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Flair Boston’s ode to TRUNK SHOWS!

Trunk Shows: Getting us through Winter since ’04

Every autumn without fail, I begin to (foolishly) fantasize about the coming winter; sipping cocoa while looking out the window at a light falling snow, ice skating in a chic wool coat, etc. I suppose the summer and fall months in New England are so pleasant that I always seem to forget just how bad the winters are. Every time it arrives, though, my fantasies are crushed. Chic wool coat? Maybe for a few days, then it’s my sleeping bag sized puffer coat day in and day out. Sipping cocoa? Try sipping vodka as I stare despondently at yet another snow storm. There is an upside though! Winter means TRUNK SHOW season at Flair! We jam pack our winter with great trunk shows by all of our designers; they are our moments of sunshine amongst Pax, Rex and all of the other obnoxious blizzard names.

New to trunk shows? Here’s what you need to know!

1) Basically, a trunk show means that we are highlighting a particular designer. What does this mean for you? We will be getting TONS of their dresses in for you to drool over! We rarely have room to carry a designer’s entire collection, so these events are a great time to see everything they offer!
2) While we will have oodles of dresses in the store, we can’t guarantee that we will have every color, style and size. If you want to see something specific, let us know before the trunk show and we will do our best to get it in for you!
3) A trunk show is really just a fancy name for a SALE! All of that particular designer’s dresses will be discounted for the duration of the trunk show. So, come in ready to buy and act fast, the deals won’t last long after the show ends!
4) Appointments are still required during trunk shows, and they book quickly, so call us ASAP if you want to stop in for one!
5) Yes, our other designers will still be in the store during trunk shows. So if you have an appointment during a trunk show but want to see other designers too, have no fear!

Up next....Amy Kuschel!

Up next….Amy Kuschel!

That’s trunk show 101, and you passed with flying colors! Now for extra credit, give us a call to stop in for one soon!!

Happy shopping, brides and bridesmaids 🙂

Finding Inspriation on Valentine’s Day

Finding Inspiration on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day changes a lot as you grow up. When you’re young, it has nothing to do with love and everything to do with candy. Then, the teenage years sneak in and the pressure is on. Who has a date? Is your date cute? Where is he taking you? Not to mention the poor souls without a date (aside from Ben and Jerry). Finally, adulthood settles in and you wonder why you ever took Valentine’s Day so seriously. Sure, it’s a good excuse to gorge on chocolate and champagne, but it’s certainly no reason to stress. While we love a good pre-fixe menu (kidding, they are all a rip off, right?) today we prefer to look at Valentine’s Day as a time to recognize all of the love and goodness in life. This year, the story warming our (very cold) Valentine’s Day is the Knot’s Dream Wedding couple of 2014, Rebekah and Pete.

We have chills!

We have chills!

Rebekah and Pete had been dating about 7 months when they decided to go and cheer on Pete’s Mom, who was running in the Boston Marathon. I’m sure you all can guess what happened next. Since it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re focusing on the good, let’s just fast forward to today. They are both recovering well and are now ENGAGED! So, when it came time to choose the Knot’s Dream Wedding Couple of 2014, the decision was easy. Speaking of easy, now their wedding planning is too! They don’t need to make a single decision (sounds kinda nice, right brides?!), it’s all up to US! So, we encourage you to keep a check on their website on the Knot and help them plan their dream wedding. We know we will be!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our lovely brides! Hearing about your weddings and love stories makes every day Valentine’s Day at Flair. xoxo

Fall Fashion + Award Season!

Here at Flair, we always have mixed feelings about the return of Fall. It’s a lot like when leggings came back into style. At first, we didn’t like it, we fought it, and then ultimately we accepted it. True, summer is over, but fall brings so many great things; pumpkin spice lattes, boots, sweaters AND the start of award show season!

You know we at Flair love us a red carpet. First up: the Emmy’s! The Emmy’s have a special place in our hearts because it combines two of our favorite things; gorgeous dresses and TV! Over the summer, we really missed our TV friends (Hi, Schmidt! What’s up Mindy?!) and the Emmy’s is the first time we’ve seen them in months. That’s exciting enough, but it’s even better because we get to see them all dressed up!

