Color Me Relieved!!

 Bridesmaids’ dress shopping is a lot like painting your house. You go to the store and they show you these tiny swatches and from that alone you’re supposed to decide what color you want to fill an entire room in your house (or your entire bridal party as the case may be). As Flair’s manager I’ve told hundreds of girls over the years to try and “picture it in their heads” and often couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for them to do so. Now, as a bride myself, I find myself with the same confused look on my face that I’ve seen on so many of my Flair brides in the past. You want me to decide what color my closest friends will wear from a 1 inch swatch? You’re crazy!
Once I got over the shock of finding out that I am not as visually inclined as I once thought, I reminded myself of the facts.  Our store simply does not have the room to carry one dress in every single color that our designers offer. It’s just not possible. So what can we do to make the color decision easier for you (and for me!)? Some of our designers have already answered the call, allowing brides to see the various colors on their websites. For instance, when you click on a particular dress on Dessy and Jenny Yoo’s websites, all of the colors that that dress is available in pop up and you can select the ones you like. It’s genius, and also fun to flip through all of the colors. While the colors do not show 100% true online, they give brides a larger frame of reference. That, combined with our swatches, is a recipe for success!
Anna Elyse has taken it one step further with her new feature, “Create your own bridal party”. Like Jenny Yoo and Dessy, you can click on the various styles and then choose a fabric/color to see it in. Then, you simply add it to your bridal party and move onto the next dress. Once you’re finished and you choose to view your bridal party you can see all of your selected dresses next to each other in your colors. It’s SUCH a great way to really visualize the end product. If you like what you see you can then order swatches right from the website to really bring it all together. From one bride to another, it’s definitely worth checking out!
Good luck Flair friends, we hope to see you soon!