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Technology and Weddings

Taking your big day into the future!

It’s a major understatement to say that technology is a big part of our lives. From bracelets that track our heart rate to phones that…well…do just about anything, it’s hard to remember a time before these electronic conveniences. When it comes to weddings, though, technology is still finding its proper place. Some weddings go completely unplugged, asking their guests to stow their cameras and phones. Others go all out and incorporate technology in many aspects of their big day. Most people, though, fall somewhere in the middle and want to embrace technology, but not let it overtake their wedding. If you’re one of those people, here are some fun, unique ways to pop some technology into your big day:

Photography – Do your research and you may just find a photographer in your area that incorporates drones into their routine. Yes, drones. They’re getting more and more commonplace, and many photographers find them to be the perfect second shooter! They can get angles and images that the average photographer can’t, and will ensure that you get some stunning, unique shots!

Cake – Credit Disney Weddings for this amazing, futuristic idea: images/videos projected onto your cake! Forget the frosting flowers of the past, and imagine your confection decorated with a home video of you and your sweetie. Cue the oohs and ahhs from your guests! Photos, videos, animations…the possibilities are endless!


Photos courtesy of

Photos courtesy of

Video – While a professional videographer can never be replaced, you can use technology to get some amazing, candid video of your big day. How about a GoPro camera hidden in your bouquet? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a video showing your perspective coming down the aisle?! Or consider assigning a member of your bridal party to Periscope duty and help those that can’t be with you to see your wedding in real time.

Dress – Of course we have to address the mix of technology and gowns! One of our fabulous bridal designers, Theia, has paved the way to the future with their custom gown for Carrie Underwood that featured a digital light show! While it may be awhile before a bride is ready to go that far, it’s amazing to think about how far fashion has come! If you want to pop some technology into your look in a more subtle way, how about a 3D printed headpiece? Chic, modern and sure to wow!

Photo courtesy of

Don O’Neill, you’re a genius! Photo courtesy of

We found this beauty on Pinterest. What do you think? Would Kate approve of this futuristic fascinator?

We found this beauty on Pinterest. What do you think? Would Kate approve of this futuristic fascinator?

Let us know, how are you incorporating technology into your big day?

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

The don’ts that every bride should know!

When trying something new, there’s always a little bit of trial and error. No one skis a black diamond on their first try. No one has perfect hair their first time using a curling iron (we’ve all been victim to those tight, Shirley Temple curls). But what about wedding dress shopping? Most of us only get one crack at that, so how do you work out the kinks? Take advice from fab pros like Flair, of course! We’ve learned over the years that when it comes to gown shopping, oftentimes it’s more about knowing what NOT to do. Here are our top dress shopping don’ts:

Yes, we are shamelessly using this blog as an excuse to show off photos of Flair brides who obviously shopped successfully - they look gorge! Photo credit: Leah Haydock Photography

Yes, we are shamelessly using this blog as an excuse to show off photos of Flair brides who obviously shopped successfully – they look gorge! Photo credit: Leah Haydock Photography

DON’T try on a gown that is over of your budget – There’s a reason it’s more expensive. It’s pretty, and you’re probably going to love it. Then you’ll have the hard decision of either raising your budget or trying to forget said dress; a Sophie’s choice if I’ve ever heard one!
DON’T shop too early – Your body may change. Your taste/style may change. New styles may come out that you’ll love more. Enough said. 12-9 months in advance is ideal for dress shopping/purchasing, so do your best to stay within that time frame.

Another pretty, pretty Flair bride :)

Another pretty, pretty Flair bride 🙂

DON’T focus on sales – Sure, sales are great…if they happen to apply to a dress that you already love. It can be easy to feel like you “love” a dress because it’s on a huge discount, but that shouldn’t be your #1 reason to purchase it. Think about if the dress was full price; would you love it just as much? If so, buy it! If not, it may be time to move on.
DON’T try to change a dress – Aside from little adjustments (extra length, for example) you really shouldn’t want to change a dress if it’s truly “the one.” If you want to alter major parts of the dress (i.e. top style, skirt fullness, material, etc.) then it’s likely not the one for you. Besides, the designer knew what he/she was doing and there’s probably a reason they designed the dress the way they did. Even if they will make the desired modifications for you, do you really purchase a dress without seeing those changes first? Probably not.

