Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Ask your girls in a fun, new way!

Here are Flair, we love hearing about how you got engaged! Brides always glow as they recount the way their fiancé popped the question. Hearing these stories got us to thinking; as nice as it is to be proposed to, we bet it’s just as fun to do the proposing! To get brides in on the act, there’s a new trend in the wedding world – bridesmaids’ proposals! While a handwritten note is always a classic, heartfelt option, if you want to do something a little unique and over the top for your girls, consider popping the bridal party question! Here are just a few ideas that we love:

1) A polished proposal – Start by asking your future bridesmaid to go for a mani/pedi. Every girl knows that one of the best parts of going to the nail salon is choosing your color and reading all of the fun polish names. When it comes time to choose, hand her a custom polish with a name that pops the question! Pretty Please is a super cute company that can help you accomplish this proposal with style!

2) Pop the cork…and the question – Start by ordering one of these adorable, custom wine glasses. Then, ask your future maid to meet you at a local vineyard for a day of wine tasting (we bet it won’t be hard to get her there). Arrive first and ask the staff to give your girl the special glass when it’s time to taste. It’s sure to be a vineyard visit you and she won’t forget. Cheers!

3) A shipment to make her smile – If your future maid isn’t local, you can always get creative and ship your proposal! The options are endless, but we kinda love these custom fortune cookies. Fill them with quotes you both love, memories you share, and finally, with one popping the question!


Whatever you do, taking the extra step to “propose” to your bridesmaids is sure to make them feel special and get them excited to stand by your side on the big day!