Wedding Traditions

Don’t let your “something blue” get you blue!

These days, wedding traditions are becoming a little more a la carte; pick the ones you like and leave the ones you don’t. Does the thought of the garter toss make you gag? Forget it! Don’t want all eyes on you (and your not “Dancing With The Stars” ready moves) during the first dance? Skip it! It’s your day, after all, so just do what you like! One tradition we still love, though, is the classic “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. It’s a good one because it doesn’t affect the flow of your big day, and basically gives you an excuse to add some rockin’ pieces to your already killer ensemble! Typically, it’s the last one that gives brides the most trouble. It’s not always easy to incorporate something blue into your bridal look, so today’s blog is dedicated to some fun, unique ways to do just that!
Temporary Tattoo – For my sister’s recent bachelorette party, the gold “Team Bride” faux tattoos that I selected were a HUGE hit! They’re easy, inexpensive, and perfect for a fun photo op! So, why not rock one on your big day? Just find your perfect, discreet spot and go! P.S. we love these that we found on Etsy!

Only $3.49? A Something Blue bargain!

Only $3.49? A Something Blue bargain!

Perfume – If you’re up for something a little less literal, Oscar de la Renta makes a gorgeous scent called “Something Blue” that would totally do the trick. Plus, you’ll have tons leftover for your honeymoon and beyond!
Makeup – No, we’re not talking about that horrid blue eyeshadow of the 80’s! We were more thinking of a chic navy eyeliner, mascara, or even a soft blue mani and/or pedi. You have to get your makeup/nails done anyways so why not check “something blue” off of your to-do list at the same time!
Blue petticoat – Looking to add some volume to your bridal gown? A petticoat is an easy and inexpensive way to do so, and they come in tons of great colors so you can opt for a blue one if you like! It will remain hidden the majority of the day, but makes for a fun surprise when it’s time to kick up your heels and hit the dance floor!

Tell us – what’re you doing for your Something Blue??