Wedding Veil Alternatives

Find the perfect piece for you!

If we had to sum up all of the weddings we’ve worked with over the years, we could do it with just four simple words: no two are alike. It’s fascinating to us; we meet with hundreds of brides every wedding season and each somehow manages to create this day that is totally unique and special. Even aspects of the wedding that may seem fixed have some flexibility and opportunities for personalization these days. Wedding cake seems like a given, but nowadays couples are mixing it up to better suit their tastes; an ice cream sundae bar, warm chocolate chip cookies, etc. Even the idea of a wedding dress has expanded and changed over the years. Shorter hemlines, colors, and even pants are making their way down today’s aisles. The same goes for the wedding veil. While long, gauzy veils used to be the standard, today the options are endless and there’s truly something to suit every bride and every style. If you’re looking to do something a little different with your veil, here are some of our favorite ideas:

Hair Vines and Headbands – Let’s face it, the veil is just another way to set the bride apart and make her look all fancy and formal, and a little sparkle can always accomplish that task! While she’s not a bride, Elizabeth Banks rocking this amazing headpiece at the recent “Hunger Games” premiere totally reminded us just how WOW a gorgeous, well placed headband can be! If you’re looking for something even more modern and unique, try a hair vine. Flexible and adorned with combs, this contemporary headpiece can be adjusted to perfectly fit in with any hair style!

Fascinators – The royal wedding may have happened over four years ago, but we’re still kinda obsessed with it. One of the biggest takeaways for us was how amazing fascinators are! They are the perfect combination of vintage yet modern, chic yet classic. For the bride who really wants to stand out, this is the perfect veil alternative!

Lace – There are far more ways to wear lace besides just on the edge of your veil. After all, lace is the quintessential bridal fabric, so you might as well rock is as much as you can! Lace adorned combs, headbands, and other accessories are perfectly bridal and totally worthy of ditching the veil.


Of course, wearing nothing at all is another perfectly acceptable option! The bottom line is, when it comes to your wedding veil, and really all aspects of your wedding, do what you like! Don’t get caught up in traditions and what you think you have to do. Make your wedding day truly YOU!

Should you like any of the headpieces seen here, they’re all by Flair vendor Mariell! Give us a ring and we’re happy to help you get yours, or help you find the other piece that’s perfect for you!