Wedding Checklist

Commonly Forgotten Items

“It is what it is.” “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” “Everything happens for a reason.” “Hindsight is 20/20.” All annoying phrases, am I right? As true as they may be, generally when someone slaps you with one of these, it’s a time when you really don’t want to hear it. Luckily, when it comes to weddings we’ve got the last one covered for you. We’re here with some commonly forgotten wedding checklist items, so that your foresight, current sight, hindsight, and really any sight can have perfect, wedding ready vision 🙂

Your legal documents – Remember that marriage certificate you waited endlessly for at city hall? It’s quite literally the most important part of the wedding day but many brides still end up leaving it at home. Put it on your packing checklist NOW. Also, if you’re leaving the country the following day for your honeymoon, be sure to grab your passport (unflattering photo and all)!

Remembering your marriage certificate ensures you can get a classic, sentimental photo like this one!

Remembering your marriage certificate ensures you can get a classic, sentimental photo like this one!

Your photos – Obviously you’ll think to book your photographer, but also remember to do your photo homework in advance of the big day. Look at your photographer’s blog and choose some shots that you like. Send them to your photographer in advance so that he/she can get a good sense of the style that you’re going for. Trust us, it will make the day go smoothly and ensure that you get the photos you’ve been dreaming of. In addition, choose someone who will assist the photographer in wrangling guests for photos. This should be someone who knows yours and your fiancé’s family/friends well. So, when the grandparents are needed, for example, this person knows just where to find them!

Vendor meals – It’s customary to provide your vendors who will be on site during the reception with a meal. After all, you want them energized and at their best! Talk to your caterer/venue in advance about having a few less formal meals on hand for them. Typically they will work with you to create a lower priced entrée that your vendors will surely appreciate!

Your ceremony seating – Reception seating is planned to a t, complete with seating chart and all. Yet somehow, brides tend to pass over thinking about their ceremony seating. Decide if you want to designate sides for your family and your fiancé’s. If you have individual chairs, plan on providing extra, as people tend to not want to sit right next to each other if they don’t have to.

Whether you assign seating or not, you've got to admit this sign we found on Etsy is too cute!

Whether you assign seating or not, you’ve got to admit this sign we found on Etsy (link to seller above) is too cute!

Tell us – is there another item you’d add to this list? Let us know; future brides will appreciate your 20/20 hindsight 🙂