Gorgeous overload!

Gorgeous overload!

DON’T try to please everyone – This dress is all about YOU. Period. End of sentence. Sure, it would be great to have everyone in your entourage agree on a dress, but we’re here to tell you – that rarely happens. In the same breath, don’t feel pressured to purchase a dress just because everyone in your group loves it. If the only reason you love it is because they do, it’s probably not the one for you.

Lastly, DON’T put too much pressure on yourself. After all, gown shopping should be fun! One way to ensure that it is…come to Flair 😉 We can’t wait to shop with you soon!

Making your Bridesmaids Feel Special

Be the Beyonce of Brides (aka the best)!

When you get to a certain age, it seems like your whole life rotates around weddings. When’s that shower? Where’s that bachelorette? We have HOW many weddings this year?! Not to mention when you’re a bridesmaid in one (or more) of those weddings. After the first one or two times being in a bridal party, the shine can wear off a little. So, when you get engaged, remember that while it’s your first time as a bride, it’s probably not your friends’ first time being a maid. Make your wedding stand out (and earn yourself an A+ bride rating!) by doing some special things for your girls throughout the process:

1) Ask them in style – The first interaction your bridesmaids will have with you as a bride is when you ask them to be in the wedding party, so do it right! You don’t have to go crazy (a Bridesmaids style invite complete with live butterfly is not necessary); a simple, chic, personalized card is a timeless approach that is sure to have them saying “yes!”

These ADORABLE cards (by fab local artist Holly Nichols) are available on our online site, Frills, and can be customized with different names/shoe colors!

These ADORABLE cards (by fab local artist Holly Nichols) are available exclusively on our online site, Frills, and can be customized with different names/shoe colors!

Custom MOH card

2) Plan a get together – Kick your wedding planning off with a bang by organizing a fun event for your girls! This is especially important if your bridesmaids don’t all know each other; it’s your job to facilitate the getting acquainted process. Take a cocktail making class, plan an outing at a local vineyard, indulge in a spa day…the list of possibilities goes on and on! It will be fun for everyone and it’ll show your girls that you care, which will get them excited to help you plan for the main event!

3) Take their opinions into account – This is a good idea across the board, but especially with their look. Think about creating a special “bridesmaids’ style” Pinterest board and give them access to add to it. Then, use their ideas as a jumping off point for your dress shopping trip. They will respect that you have taken their preferences to heart and will end up looking and feeling better for it!

Worried they'll have differing opinions? Jenny Yoo shows that it's OK (even beautiful!) to mix and match dresses and colors!

Worried your bridesmaids will have differing opinions? Jenny Yoo shows that it’s OK (even beautiful!) to mix and match dress styles and colors to suit each girl’s style!

4) Give them a shout out – The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to make your love for your bridesmaids’ known. Most of the important people in your life will be there, so calling them out specifically is sure to bring a tear to their eye and earn you major bride points (and make up for that inevitable bridezilla moment that every bride has).

5) Be the wedding morning maven – By the day of the wedding, your bridesmaids will have done a ton to help you, so it’s time to let them know how much you appreciate all of their hard work! Order room service, bring in their favorite coffee, pop some champagne and create a fun, stress free getting ready environment full of gratitude!

6) Take your photos over the top – If you have time, talk to your photographer about doing special portraits with each of your bridesmaids. Also offer to have their significant others involved. If they can walk away from your wedding with a professional photo with you and their hunny (maybe even their families!) they are sure to remember you as the bride to beat!

Whatever you do, always remember that your bridesmaids’ whole lives are not dedicated to your wedding. Stay involved in what’s going on in their lives too and make time for non-wedding talk. Trust us, you’ll probably want to get your mind off the big day every once and awhile too 🙂

Flower Girl Dresses

Fresh, new ideas for the little lady in your life!

flower girl
1. A young girl at a wedding ceremony who precedes the bride and carries or scatters flowers in her path.

Alternate definition: A young girl who has a strong chance of stealing your thunder.

