! Now, let’s all cross our fingers for an early spring like the groundhog predicted!
Stay dry!
Lindsay and Stacey

Still re-wearing in 2011!!!

We are back at it in 2011!! 
In honor of Lynn Lugo’s Trunk Show this weekend 
we decided to bring you one of her new designs that we are absolutely in LOVE with!!

Brooke is showing off the new DAKOTA top with the DAISY skirt 
and a cute white accent flower!!

To re-wear this gem…it was not a hard sell we added a cute metallic beaded necklace and a gray with white piping blazer both from JCREW
Perfect for any fun night out on the town or a fancy dinner in the city!!

 Until next week…..

Lots of love and happiness in the New Year!!