Coren Moore & Vineyard Vines Collaboration

Everyday at Flair we outfit our brides and bridesmaids’ with the perfect dresses and accessories for their big day. While we love working with you ladies, we’re pretty excited to mix it up a little with our first ever option for the men in your lives!
Coren Moore, a bride and bridesmaids’ favorite, had a GENIUS idea to join up with Vineyard Vines, probably the most well-known tie maker in New England.

Coren’s cute dresses pair perfectly with these ties in more ways than one. Not only are they both in the classic New England style that tons of our brides love, but now the colors even match to a T!

Coren has chosen four popular dress colors and worked with Vineyard Vines to create matching ties in 5 fun patterns.

1. Raspberry with a Compass pattern

2. Sky Blue with a Fish pattern

3. Navy with a Golf pattern

4. Navy with Rope links

  5. Lime green with a Starfish pattern

Even if you haven’t chosen one of these colors for your bridesmaids, they are great accent colors that really go with anything, so everyone can use them!
At $85 a piece, they are a steal for a tie that will work seamlessly with the rest of the wedding attire (and they can DEFINITELY be worn again).

Stop in and see us at Flair to check out the colors/patterns in person and feel free to bring your man as well, we think he’s going to love them!

Until next time,
Lindsay  🙂