The wedding day is all about the bride – oh yeah, and you too, grooms 😉 – but if there had to be a second in command, it would be the flower girl. She’s cute – almost too cute – and the wedding can’t start without her. She’s basically a mini-bride. She sets the tone for your own walk down the aisle, so you definitely want her happy and excited. How can you ensure that? Well, with little ones there’s never a guarantee but if you dress her right, she’s probably going to jump at the chance to hit that aisle and strut her stuff. Check out these fresh, new ideas for flower girls and get your little lady runway (i.e. aisle) ready:

1) Redefine “flower” girl – Flower petals are the classic, standard accessory for flower girls (duh), but they’re not always practical. If your ceremony is outdoors, they’ll probably end up flying all over the place. Not to mention the fact that flower girls are notorious for either not throwing the petals at all, or dropping them in huge, random clumps. Not exactly the delicate scattering of petals you were hoping for. You can avoid that by giving her a modern, unique item to carry. Try a clever sign, or what about a big, bright balloon? And that chic parasol? We’re swooning!

Thanks to Real Simple for these adorable photos!

Thanks to Real Simple for these adorable photos!

2) Give her happy feet – A comfortable kid is a happy kid, so get her started off on the right foot with some cute, yet comfortable footwear. Mini Uggs, cowboy boots, Toms, or even Hunter rain boots are sure to be met with ooh’s and ahh’s from your guests as well as your flower girl!

We found these cuties on Pinterest :)

We found these cuties on Pinterest 🙂

3) Get her ‘do just right – While we are obsessed with the flower crowns we’ve been seeing for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls alike, it’s time for some new alternatives. We love this lace headband. Lace is so very bridal and therefore perfect for the big day! Also, every girl loves some bling, so why not adorn her top knot with some sparkle? And for the little diva in your life, a mini-veil is an accessory that’s sure to make her feel special and wow your guests!

Kudos again to Pinterest for these sweet shots!

Kudos again to Pinterest for these sweet shots!

4) Dress for success – Gone are the days of simple white dresses with a color coordinated sash. There are tons of adorable, modern dress styles for your flower girls! Jenny Yoo has numerous options that are sure to set your girl apart, and they even go along with the hot, new trends we’re seeing in bridal gowns. Lace, sleeves, colors; there’s something for every girl’s taste!

Just a few of Jenny's delightlful dresses! L to R: Her Etsy, Annie and Avery styles

Just a few of Jenny’s delightlful dresses! L to R: Her Etsy, Annie and Avery styles

Whatever you choose, make your flower girl feel special and she’s sure to walk the aisle with a smile 🙂

Beach Wedding

How to ensure your wardrobe works for a wedding by the waves

So, we hit 70 degrees this week (finally!) and that had us thinking of one thing – the beach! After the winter we’ve had, New Englanders are long overdue for some waves, sand and vitamin D! Are you having a beach wedding, or are you attending one this summer? We LOVE a celebration in the sand; they are so serene and romantic, and the photos always come out so gorgeous. A beach wedding is not without its challenges, though. Here are some tips to ensure that your pretty attire – hopefully from Flair 😉 – as well as your guests’, work for a wedding by the waves:

This shot could NOT be dreamier! Just be ready, though, for the wind to sometimes take your veil in directions you don't want it to go! The less fussy the veil, the better!

This shot could NOT be dreamier! Just be ready, though, for the wind to sometimes take your veil in directions you don’t want it to go! The less fussy the veil, the better!

1) Consider a station where your guests can swap out their high heels for Havaianas. Be sure to include some towels for sand removal if you’ll be leaving the sand after the ceremony! If you just can’t bring yourself to ditch your own designer wedding heels, though, consider taking the extra step to bury a hidden, wooden aisle under the sand.
2) On your invitation, remind guests to bring items that will add to their comfort on the beach; sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, etc. When you come down the aisle, you want all eyes on you, not squinting through the sunshine! Also, be sure to note the attire you prefer for your guests. Beach chic, smart casual; something that indicates that you’re not requiring an overly formal look from your friends and family.
3) When it comes to your bridal gown, consider the weight of the fabric. A light, flowy chiffon or organza will not only keep you cool, but will look simply stunning blowing in the breeze! Also, think about the dress silhouette. Are you really going to want to carry around a ballgown on the beach? It’s your day, though, so if you do fall in love with a fuller dress don’t be afraid to say yes, just make sure it bustles easily!

