Wedding Budget

How to maximize your money!

It’s prime wedding planning season here in New England, with the busy summer event season quickly approaching. It’s an exciting time because the weather is getting warmer and everyone’s weddings are getting closer. However, something else is getting closer too; final deposits! Remember all of those fabulous wedding vendors you booked? They’re ALL going to be looking for money pretty soon. They are totally, completely worth it, but dealing with all of those final deposits at the same time can be overwhelming. So, we decided to think of some creative ways that you can save a little cash as you finalize all of your wedding details:

Flowers – Most florists charge per stem, so consider choosing flowers with bigger blooms, as you’ll need less to fill your centerpieces. Daylilies, Amaryllis and Chrysanthemums are a good place to start! Also, if you’re open to it, add in some non-florals (candles, lanterns, pretty glass bottles, etc.) as they tend to be less expensive.


Stationery – First things first, forget the programs! It may seem like a small detail, but every little savings adds up! Plus, people tend to ignore them anyways, right? Also, consider a virtual save the date (for those of you who haven’t sent yours out already). While we think the traditional, mailed invitation is a must, you can have fun with the save the date and save money at the same time! Why not whip up a slideshow of you and your fiancé and email it to your guests? We think they’ll appreciate the personal touch!

Food and Drink – Consider having a tapas-style wedding i.e. with only apps and small plates as opposed to a formal sit down dinner. See if your venue will allow you to choose extra passed apps in lieu of a plated dinner, and ask if they can set up a cheese and cracker station to add another option for your guests. For drinks, skip the champagne toast; you’d be surprised how much you’ll save by not providing a glass of champagne for every guest. After all, everyone will probably already have a drink from the bar to toast with!

You can definitely make a meal of these appealing apps!

You can definitely make a meal of these appealing apps!

Dresses – Of course, your friends at Flair are always here to help! Our designers are ALWAYS running various sales and promotions; check out our Facebook and Instagram (@FlairBoston) to keep an eye out for them! Also, there are discounts based on your number of bridesmaids, so the more the merrier! In addition, you can opt to pick up all of the dresses for your girls, and save them any shipping fees. Bottom line, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and discuss your budget, we’re happy to work with you to find the perfect dresses for you!

Wishing you fun and stress free wedding planning! 🙂