Bridal Gown Embellishments

The Flair (see what we did there?) of the Wedding Dress World!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been conducting somewhat of a mini-seminar on wedding gowns. We have gone over the various fabric and fit options, and for our final session we’re going to tackle the fun flair of the bridal world – embellishments! Yup, we saved the best for last! When it comes to trimmings and flourishes, you’ve got a ton of options available to you. Here are the basics:
Appliques – Essentially, appliqués are pieces of fabric sewn onto the body of the dress. Often, they are cut into shapes, such as flowers, and they can be accompanied by crystals or left to shine on their own. Appliques are a great way to add some chic texture to your gown!
Beading – This is an easy one! If you like bling, beading is your best friend! Whether it’s in the form of crystals, sequins, or pearls, adding beading always ups the glamour and drama of your dress. Just be warned, though, that beading often tends to up your gown’s price as well, as it is one of the most expensive embellishment options.

Hayley Paige's "Star" bridal gown is bling-tastic, and for good reason; HP is known in the wedding world as the queen of sparkle!

Hayley Paige’s “Star” bridal gown is bling-tastic, and for good reason; HP is known in the wedding world as the queen of sparkle!

Embroidery – Basically a fancy word for added stitching, embroidery is a newer, more modern embellishment in the wedding world. It gives the gown an almost 3D look that is perfect for brides who want a trendy, unique style!
Lace – You truly can’t go wrong with lace if you’re looking for a romantic, timeless bridal style. Lace is one of the most versatile embellishment options; it comes in many different forms/designs and therefore is also available at many different price points. It’s a bridal classic that will never go out of style!

Amy Kuschel's Boston gown is a lace dream!

Amy Kuschel’s Boston gown is a lace dream!

Ribbons – Whether it’s worn as a classic sash at the waist or as delicate banding built into your dress, ribbon is an affordable, fun way to add some interest to your wedding dress! Even better, ribbon tends to be one of the more affordable embellishment options, so you don’t have to break the bank to get some added style!

If you’ve been reading along, then you’ve totally earned an A+ in “Wedding Gown 101!” Now, give us a call to book your appointment and put your knowledge to use at your bridal gown appointments 🙂