Amy Kuschel's organza Juniper dress (left) and Jenny Yoo's tulle Esme dress are perfect for beach weddings; lightweight, comfortable and oh so bridal!

Amy Kuschel’s organza Juniper dress (left) and Jenny Yoo’s tulle Esme gown are perfect for beach weddings; lightweight, comfortable and oh so bridal!

4) Guys look great in tuxes; that’s just a fact. You may have to get adjusted to a different look on your man, though, for a beach wedding. That heavy fabric will surely make him hot and uncomfortable, and we want him focused and fresh! A linen suit is a great alternative, or you can ditch the suit all together and go for a shirt, tie and slacks. We have a feeling you’ll find him just as dreamy 🙂

Need some help with your wedding wardrobe, beach or otherwise? We’re always here to help, so get going and make your appointment! We can’t wait to see you soon 🙂

Tailoring Guide

Alter your bridal gown/bridesmaid’s dress with confidence and ease!

The brides and bridesmaids that we meet have different tastes, styles, body types, personalities; the list goes on and on. It’s what makes our job fun! We’re constantly amazed by how unique all of you are, and we love finding perfect dresses for all of you! One thing you all have in common, though, is tailoring tension! It’s the thing that worries brides and bridesmaids most. So, we’re here to help!

Step 1:
Buy this tailoring Gilt City coupon for our favorite tailor: Newbury Tailoring Company. You’re starting the process off right by saving money and working with the best! They have worked on Flair dresses for years; there’s nothing they can’t handle! Even the Flair staff trust their own bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses to them, so we’re speaking from experience when we tell you how amazing they are!
Step 2:
Whatever tailor you choose, go into your first appointment fully informed and prepared. We’ve compiled a list of questions every bride/bridesmaid should ask their tailor, and what you should expect from their answers:


Tailoring should be filled with smiles, not tears/stress! Thanks WeddingBee for the photo 🙂

 How far in advance should I bring my dress? 3-6 weeks is typical for bridesmaids, while bridal (which requires more fittings) is more like 3-4 months approximately. Be wary of anyone who takes much longer; they may be too busy to give your dress the attention it needs.
 What should I bring with me to my appointment? Any good tailor will want you to bring the undergarments you’ll be wearing on the day of the event, as they can change how the dress fits. Same goes for your shoes.
 How many fittings will I need? This can vary, depending on how much work needs to be done. Expect 1-2 for bridesmaids and 3-4 for bridal.
 How much is too much to tailor? Most good tailors can handle anything, and shouldn’t be put off if you have a garment that needs a lot of work. Wait until you find one that is up to the challenge!
 Do you do last minute adjustments? Most brides/bridesmaids tend to lose weight right before the big day, so it’s important to find a tailor who can handle some work at the final hour.
 Can you provide me with a quote? Don’t expect this to be a set in stone price, but most tailors should feel comfortable giving you a general idea. Be wary if they can’t!

It’s a nerve-wracking process, but if you find a reputable tailor it will be smooth sailing from there! 🙂

Wedding Dress Shopping

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

Quick bride poll: Do you watch any of those wedding dress shopping shows? I always wonder if brides find them helpful or overwhelming. They’re TV shows, after all, so they tend to bring the drama; mean moms, tight timelines and petrifying prices, to name a few. Another thing? Most brides on these shows seem to have that clarifying, aha moment when they just know that a dress is “the one.” Well we’re here to tell you, not everyone has that moment, and that’s OK! We’ve heard brides question themselves all too often: “I’m not getting that feeling” or “I’m not sure if it’s the one because I didn’t cry.” These shows can make us think that there is a particular way we should act, look and feel when we’ve found the right dress, and that’s not always the case. Everyone’s dress shopping experience is different, and their reactions to it are also different. If you’re one of the many who isn’t getting that mysterious, special “feeling”, we’ve come up with some other tell tale signs that you’ve found the dress for you:

Forgive us while we use this blog as an excuse to share pics of some gorgeous brides who found "the one" at Flair! Christa is an elegant, happy and stunning bride in Jenny Yoo's Georgeanne gown!

Forgive us while we use this blog as an excuse to share pics of some gorgeous brides who found “the one” at Flair! First up, Christa is an elegant, happy and STUNNING bride in Jenny Yoo’s Georgeanne gown!

