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Wedding Favor Ideas

Get Favor Fabulous!

OK admit it, one of the best parts about getting married is the gifts! Sure sure, committing your life to your fiancé is the actual best part, but stocking your home with all of those new goodies is up there too! So, since your guests shell out for you, it’s only fair to return the “favor” and gift them a little something nice, too – their favors! These sweet sentiments can be tricky, though; you don’t want to spend a mint but you don’t want to cheap out on your loved ones either. Also, the favors usually end up at each place setting so you want them to look nice, too. Enter Weddingstar! They have affordable, unique, and chic favors that are sure to have your guests gushing! Here are some of our favorites:

1) Stemless wine glasses – It’s easy to see why we chose these – they’re something your guests will actually use! Cheers!

2) Heart bottle opener – Again, useful, and how adorable will those look on your tables?!

3) Gold foil playing cards – Encourage your guests to let loose and have some fun with this good looking deck!

4) Mini gumball machine – Candy favors are nothing new, so if you’re considering something sweet, you need to step it up a notch. These adorable mini machines are just the trick! Plus, in all white they are totally wedding ready and will go with any décor!


5) Flower vase – Check off your table décor and favors in one fell swoop! We love this knit looking vase; super unique and pretty!


Did we get you in the mood to favor hunt? Head over to Weddingstar, they have tons of other gorgeous guest gift ideas! Happy shopping! 

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Share the love on on your wedding day

How to show your guests you care!

In general, we like to keep things as light and happy as possible. After all, we’re in the wedding industry, which is chock full of love and joy! When something as tragic as the recent event in Orlando happens, though, we (and I’m sure many of you) find it difficult to see the light. What makes this particular event especially hard to handle is the fact that these poor, innocent people in Florida may have been targeted because of who they love. Being in the industry of love, that’s something that we find extremely difficult to bear. Everyone has the right to love, and that’s something we at Flair will always believe in and fight for. For now, we feel that the best way to begin to heal is to focus on just that, love. No day is a guarantee so it’s important, now more than ever, to show your loved ones that you care. A perfect day to do? Your wedding day! Everyone you adore will be in one room, so why not take the extra step to shower them with love? Here are a few ideas:
Flowers for all – Generally speaking, it’s only the most “important” people who get flowers at a wedding; the bridal party, mother of the bride, etc. Why not talk to your florist, though, about having a flower station set up for all of your guests before/after the ceremony? The ladies can grab a couple of stunning stems to carry, and the guys can pin a bloom to their jackets. It’s a fun favor idea and a great way to for everyone to feel loved and truly a part of your big day!
Photo place cards – Take some time ahead of the wedding to pull together photos of you and/or your fiancé with all of your attendees. Shrink them down and incorporate them next to the names on your place cards. It will be a fun surprise when your guests look for their seats, and they’ll love to look back on that memory with you.
Cheers…to them! – There will of course be speeches toasting you and your fiancé, but what will really be a surprise is if the two of you stand up and turn the tables on them! Take a few minutes to tell your guests how special they are to you and how happy you are that they’re there for your big day. After all, when you have them all in the same room again? Take advantage of this moment and spread the love!
Remember their milestones – Did any of your guests get married this year too? Or celebrate a big anniversary? Or have a baby? Take a section of your program and/or menu to call out their accomplishments. They’re sure to be touched and know how much you truly care!

Whatever you do, don’t let the busyness of your big day detract from the real reason everyone is there – love! They love you, you love them, and they’re all there to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé. Keep that in mind above all else and you’re sure to have the perfect wedding day!