We love award shows for the glamour and the fashion, of course, but we also love the amazing inspiration they provide for the upcoming wedding season! While some looks should stay on the stars (or in their closets – talking to you Amanda Peet), we did see a bunch of trends that can totally transfer from the red carpet to the wedding aisle!


Blue: Forget the “red” carpet, this Emmy’s carpet was all about blue! We’re not talking about navy here, but a true, vibrant blue. It’s a great color for bridesmaids’ dresses; super flattering on all skin tones and hair colors and it pairs with almost any color you want for your bouquets. Perfection!

Inspiration: Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren. Hello gorgeous! The cut is so elegant and timeless, making the color the real statement of the dress. The best part? ANY girl could wear this dress and look and feel amazing in it. Let’s also try and recreate her curls, she definitely had the best hair of the night!

Lace: Just this past season we started to see lace make an appearance in the bridesmaids’ world and we think it’s going to be an even bigger trend this year! Lace is great because it is a fabric that translates well to any event, making it an easy dress to re-wear after the wedding (even we can admit that some bridesmaids’ fabric have that “bridesmaidy” look and feel which makes them hard to wear other places). Plus, lace has the amazing ability to be both modern and classic at the same time. We’re obsessed!

Inspiration: Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. Wow! Let’s face it, Sofia could wear a potato sack and look amazing, but this red lace gown really takes her beauty to the next level! Even a gorgeous woman like her can appreciate the texture that lace provides to such a fitted dress; it hides any lines you don’t want to be seen!

Straps: Did you notice that all of the Flair girls’ favorite gowns had straps? Not only that, but they were all different! Stacey loved Julie Bowen’s ruffled v-neck, Jaime died for Rose Byrne’s classy boat neck and Madison fell in love with Michelle Dockery’s chic halter. We are so happy to see the variety of top styles, and we think that that variety will also translate to the bridal world!

Inspiration: The above dresses of course, as well as Tina Fey in Narcisso Rodriguez. She has never looked better! Her gown was tailored perfectly (which is super important) AND she was in the hot color of the night too. A+ for Liz Lemon!

Happy Fall….and award season!



Welcome to Flair!

Welcome some new beauties to Flair from the Lela Rose Collection!


Illusion Neckline is totally in this season and this adorable style would even be great for a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower!


Well hellllllo Hi-low hemline it is here to stay in this adorable strapless option!


Lastly, another illusion neckline….this time in a one shoulder!! So lovely!

Call us to set up an appointment to see these beauties! Or book online here!



Stacey + Jaime

How to make your dress unique!

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane. The year is 2002; super boot cut jeans are all the rage, internet is dial up and everyone has that Nokia cell phone with the changing face plates (mine was sparkly pink – don’t be jealous). Can you picture it? What a great year it was. It was also the year I had to shop for my senior prom dress. For a lot of girls, prom is the first time to shop for a super fancy dress, and in my family we went all out. We made a day of it; lunch, manicures and…Party Dress Express. Anyone from Rhode Island will know this place. It’s basically the best prom shop ever…and it’s in a warehouse. From the look of the outside you think you might get murdered, and then you walk inside and it is crystal, tulle and taffeta heaven. The best part? Once you choose your dress, they take down the name of your high school and don’t let anyone else from your school get your dress. Boom! Sorry all other East Greenwich High School seniors, no one else can have my fab black dress with the huge slit up the front and corset back (I must’ve been in a slutty phase).

lindsay-s maid of honor wearing the olivia-u3332

Years later when it came time to shop for my bridal gown, I missed that little bit of exclusivity. While there are tons of bridal gowns out there, there was no guarantee when I chose my gown that none of my guests would have seen it before. As a matter of fact, mine was featured on “Say Yes to the Dress” a few weeks after I bought it. Fail.

So what’s a bride to do? Make it your own with the accessories, of course! Brides are always surprised how much detail a belt or jewelry can add to a gown. Not only that, but one belt can give a gown a totally different look and feel than another. So, we can try the same gown on multiple girls in the same day and get totally different vibes from each, just based on the accessories each girl likes. That’s one of the many great things about our belt designer, A.B. Ellie; she has tons of different styles and on top of that, she is open to customizing everything. Want her belt, but with a custom purple ribbon? You got it. Want more jewels added to a design (who doesn’t)? Not a problem! The sky’s the limit with A.B. Ellie and we can’t wait to help you create the belt of your dreams!

vinscena wearing the lady small-u3378

Hope you enjoyed the flashback to high school!

