Dress Dilemma: A One Act Play

BEAUTIFUL BRIDE: I love my girls and I want them to love me too, so I’m looking for a bridesmaid’s dress that doesn’t actually look like a “bridesmaid’s” dress. I want them to feel gorgeous in it and maybe even wear it again!

FABULOUS FLAIR CONSULTANT: That’s our specialty! A past Flair employee even ordered one of our dresses for herself AND she didn’t even wear it to a wedding! Plus, we love to home past season’s samples to wear any and everywhere!

BEAUTIFUL BRIDE: Really?? So what do you recommend for this season? I don’t want my girls looking like every other bridal party out there.

FABULOUS FLAIR CONSULTANT: Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. One shoulder dresses are the next big thing.

BEAUTIFUL BRIDE: (relunctant) But, I need the dress to look good on various body types…

FABULOUS FLAIR CONSULTANT: (interrupts with enthusiasm) Then, one shoulder is perfect! Women want to feel comfortable with some sort of strap, but they don’t want to necessarily compromise the style of the dress. So this is the perfect solution. It’s modern and unique, while still being comfortable on girls of all shapes and sizes.

BEAUTIFUL BRIDE: Thanks Flair (single, tear of happiness falls) you are GENIUS and you SAVED my wedding!!

The End.
– – – – – – – – – –
OK. So we might be exaggerating just a little bit BUT we do hear such concerns from our brides all the time…
You choose your bridesmaids because they are the your closest friends/family. You obviously want to keep them happy, looking stunning and on stay on everyone’s good side. So do the right thing; choose a dress that is flattering, stylish, and comfortable!
Flair’s pick: the new one-shoulder look.

Siri’s Bahama Sheath in silk shantung
get this dress for about $200!!*
Did we mention our designers’ fall promotions?!
Cute dress plus discounts equals happy bridal party all around!
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