1) You can’t stop thinking about it – Find yourself day dreaming about a particular dress? Thinking about the low back when you should be sending your boss an email? Imagining the beading as you stroll through the grocery aisles? You may have found your dress!
2) You compare all others dresses to it – Most brides don’t stop shopping when they find a dress that they love. We get it; you want to be sure you’ve tried on enough styles! However, if you find yourself constantly measuring other dresses against one you’ve already tried and liked, it’s probably the one for you!
3) You’ve accessorized it in your head – Sometimes our heads are ahead of our hearts! Maybe without even realizing you’re doing it, you’ve already decided what belt to add to a particular dress, or what heirloom jewelry of your Grandmother’s would go well with it. In your mind, you’ve already purchased this dress and are taking the next step to accent it with some bling. There’s probably a reason for that…

Amanda is giving us some serious bridal glam in her Rosemary gown by Amy Kuchel!

Amanda is giving us some serious bridal glam in her Rosemary gown by Amy Kuschel! Breathtaking shot courtesy of the amazing Leah Haydock Photography

Bottom line: If you get that aha feeling, great, but if you don’t 1) you’re not alone and 2) that doesn’t mean you haven’t found your dream dress! No two shopping experience are alike just like no two brides are alike, so just trust your gut, watch for these signs and most of all, enjoy some fun, happy and pressure free dress shopping!

Brides of Distinction 2015

A Day in the Life

If you follow us on Instagram (@flairboston) then you probably saw some photos from an event we did yesterday; the Brides of Distinction Brunch at the Omni Parker House! We’ve participated in this event for several years now and it’s always so much fun, for us and for the brides who attend! Basically, it’s a time for brides and their friends and family to come see the Omni’s stunning ballroom decorated for a wedding, giving them a good sense if the venue is right for them! How often do you get to see your venue decorated, in person, prior to booking? It’s SUCH a great idea! Even if some of the brides have already booked the Omni, it’s a great time for them to get a sense of the space and figure out how to make it their own on their wedding day! In addition, there’s delicious food and drinks, cakes to taste, fab vendors to meet and greet AND a fun fashion show, courtesy of Flair! Here’s how our day went:

How gorge does the ballroom look?? Fab flowers courtesy of Madison Floral and linens/chairs by Rentals Unlimited!

How gorge does the ballroom look?? Fab flowers courtesy of Madison Floral and linens/chairs by Rentals Unlimited!

8:00 AM – Models report for hair and makeup – We are the luckiest girls; we have absolutely beautiful friends who offer to double as models for this amazing event! They got up super early on a Sunday to do this for us, and we are eternally grateful! We’re also majorly grateful for Alexandra Makeup Artistry and Bella Hair Studio for making the girls so glam and gorgeous! Brides, you MUST book them for your wedding! We had 8 models for this event and ALL of them looked absolutely perfect, so these ladies can totally handle your wedding party!

Alexandra (top left) and the girls from Bella (top right) are the BEST!

Alexandra (top left) and the girls from Bella (top right) are the BEST!

Here are some close ups of the fab hair and makeup!




11:30 AM – Time to get dressed! – The girls carefully climb into their first looks and get lined up for the start of the show. We’re full of excited nerves; we can’t wait to share these gorgeous looks with all of the brides and bridesmaids in the audience!

Check out the GORGE backs on some of our first looks!

Check out the GORGE backs on some of our first looks!

Check out these babes in their first looks! Gorge!

Check out these babes in their first looks! Gorge!

12:15 – The show begins! – Our owner, Stacey, and local TV personality Jenny Johnson emcee the fashion show, giving the audience all of the important details on each style! They cover it all; the fabric, the fit, what wedding style each would be appropriate for and what body types should wear them. It’s a fun, easy way for brides and bridesmaids to “shop” for their dresses without having to try anything on! The cell phones cameras were snapping away; these dresses were a hit!

12:45 – Show’s over! – Each model quick changed into three different styles during the show; backstage was crazy but fun! At the end, there was a final walk through and then, in the blink of an eye the show was over! We loved being able to connect with all of those brides in such a short amount of time and in such a fun, casual environment. Also, working with all of the other amazing wedding vendors was such a joy, everyone there was top notch!

In total swoon mode over these last looks!

