E.B. Horn – Your BFF in the Jewelry World

Attention everyone! We have a ground-breaking, hard-hitting news headline for you:

Flair loves jewelry!

Not that surprised? Yeah, we know, it’s a pretty obvious statement. Most of us girls are born with an innate love of all things sparkly. What’s not so obvious? Where to shop for your jewelry! There are so many options out there, and it can be overwhelming. After all, we have entire buildings in Downtown Crossing dedicated to jewelry vendors alone and most of them tend to feel a little intimidating. Are they going to push something really expensive on me? Are they going to understand what I’m looking for? Are they going to laugh at my budget? Put those fears aside because we can assure you that the kind, amazing folks at E.B. Horn are going to listen to you and understand all of your jewelry needs! They have something for everyone, and their staff truly loves to assist each and every customer find just what they are looking for. We love E.B. Horn so much that we’ve teamed up with them for an amazing sale!

E.B. Horn is offering Flair customers 25% off of their bridal party gifts AND Flair is offering E.B. Horn customers who have purchased an engagement ring, wedding band or bridal party gift a 30% discount on all of our accessories. Bottom line: you get to shop at two amazing, local businesses (tooting our own horn) AND save money at both. What could be better? So get out there and get shopping!