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Meet Mariell!

Mariell: Your New Jewelry Best Friend!

Don’t get me wrong, I love living with my husband (most of the time) but I often find myself missing the years I spent living with my girlfriends. Watching trashy TV together (for some strange reason I just can’t get my husband to sit down and watch The Real Housewives with me), having impromptu dance parties, cooking together; I miss it all! One of the hardest things about moving away from them though is that my closet was cut in half! No longer can I roam into their bedrooms and go “shopping” for something new to wear. It was the perfect situation; tons of new (to me) items that I knew would be stylish because well, my friends are fab. I bet it’s something all of us girls miss as we get older, so Flair tries to recreate that experience for you. When you shop at Flair, we want it to feel like you’re shopping in your friend’s closet; easy, quick, fun and full of items handpicked to please! Case in point: our new jewelry designer, Mariell! Flair spent a long time looking for a jewelry designer that has the three necessities: high quality, stylish products, at great prices, with a quick turnaround time. And boy, have we found it! Check out some of our favorite items below and then give us a call to stop by our “closet” and poke through all of our fabulous, new jewelry collection. You can also check out tons of Mariell products on our online site, Frills, from the comfort of your own closet! Happy shopping, Flair friends!

This cushion cut necklace and earring set is a steal at only $85.00!

This cushion cut necklace and earring set is a steal at only $85.00!

Sigh, we love these vintage style earrings, and they're only $56.00!

Sigh, we love these vintage style earrings, and they’re only $56.00!

We are swooning over this art deco bridal headband, and you can to for just $85.00!

We are swooning over this art deco bridal headband, and you can to for just $85.00!

Lynn Lugo 2014 Trunk Show!

Don’t miss out this weekend on our Lynn Lugo 2014 Collection Trunk Show!! We are super excited to show all you brides + bridesmaids her gorgeous new lace collection as well as her her new fabulous colors for the new year!!  Take $20 off all Lynn Lugo bridesmaid dresses purchased this weekend!!  We can’t wait to see you!


Welcome to Boston:Tara Keely at Flair!

We are so thrilled to add a new bridal gown designer to the collection at Flair!  As of this past weekend we will now be carrying the Tara Keely bridal gown collection at Flair!!  Tara Keely gowns are Designed by Lazaro Perez, Tara Keely represents the bridal industry’s hottest styles and enchanting details.

The gowns are ultra chic with stunning fabrics and alluring silhouettes. Tara Keely offers the bride options from a hint of sparkle on a signature jeweled belt to the refined grace of tiered lace. The Tara Keely collection combines glamour with an unmistakable twist of modern sophistication.

The gowns range in price from $1600-$2500

We are thrilled to offer 10% off these gowns through November 17th!  Don’t miss out on the entire 2013 collection in the store now!!

Tara Keely 2013
Tara Keely Style 2354

Tara Keely1
Tara Keely Style 2352

Tara Keely2


Tara Keely Style 2358

These are just some of the new beauties we have from Tara Keely here at Flair!! Come check them out!!


Camp Weddings!

So, I was watching Full House last night (yes, I stand by that statement… you know you love it too) and it was the episode where DJ, Stephanie and Michelle come home from summer camp. The family is bummed because the girls loved camp so much and didn’t seem to miss them. Cue sappy instrumental music as they have a chat about how much they love each other and all is well by the end of thirty minutes. Don’t you wish all problems could be resolved that quickly and easily? Even better, it would be amazing if all problems could end with Joey sitting on a plate of s’mores. A classic tension reliever!

Anyways, it got me thinking about summer camp. When we were younger it was this magical place where everything was fun, food that looked terrible actually tasted good, and you got to “flirt” with boys without your parents around. What could be better?! Then we grow up, and along with many other fun things, camp seems to become a thing of the past. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to stay in the past!



Camp weddings are THE hot new trend! Imagine spending the weekend with all of your friends and family at a camp. Even this glam girl can admit that that sounds fabulous! While all camp venues have different policies, here are some of the pluses and minuses if you’re considering such an event:


1)      A camp provides a more intimate setting and often limits outsiders encroaching on your big day. Literally the only people around are the ones you invited, how nice is that?! While Boston weddings are FAB, I speak from experience when I say that it wasn’t that cool having strangers taking photos of us as our pro photographer tried to get shots in the public garden. Back off people!

