Short Wedding Dresses

Short on length, long on style!

I don’t know about you, but this week’s rising temperatures have us stocking up on self tanner and pulling our Spring/Summer clothes out of hibernation. As much as we love them, we’re ready to say au revior to sweaters and scarves and bonjour to sundresses and shorter skirts! Not only does it bring sun and fun, but the warmer weather also signals the beginning of the busy wedding season here in New England. Seeing as how the vast majority of weddings here happen in the hottest months, it makes sense that shorter bridal gowns are getting more and more popular these days! Designers today are creating tons of gorgeous, totally wedding appropriate shorter looks! If you’re thinking of one for your big day, here are some things to consider:

Consider this; Flair has some short cuties from Amy Kuschel, Jenny Yoo and more!

Consider this; Flair has some short cuties from Amy Kuschel, Jenny Yoo and more!

1) One length does not fit all – Wedding dresses don’t just come in two lengths, short and long; there are plenty of choices in between! Just be aware of what length works best on your body type. Generally speaking, knee-length works best on shorter and curvier girls, while taller brides are more apt to pull off a tea length.
2) Remember your venue/theme – Before plunging headfirst into the short dress trend, make sure it fits with your wedding venue and overall theme. As stunning as shorter dresses are these days, they are always going to be a little more casual than their longer counterparts. So, if you’re going for a super formal feel, you might want to think twice about a shorter style (or, get the best of both worlds and opt to just change into one later in the night for dancing!).
3) Understand that your choices will be more limited – Even though more and more designers are creating shorter wedding dresses, they are still in the minority. So, be prepared to have most stores tell you that they only have a few styles to try on. For the less decisive among us, this can be a huge advantage. Less choices means less options to keep you up at night considering!

Once you’ve thought through these points, remember that there are a million great reasons to choose a shorter dress. Most of the time, they are less expensive, they’re often super comfortable, and you can go to the bathroom on your own, just to name a few 🙂