Fashionably Yours,

Lindsay 🙂


A Perfect Combination!

Today at Flair we got to discussing some classic combos. Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, bread and butter….can you tell that we had this discussion around lunch time? The dynamic duo that really sparked our conversation though cannot be found in the fridge; Coren Moore and Kate Spade!

Here’s how the convo got started…our lovely FedEx guy dropped off a huge box of adorable dresses for our Coren Moore trunk show at the same time that we were drooling over Kate Spade’s flash sale website (did you see it? GREAT deals!). It didn’t take long for us to realize how well these two fit together! They’re preppy, classic, and oh so fashionable.

Kate Spade

We just so happen to have a Kate Spade store on our block, so we decided to take a little field trip for some inspiration. We were kids in a candy store! Everything in there is so colorful and fun; very Flair! One piece really stuck out; a gorgeous navy and white striped necklace that Stacey ended up buying for herself. It’s the perfect combo of preppy and modern. We love it! We couldn’t help trying it with some of the Coren Moore dresses we had in and it literally looked good with every single one. So, for any Coren Moore brides/maids out there looking for jewelry, check out Kate Spade. While some of her pieces can get a little pricey, they are a great investment and something that can truly be worn again and again!

Our Coren Moore Trunk Show ends May 19th!  Get those orders in!!

Happy Spring!

Linds, Stace, Jaime, Madi & Hilleary 🙂

Non-traditional Registry Ideas!

There is a new trend in the wedding presents. Forget the registry but look at websites such as and These are a little unconventional but they are classier than just asking for money. Often times the couple only has select things on a registry or unsure of what exactly they need.

With GiftsofStock the couple can receive stocks. (Smart financial investment!) With the couple can relax a little bit more because their family and friends can pitch in and help pay for the honeymoon! Sweet Deal!

Think outside the box…literally!


Caitlin 😉

Mis-Matched Bridesmaids Dresses!

While we consider ourselves to be pretty fearless most of the time, lately alot of our brides have been saying something to us that truly makes us shudder: “I really like the look of Molly Sims’ bridal party.” <Cue classic horror movie music> Gasp!

If you haven’t seen her bridal party, do a quick Google search. Find it? OK good. It really is gorgeous, and we love to see someone doing something a little different BUT we’ve had a hard time recreating that look for our brides…until now!

Jenny Yoo came out with her first “social collection” this season, which includes pretty prints, luxurious laces and preppy polka dots. They pair perfectly with our already fabulous collection of solid dresses, to help you achieve that effortless mix and match look that so many brides are going for these days. Check out these fab photos from her recent shoot to get a sneak peek and if you like what you see (and we think you will) give us a call to come see it in person!

social-home-1     social-home-2

social-home-3    social-home-4

social-home-5   social-home-11

social-home-6   social-home-7

So go ahead….mix it up!


Linds + Stace

A Day of Love….oh and sweets!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of doing a typical “Top Valentine’s Day Dates” ideas we are going to help all those sig others who may be running a little late in the gift department……..hint hint to our sig others, can you tell we have a sweet tooth:)


1. Georgetown Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of the best ways to give your loved one something sweet on this special day! Georgetown Cupcakes is located on Newbury Street and are accepting pre-orders up until Wednesday evening. You can also stop on in and pick out your favorites!


2. Winston Flowers

Winston Flowers has some of the most beautiful arrangements I have seen. I have fallen in love with their flowers! All of their locations have extended hours on Valentine’s Day: 8 am – 6 pm.


3. Beacon Hill Chocolates

Beacon Hill is a small little shop on Charles Street but they have traveled the world to get the best chocolates. They were named the Best of Boston for 2009, 2010, and 2012. They offer a very wide variety to satisfy any sweet tooth!

If you need more inspiration please head over to our Pinterest page and look at our Valentine’s day board!


Hugs and kisses from your Fav Flair girls