2)      It’s unique! This is a new, new trend, so most of your guests won’t have seen anything like it. We’ve all been to a hotel ballroom wedding and there’s nothing wrong with them AT ALL, but it is nice to mix it up a little!

3)      Most camp locations allow you to rent the space for the entire weekend. More time with your guests is never a bad thing!


4)      You can do your own thing! Forget those standard linens, forgo those over used chairs, and get exactly what you want!



1)      You can do your own thing! I know I said that that was a plus BUT it could also count as a minus, depending on your level of interest in DIY. Most camps provide next to nothing, so prepare to really do it all (real life example: one of our fave brides just had a camp wedding – shout out to the inspiration for the blog, Laura D! – and she and her mother got there days early to make all 170 beds for the guests, now that’s dedication!).

2)      SOME vendors don’t want to go all the way out to a more remote location. The great ones will though, so this actually might help you weed through the pack!

3)      Weather is a true issue. While most city and suburban venues have created a pretty great back up plan, the alternative may not be as chic at a camp.

Again, we can’t stress enough that all venues are different, so take these pluses and minuses with a grain of salt (and some tequila to go with it). Whether you decide on a camp setting or not, enjoy every minute of your planning and we can’t wait for you to tell us all about it!

<Cue Full House credit music>





We really wrote this blog in honor of one of our favorite weddings we got to work on….our very good friend Laura!  Below is all the fabulous-ness from her wedding!


Laura’s Wedding Photo Blog  courtesy of the talented Leah Haydock Photography!

Part One:

Part Two:


Videography By: Folster Video

Fall Fashion + Award Season!

Here at Flair, we always have mixed feelings about the return of Fall. It’s a lot like when leggings came back into style. At first, we didn’t like it, we fought it, and then ultimately we accepted it. True, summer is over, but fall brings so many great things; pumpkin spice lattes, boots, sweaters AND the start of award show season!

You know we at Flair love us a red carpet. First up: the Emmy’s! The Emmy’s have a special place in our hearts because it combines two of our favorite things; gorgeous dresses and TV! Over the summer, we really missed our TV friends (Hi, Schmidt! What’s up Mindy?!) and the Emmy’s is the first time we’ve seen them in months. That’s exciting enough, but it’s even better because we get to see them all dressed up!

We love award shows for the glamour and the fashion, of course, but we also love the amazing inspiration they provide for the upcoming wedding season! While some looks should stay on the stars (or in their closets – talking to you Amanda Peet), we did see a bunch of trends that can totally transfer from the red carpet to the wedding aisle!


Blue: Forget the “red” carpet, this Emmy’s carpet was all about blue! We’re not talking about navy here, but a true, vibrant blue. It’s a great color for bridesmaids’ dresses; super flattering on all skin tones and hair colors and it pairs with almost any color you want for your bouquets. Perfection!

Inspiration: Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren. Hello gorgeous! The cut is so elegant and timeless, making the color the real statement of the dress. The best part? ANY girl could wear this dress and look and feel amazing in it. Let’s also try and recreate her curls, she definitely had the best hair of the night!

Lace: Just this past season we started to see lace make an appearance in the bridesmaids’ world and we think it’s going to be an even bigger trend this year! Lace is great because it is a fabric that translates well to any event, making it an easy dress to re-wear after the wedding (even we can admit that some bridesmaids’ fabric have that “bridesmaidy” look and feel which makes them hard to wear other places). Plus, lace has the amazing ability to be both modern and classic at the same time. We’re obsessed!

Inspiration: Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. Wow! Let’s face it, Sofia could wear a potato sack and look amazing, but this red lace gown really takes her beauty to the next level! Even a gorgeous woman like her can appreciate the texture that lace provides to such a fitted dress; it hides any lines you don’t want to be seen!

Straps: Did you notice that all of the Flair girls’ favorite gowns had straps? Not only that, but they were all different! Stacey loved Julie Bowen’s ruffled v-neck, Jaime died for Rose Byrne’s classy boat neck and Madison fell in love with Michelle Dockery’s chic halter. We are so happy to see the variety of top styles, and we think that that variety will also translate to the bridal world!

Inspiration: The above dresses of course, as well as Tina Fey in Narcisso Rodriguez. She has never looked better! Her gown was tailored perfectly (which is super important) AND she was in the hot color of the night too. A+ for Liz Lemon!