In total swoon mode over these last looks!

If you missed the brunch and like any of the dresses you see pictured here, give us a ring to come see them for yourself in the store!

Wedding Budget

How to maximize your money!

It’s prime wedding planning season here in New England, with the busy summer event season quickly approaching. It’s an exciting time because the weather is getting warmer and everyone’s weddings are getting closer. However, something else is getting closer too; final deposits! Remember all of those fabulous wedding vendors you booked? They’re ALL going to be looking for money pretty soon. They are totally, completely worth it, but dealing with all of those final deposits at the same time can be overwhelming. So, we decided to think of some creative ways that you can save a little cash as you finalize all of your wedding details:

Flowers – Most florists charge per stem, so consider choosing flowers with bigger blooms, as you’ll need less to fill your centerpieces. Daylilies, Amaryllis and Chrysanthemums are a good place to start! Also, if you’re open to it, add in some non-florals (candles, lanterns, pretty glass bottles, etc.) as they tend to be less expensive.


Stationery – First things first, forget the programs! It may seem like a small detail, but every little savings adds up! Plus, people tend to ignore them anyways, right? Also, consider a virtual save the date (for those of you who haven’t sent yours out already). While we think the traditional, mailed invitation is a must, you can have fun with the save the date and save money at the same time! Why not whip up a slideshow of you and your fiancé and email it to your guests? We think they’ll appreciate the personal touch!

Food and Drink – Consider having a tapas-style wedding i.e. with only apps and small plates as opposed to a formal sit down dinner. See if your venue will allow you to choose extra passed apps in lieu of a plated dinner, and ask if they can set up a cheese and cracker station to add another option for your guests. For drinks, skip the champagne toast; you’d be surprised how much you’ll save by not providing a glass of champagne for every guest. After all, everyone will probably already have a drink from the bar to toast with!

You can definitely make a meal of these appealing apps!

You can definitely make a meal of these appealing apps!

Dresses – Of course, your friends at Flair are always here to help! Our designers are ALWAYS running various sales and promotions; check out our Facebook and Instagram (@FlairBoston) to keep an eye out for them! Also, there are discounts based on your number of bridesmaids, so the more the merrier! In addition, you can opt to pick up all of the dresses for your girls, and save them any shipping fees. Bottom line, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and discuss your budget, we’re happy to work with you to find the perfect dresses for you!

Wishing you fun and stress free wedding planning! 🙂

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Let’s get personal!

While we try to keep our blog as fresh as possible, there is a topic that we like to come back to every so often: bridesmaids’ gifts! Every day, we see firsthand how dedicated these girls are to their brides; they deserve something special! Plus, fab new gift ideas are coming out all the time so it’s definitely something we like to revisit! Today we’re talking about personalized gifts. After all, we’re all suckers for a good monogram, right? 🙂 Check out some of our favorite personalized gift ideas below:

  • Clothes: OK, we know that monogrammed robes and white, collared shirts aren’t exactly a new idea but when we saw how affordable and fun these were, we just had to share them! Plus, how adorable will they be for photos the morning of the wedding?!
  • Bags: It’s a known fact that girls can never have enough bags, so why not add a personalized one to your girls’ collections! We’re kind of obsessed with these dip dyed duffels; perfect for the beach or a weekend away! And these suede clutches are the epitome of chic and cool!


  • Miscellaneous: OK, these gifts are a little random but we loved them too much to leave them off of our list! A monogrammed, leather bound Coco Chanel book is a unique and fabulous gift for your fashion forward friends. And a personalized flip book? Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love that! While it’s not monogrammed, we thought it was definitely personal enough to make the blog!


  • Jewelry: There are endless monogrammed jewelry options out there, but we’re really loving a classic bar necklace right now. Their sleek, simple design ensures that your girls will love and wear them for years to come, and they compliment literally any outfit! This particular bar necklace is made by a local company, Sharrah Designs, and you can find yours at Flair and on our online site, Frills. It comes in rose gold, white gold, sterling silver and yellow gold and can be personalized with names, monograms, quotes and more. The options are endless; give us a ring if you want to learn more about these beautiful bars!


Happy shopping, brides, and remember: these are the girls that planned your super fun bachelorette and stunning shower; they’ve earned something special 🙂