New Year’s Eve Wedding

Tips and Tricks for a Successful, Stylish Event!

Happy 2015! How was your New Year’s Eve? Hope you celebrated with lots of fun, family, friends and flair 😉 Did anyone attend a NYE wedding? In our profession we obviously talk about weddings a lot, and from what we hear, NYE weddings are always memorable and exciting! If December 31 is the date you’re thinking about for your big day, here are some things to keep in mind:

• If you’re having a church ceremony, remember that their holiday decorations might still be up. The advantage there is that you can avoid paying to decorate the site, but the disadvantage is that you have to work your wedding color palette around their décor. Talk to your site in advance to get an idea of what, if any, decorations they will still have up that day so that you can plan accordingly.

Sure, poinsettias are pretty, but they don't go with everything!

Sure, poinsettias are pretty, but they don’t go with everything!

• Typically, when you have a winter wedding here in New England, booking your vendors is a breeze. The busy wedding season here is roughly May – October, so most vendors are free and clear in December. However, because NYE is one of the biggest party days of the year, some of your favorite vendors may get scooped up for non-wedding events. In particular, book your caterer, florist and DJ/band well in advance. Oh and don’t forget to ensure that your photographer can stay past midnight to get those fun countdown shots!

• Remember, even though it’s your wedding day, it’s still everyone else’s New Year’s Eve! Make sure they can celebrate somewhat traditionally by watching the ball drop. Talk to your reception venue in advance about bringing in a large TV or projection screen to watch the countdown as a group. Counting down together will definitely be one of the most memorable parts of the whole day!

Now that's a party! Photo courtesy of The Knot, taken by Vue Photography

Now that’s a party! Photo courtesy of The Knot, taken by Vue Photography

• Make sure you have plenty of bubbly! New Year’s Eve is the biggest day for the consumption of champagne in the US, after all! Stock the bar and also consider cute, mini champagne bottle favors like these that we found on; they’re practical, adorable and your guests will love them!


• Last but not least, let your friends at Flair help you plan your gorgeous, glamorous NYE wedding day style! Think lots of sparkle (duh). How about the brand new gold metallic version of Jenny Yoo’s Annabelle dress (arriving at Flair later this winter); it’s perfection!

This style is flattering AND fabulous!

This style is flattering AND fabulous!

Looking forward to a fun, fabulous and Flair filled 2015 with all of you 🙂 xoxo