Happy Fall….and award season!



Welcome to Flair!

Welcome some new beauties to Flair from the Lela Rose Collection!


Illusion Neckline is totally in this season and this adorable style would even be great for a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower!


Well hellllllo Hi-low hemline it is here to stay in this adorable strapless option!


Lastly, another illusion neckline….this time in a one shoulder!! So lovely!

Call us to set up an appointment to see these beauties! Or book online here!



Stacey + Jaime

Mis-Matched Bridesmaids Dresses!

While we consider ourselves to be pretty fearless most of the time, lately alot of our brides have been saying something to us that truly makes us shudder: “I really like the look of Molly Sims’ bridal party.” <Cue classic horror movie music> Gasp!

If you haven’t seen her bridal party, do a quick Google search. Find it? OK good. It really is gorgeous, and we love to see someone doing something a little different BUT we’ve had a hard time recreating that look for our brides…until now!

Jenny Yoo came out with her first “social collection” this season, which includes pretty prints, luxurious laces and preppy polka dots. They pair perfectly with our already fabulous collection of solid dresses, to help you achieve that effortless mix and match look that so many brides are going for these days. Check out these fab photos from her recent shoot to get a sneak peek and if you like what you see (and we think you will) give us a call to come see it in person!

social-home-1     social-home-2

social-home-3    social-home-4

social-home-5   social-home-11

social-home-6   social-home-7

So go ahead….mix it up!


Linds + Stace

Grammy Red Carpet Fashion!

As we settle into our “new digs” we wanted to take the time to look at the 2013 Grammy Red Carpet from this past weekend. It is our favorite time of year…..award season and that means one thing: dresses! The red carpet is one of the most exciting times of the night! We wanted to give our humble opinions to which dresses we thought were just fabulous.

These are our top 5! Enjoy!

  Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood—Wearing  Roberto Cavalli


Rihanna—Looking stunning in Alaia

 1Carley Rae

Carley Rae Jepson—Sparkling in Roberto Cavalli


Kelly Osborne—Paule Ka


Lastly, we had to give Carrie Underwood a second nod for her stunningly beautiful performance gown that was custom made by Theia’s own Don O’Neill!  Such a show stopper!

These ladies looked  beautiful at the Grammy’s….but what we want to know is who was your favorite on the Grammy Night?


Flair Girls


welcometoflairOur newest additions to Flair this past week for our fabulous bridesmaids!

{Top Row} Siri Bridesmaids~Roxy | Peony | Kiki

{Center Row} Coren Moore ~ Kate Two-Tone |  Siri Bridesmaids~Cristelle Sheath

{Bottom Row} Jenny Yoo ~ Hadley | Cadie | Parker

Call us to come and visit these fab new dresses!



Linds + Stace

Jenny Yoo 2013 Preview!

Oh weekends, how I love you! Any day that allows me to sleep late and then go to brunch – a mid-day meal where champagne is encouraged – is fine by me. At Flair though, we give up one or sometimes both of our weekend days to be at the store and meet with our fabulous brides. It seems like a sacrifice but we truly love doing it! We especially love being here when we’re having a trunk show; it’s the perfect way to showcase one of our amazing designers! This past weekend we’re DOUBLY excited though, because our Jenny Yoo trunk show is also a preview of her new 2013 collection!

When we received the box of dresses from Jenny Yoo, it truly felt like Christmas morning! We were so excited to tear the box open and get a look at those new beauties. What makes us most excited though is seeing how far bridesmaids’ dresses have come. I think it may take a little longer for them to completely eclipse the bad rap bridesmaids’ dresses have gotten over the years, but really there’s no comparison between the dresses of today to those of years past. We’re so proud of our designers, each year they grow and change with the times but still stay true to their personal vision/aesthetic. It’s not an easy task, but they do it with ease!

To quickly sum up what we’re seeing for 2013: Patterned fabrics and lace and shorter hems, oh my! Basically, we’re getting an answer to the age old “I don’t want my bridesmaids’ dresses to look like bridesmaids’ dresses” dilemma. You can come to a bridal shop and get our expert service and advice (yes, tooting our own horn) and walk away with really unique and special dresses. Heaven!

We can’t wait to show you all of the new goodies as they roll in over the next few months; 2013 is shaping up to be the best year yet!


Lindsay & Stacey